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A Closer Look at the Air Jordan 6 “Georgetown”

Have you been longing for retro sneakers from Nike? If you have, you will be glad to know that Nike will release their latest retro model, the Air Jordan 6 “Georgetown,” in September 2022. Typically, Nike will release Jordan sneakers that are white and blue to pay homage to Michael Jordan’s alma mater, the University of North Carolina. This time, the Air Jordan 6 “Georgetown” sneakers pay tribute to his former rival university, Georgetown University. According to Sports Casting, he played against the university and defeated it in the 1982 NCAA Finals. The sneakers reference the university through its magnet grey and college navy color scheme. These color accents are predominantly on the laces, tongue, and heel. As impressive as these sneakers are aesthetically-wise, we also need to analyze what they offer in terms of functionality. Below are some of the functional features of the sneakers.

The Upper is Predominantly Made of Suede

By default, some people will choose natural leather sneakers no matter what. However, such people will be shocked to learn how advantageous suede is. Compared to natural leather, suede is lighter. Due to its lightweight, the material is ideal for running. When you run, you need minimal effort to lift your feet. Thankfully, the material is light, and that allows you to run for as long as possible. However with heavyweight shoes, you would need significant effort to lift your feet, and you would quickly experience fatigue. Additionally, suede is more comfortable than natural leather. First, we can begin by talking about suede’s flexibility. The material can stretch as far as possible to accommodate your foot. That means you will never feel like your feet are being pinched. Another aspect of comfort is its overall softness. Due to the material’s softness, the shoe doesn’t feel too rigid.

Perforations on the Uppers

Although they seem pointless, the perforations do something for these sneakers in terms of aesthetics. That is because they are arranged systematically on different sections of the upper. For further aesthetics, these perforations can glow. They glow because they are laced with a reflective material called 3M. Although the material is primarily for aesthetics, it also helps you spot the sneakers in the dark. This material is not just used in sneakers. According to Lace Lab, the material was commonly used in clothes in the 1990s. Perforations help to combat the foot odor problem that occurs after wearing closed shoes for a long time. As you wear the shoes for a long time, your feet begin to sweat. The sweat attracts bacteria which consume it and release pungent chemicals. These perforations, therefore, allow air to circulate within your feet and get rid of sweat through evaporation. Also, they are helpful in cases where you accidentally step on a puddle. They drain excess water so that it does not attract bacteria, which would still cause foot odor.

They are Equipped with Rubber on the Midsoles

If you have been to a basketball stadium before, then you know how slippery the floors are. Without proper shoes, basketballers can slip and injure themselves. Fortunately, these sneakers contain rubber on the midsoles to prevent you from slipping. Rubber is slip-resistant, which means you can play any sport without worrying about slipping. Besides using them for playing sports, you can use these sneakers on muddy surfaces. Typically, people use gumboots to walk on muddy surfaces, but you may not have access to them. Luckily, these sneakers can function as gumboots due to the presence of rubber. Another benefit of rubber is its natural shock-absorbing ability. Whether you walk or run, your heels continually strike the ground. Without rubber, your feet would develop bruises due to the impact of the shock from your movements. Additionally, the shock would also lead to foot fatigue. Rubber, therefore, absorbs the shock so that you do not feel the ground striking your soles. Lastly, it is a breathable material. Since most of the sweat occurs beneath your soles, it is crucial for your shoes to contain a breathable material under your soles. Rubber has tiny perforations which allow for ventilation of your feet. Once again, your feet will be kept dry, and you will not need to worry about foot odor.

Features an Air Sole Technology in the Heels

If you have been wondering why most Jordan sneakers use “Air” in their branding, your concern will be addressed. The reason for the “Air” label is due to the Air-Sole technology. This technology uses pressurized air in the heels. According to Highsnobiety, an aerospace engineer, Marion Franklin Rudy, pitched the idea of using air in shoes to Phil Knight in 1977. Phil seemed perplexed by the idea, but he gave it a try and realized how effective air was in providing cushioning. First, pressurized air is put in a tough, flexible bag and then placed in the heels and midsole. In order for the bag to remain intact, it is achieved through an aeronautical technique called blow rubber molding. Another thing to consider is also ensuring that the air does not escape. Nike achieves this by using gasses that are too dense to escape. Since the heel is the part that experiences the most impact, it is no wonder Nike mostly puts the pressurized bags in the heel area. With the cushioning in the heels, you can jump as much as you want without worrying about injuring the heels. This is because the air immediately launches you into the air as soon as you land after jumping.


Nike showcased a lot of creativity with the Air Jordan 6 “Georgetown” sneakers. First, the company was able to reference Michael Jordan’s 1982 victory against Georgetown University through the appropriate colorways. However, you can admire these sneakers more for their comfort. When you wear sneakers for a game, you want to be as comfortable as possible, since any discomfort will distract you from the game. Thankfully, with the Air Sole cushioning, perforations, and suede material, you can be at your best throughout the game. Even though these sneakers are great for playing, you can wear them like regular shoes. With its simple two-colorway scheme, you can pair it with any outfit.

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