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A Closer Look at the Adidas Roverend Adventure

Adidas Roverend Adventure

In the past few years, we have witnessed a tremendous improvement in the number of upgraded silhouettes supplied by Adidas. The shoes have been iconic, and they are a perfect prediction of the future of Adidas. Unlike the previous versions of NMD1, the new 'sheriff" in town is the Roverend Adventure, the latest addition to the Adventure shoe collection. It is an everyday wear shoe with outdoor inspiration. Let us have a closer look at the Adidas Roverend Adventure.

Overall Review of Adidas Roverend

Adidas is a German shoe manufacturer of sporty shoes, accessories, and apparel. It is considered the biggest manufacturer of sportswear in Europe and the second-largest after Nike. The company's trademark is the famous three stripes, a combination of trefoil and mountainous logos. The headquarters of Adidas is in Herzogenaurach, Germany. Adventure shoes are the latest addition to Adidas shoes. The shoes are a product of invention by the Dassler family, which started manufacturing shoes after the First World War. According to Sneakernews, the shoes became popular when Jesse Owens wore them in 1936 during the Berlin Olympics. Adi Dassler gave the shoes to Owens as a gift. Owen's success in his athletic career increased the popularity of the shoes. After World War II, Adi and his brother teamed up to build a shoe brand, but their partnership did not last long. In 1948, they went their separate ways, and Adi Dassler founded the global brand Adidas while his brother became his competitor with the brand Puma.

Within the next two years, Adidas grew rapidly, and it witnessed massive support from football players who switched to buying the company's shoes. Many athletics and soccer players prefer the shoes because they are lightweight and comfortable features valuable to every player. Four years later, Adidas ventured into producing sporty accessories and apparel. Over the years, Adidas has gone through a series of turmoil, especially after the death of Adi Dassler, but it has proven itself to be unbeatable. The company continues to stay on top of the game, and no matter the situation they face, they continue to produce the most popular shoes in Europe. The shoes are loved because they are made from the most versatile leather. They have a patent leather made from a cattle's hide, which they buff on the inner surface to produce a fine classy finishing.

Features of Adidas Roverend Adventure

Roverend Adventure is a classic shoe with many accessories on the top and bottom. Adventure shoes have a unique feature of being casual with a bold inspiration. The shoes are known to have graphic hoodies, a set of bags, and windbreakers that are perfect for everyday adventure. You can wear the shoe anywhere; you can go and grab a coffee or have a morning or evening run. Unlike the previous versions, the Roverend Adventure is more complex. According to Hypebeast, the shoe features a foam sole that is carefully designed and colored to mimic the appearance of a moss-covered rock. The upper external cage of the shoe is made of a lighter green shade. The back is boldly embedded with Adventure, where the shoe derives its name. Furthermore, the laces and stripes are stitched and looped through the fixture in an epic design with the suede put together on the bottom. The base is made of leather and mesh, and beneath that, there is a layer of finely shaped TPU on the side cages. When it comes to branding, the banners of the shoe are installed with a characterized Trefoil branding. As we have earlier mentioned, the back heel of the cages is bolded with the name Adventure. Additionally, the foam midsole is crafted with wavy ridges visible from the top of the semi-clear rubber outsole. These sneakers are a bomb. If you are a gym enthusiast, you should wear comfy and classy sneakers, and the Adidas Roverend Adventure should be on top of your list. The sneaker is available in a unique design that easily matches any outfit. It is a perfect blend that can help you achieve a classy vintage appearance. With this in mind, we can easily wrap up the 1980s styling and open a new chapter where the 2080s style begins.

Availability and Price

According to Nicekicks, Adidas Roverend Adventure is expected to be launched on 31st May 2022. This Adventure version is off-white, and it is anticipated that it will be launched together with the darker version. Please make sure you subscribe to the Adidas website and click on the notify me button to be among the first people to be alerted when the shoe officially hits the market. It is an incredible shoe that you should add to your latest summer rotation in addition to other thrilling Adidas shoes. The shoe is expected to be sold at $200 a pair. It will be available on Adidas' official website, where you can make a purchase. Reliable third-party sellers like Amazon will have access and permission to sell the shoes over time.

Value Speculation

Currently, a pair of Adidas Roverend Adventure goes for $200. It is a classic shoe which you can wear to any occasion. A review of the previous trends demonstrates that many epic shoes from Adidas tend to increase in price over time because of the increase in demand. This same prediction may apply to Adidas's Roverend Adventure, but it is a matter of time before we can accept or reject this hypothesis.


As we have seen, Adidas Roverend Adventure is an incredible shoe, and many people are anxiously waiting to get a hold of the first pair. The light green and off-white colors blend in perfectly to give the shoe a fantastic finishing. It is an all-occasion shoe, meaning you can wear it on a casual day to work, and after that, head over to the stadium and watch your favorite soccer game, and you will not feel out of place. The initial pairs will be sold on the Adidas website, so lookout.

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