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A Closer Look at the Air Jordan 37 “Jayson Tatum”

The Air Jordan 37 “Jayson Tatum” sneakers were released to pay homage to Jayson Tatum after leading his team to the 2022 NBA Finals. Although he did not win this particular game, reaching the finals is still an achievement. The sneakers reference the basketballer by including a motif across the mudguard, tongue, and heel, which is meant to mimic the player’s tattoos. Unlike previous Tatum Jordans sneakers that had bright colors, these sneakers tone down the colorways considerably. The sneakers use pale tones for the ivory and vanilla colorways. Having understood a bit about the sneakers, it is time we identified their functional features. Keep reading.

Parts of the Uppers are Made of Mesh Fabric

Mesh fabric is a lightweight material, and its light weight is due to the materials used to make it. According to Sewport, polyester is one of the lightest fabrics used to make mesh fabric. The material makes the sneaker light, which means you can participate in jogging or running without getting exhausted. That is because you will not use much effort to lift up and down the sneakers. Supposing the fabric was heavy, you would use much effort lifting the sneakers and get tired that way. Another benefit of the material is its breathability due to its pores.

The pores provide ventilation to your feet, which is especially important when you sweat. Sweat attracts bacteria which secrete chemicals responsible for foot odor. The material allows air to get rid of sweat through evaporation. Since the material has pores, you may be concerned when water splashes on it. Fortunately, the material has pores that are too small to allow water in. Instead, they only allow steam to pass through, e.g., when sweat is expelled from your feet.

Other Sections of the Uppers are Made of Leather

An admirable feature of the leather is its comfort. When you wear these sneakers, you will not feel any pinching on your feet. The reason the material does not squeeze your feet is due to its high elasticity. This material can stretch as much as it can to accommodate the size of your foot. Even as it stretches to mold to your feet, it cannot break or crack. Its inability to break or crack makes it one of the strongest materials. Like mesh fabric, leather is breathable. Its breathability is due to it being a good insulator.

When the material gets warm, it releases the heat, which allows your feet to cool down. Other materials like canvas and nylon would instead trap the heat against your skin. Therefore your feet will not get warm on a hot day. On the flip side, the material keeps your feet warm during the cold season. However, the material will not introduce excess warmth since your feet will get sweaty.

The Sneakers Have a Rubber Outsole

If you want to participate in a game, you need shoes with rubber outsoles like this sneaker brand. Rubber reduces the chances of slip and fall injuries due to its slip-resistant ability. Slip and fall injuries can be serious, depending on their severity. According to Ask Adam Skutner, some of the injuries you may get from slips include broken bones, soft tissue injuries, knee injuries, shoulder dislocations, etc. As a result, such injuries can end a sportsperson’s career.

Fortunately, these sneakers have a rubber outsole, so you do not need to worry about ending your sports career through a slip and fall injury. Another crucial role the material plays is shock absorption. When you stomp on the ground, the impact of the force goes to your feet. If you continually stomp on the ground with high intensity, you may develop blisters. To prevent such an injury, the material redistributes the force felt on your feet to other body parts. With such a reduction of force in your feet, you will experience any foot injuries. Furthermore, you will not feel a thing on your soles. Rubber has tiny perforations, which make it a breathable material. It keeps your feet dry and comfortable by facilitating the movement of air within your feet.

The Sneakers Have Carbon Fiber Plates

Carbon fiber contains carbon atoms that have been bonded together to form a long chain. The shoe’s carbon fiber plate is shaped with a curve at the arch, which bends downward under the ball of the foot. The material is lightweight and is combined with the sneaker’s Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) foam. With the presence of two lightweight foams, you could be wondering whether it is necessary to use more than one foam. One benefit of combining the forms, according to PCMI Manufacturing, is increased energy return. Thanks to the combination of the foams, the sneakers are significantly lighter. With light shoes, a runner can run at fast speeds since they will not use much effort to lift the sneakers as they run.

The Sneakers’ Mudguards Serve a Purpose Besides Referencing Jayson Tatum

Some people love mudguards in sneakers because they find them to be visually appealing. These sneakers have an attractive mudguard and a motif for further visual appeal. Besides making the sneakers attractive, mudguards protect them from mud or water, typically from speeding vehicles. They trap dirt without leaving behind stubborn stains. When the mudguard traps any dirt, all you have to do is wipe it off with a cloth. If these sneakers did not have mudguards, you would be forced to scrub the sneakers thoroughly.


The Air Jordan 37 “Jayson Tatum” sneakers are the epitome of durability. That is evident from the rubber outsole and uppers made of mesh fabric and leather. The last thing any shoe wearer wants is to replace their worn-out shoes frequently. As a result, you end up spending so much money purchasing shoes. So, if you want to avoid replacing shoes after some time, consider getting this sneaker brand. Not only are the sneakers durable, but they are also comfortable. Therefore good shoes should allow you to take part in your daily activities without complaining of foot injury or sweaty feet.

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