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A Closer Look at The Jordan Luka 1 "Signal Blue"

Jordan Blue Signal One

The new Jordan Luka 1 “Signal Blue” is not just another shoe. Instead, it is truly something to behold. There are three main things that set these particular sneakers apart from practically everything else available on the market, even in the uber modern-day era of creating unique shoe designs. The first is obviously the way the shoes look. They are very unique in appearance and that makes them special right out of the box. However, they don't just stop at looking good. They are designed with the absolute latest technology.  They're comfortable, and also take foot support to an entirely new level. That's precisely why so many people are talking about them.

The New Jordan Luka “Signal Blue” at First Glance

Even if you don't really consider yourself a shoe guru, you'll likely to stop and take a second look at these particular sneakers. That's because they look quite different from other collaborations that have come before them. These particular sneakers sit rather low on the foot, yet you can almost tell by looking at them that they provide all of the support you could ever want and more. The material that forms the lion's share of the shoe is made from nylon that is metallic black in color.

It is just reflective enough to get your attention, yet not so much that it becomes overwhelming. Add to that a few splashes of color, and you have something that is truly special here. It's worth noting that those splashes of color come in the form of a couple of different geometric blocks done in signal blue (hence the name), patchworked into the white soles that have much smaller, less noticeable splashes of color throughout. Of course, the shoes wouldn't be Air Jordans without the symbol that everyone has come to know and love. In this particular case, it can be found toward the back of the shoe, near the heel where the sole transitions to the side of the shoe.

Are These Shoes Really More Comfortable Than the Competition?

Another reason people are excited about these sneakers is because they're constructed to support the foot. As a matter of fact, they're designed with special technology that provides added levels of support to the foot. This means that as your foot moves and progresses through each step, the shoes provide active levels of support. This makes a huge difference for anyone who suffers from chronic soreness on the soles of their feet.

However, the shoe also works well for individuals who need some added levels of orthopedic support for the sides of their feet. This particular sneaker works well because it's designed to firmly hold the foot in place and provide the necessary levels of support without being constricting. In order to provide that support without making you feel like you're wearing cement blocks around your feet, the shoe was designed with special mesh along the sides, just above the soles. That mesh is designed to help keep your feet cooler and provide some added levels of flexibility without giving up on stability and comfort. The end result is a shoe that can comfortably support you throughout the day, even if you plan on walking a lot of miles.

How to Wear

Perhaps even more importantly, this is a sneaker that works well for playing a game of basketball or simply walking around town all day long. The choice is yours. Either way, you're likely to be far more comfortable in a pair of these sneakers than you are in many of the other options that might be available to you. Again, it all comes back to a collaboration that focuses on more than looks alone. The shoe looks great and there's no doubt about that. However, it's also comfortable, even when it's difficult to find an appreciable level of comfort with most footwear. That puts it in a league of its own. A lot of collaborations don't really focus so much on technology and comfort as they do the way the shoe looks.

New Technology Is the Key Component

Why is this particular sneaker more comfortable and more supportive? It is all about a single factor. It's called isoplate technology and it really is capable of making a dramatic difference in your comfort level. As a matter of fact, it's this technology that provides the active level of support. Your feed need this in order to maintain a particular level of comfort throughout each step. Why don't more shoe manufacturers use it? For the most part, it comes down to the fact that it's still relatively new technology.

The thing that makes it different is that when you step on the isoplates, you receive a new active level of support throughout the step. It changes with each millisecond as the position of your foot changes in relation to the ground. In short, this technology allows the shoes to change the level of support. It redirects support to the areas of the foot that need it the most. This is something that is definitely not commonplace in the industry. Do you know where to purchase these shoes?

Where to Purchase

That's the real kicker. The shoes are not available for public sale yet. In reality, the current release date is still unknown. The date that shoes experts want you to know is summer 2022. If you want to buy a pair of your own, they'll be out shortly. As far as where to buy them is concerned, buy them online or at major retailers that sell Air Jordans. As is the case with most collaborations like this, your best bet is to purchase them as quickly as possible before they sell out, as they will most certainly be produced in limited numbers.

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