The Five Best Pairs of Buscemi Sneakers for Women

Buscemi Run2 Sneaker in Red

Buscemi has been around for a while now, but in the past couple of years, it’s come into its own. Its collection manages to combine streetwear with high fashion, and the result is epic. The brand’s NYC roots are evident in everything it produces, as is its commitment to using only the finest materials. Each of its creations is handmade in Italy to the highest standards. The designs are cutting edge but wearable, with each sneaker offering a level of comfort that goes way beyond the norm. Although they’re expensive, Buscemi sneakers can be worn for multiple seasons to come, making them a very worthy investment. If you’re ready to inject some fresh life into your sneaker collection, here’s our pick of the five best pairs of Buscemi sneakers for women on the market.

1. Buscemi 100MM Sneaker in Oxygen

Buscemi 100MM Sneaker in Oxygen

Back in the 1920s, Converse released the world’s very first high top. For the first few decades of its life, the high top was worn by athletes only. Fast forward to today, and there can’t be many of us who don’t own a pair. Described by Chipstory as an ‘iconic shoe that will never go out of style,’ the high top is the kind of sneaker that adds a touch of edge to any outfit you team them with. They’re effortless, easy to wear, and just plain cool. But there are high top sneakers and there are high top sneakers. They might all have the same silhouette, but some are just a little bit more fabulous than others. If you’ve been relying on your trusty old Chuck Taylor’s for too many years to remember, it’s time to breathe some fresh life into your footwear collection with a new kind of high top. The 100MM Oxygen is exactly that. It may have a silhouette that harks back to the classic high tops of the 80s and 90s, but make no mistake – this is a sneaker that was born and raised in the 21st-century. Crafted in Italy from the softest, supplest calfskin leather imaginable, the 1000MM is a glorious combination of comfort and style. Scattered across the sneakers are a score of signature Buscemi details, including hand-painted edges, heel handle and key clochette. A big pop of interest comes by way of gold plated hardware featuring belt closure and signature lock. A rubber sole provides durable traction. Priced just shy of $900, they certainly aren’t the cheapest pair of high tops in the world. But they might just be one of the best.

2. Buscemi Veloce Sneaker in Lila

Buscemi Veloce Sneaker in Lila

Fashion Beans describes chunky sneakers as ‘the big, stomping footwear trend that won’t take a backward step.’ The trend has been around for several years now but it doesn’t seem to be losing any of its appeal. Considering it’s given us fabulous sneakers like the Veloce, it’s not really a surprise. The Veloce is a big, bold kick that makes a huge statement. If you prefer your footwear to be of the more muted variety, look elsewhere. If you’re happy to speak with your feet, they’re perfect. The proportions are huge (if you remember the chunky sneakers of the 90s, you’ll know exactly what to expect). The combination of premium materials like calfskin leather and suede and technologically adept materials like nano neoprene and anti-wicking mesh liners is inspired: not only does the pairing make for an aesthetically interesting shoe, it also makes for an extremely high performing one. The design is completed with signature features such as hardware and a heel pull. Comfortable, stylish, and more than a little eye-catching, these will make a great addition to your footwear collection. Although our favorite colorway is Lila, there are several different versions to choose between.

3. Buscemi Basket Sneaker in Pink

Buscemi Basket Sneaker in Pink

The Basket takes the classic basketball high top silhouette of the 80s and 90s and gives it a very modern makeover. Crafted from gorgeously soft Italian calfskin leather, the sneakers boast signature details such as hand-painted edges and a Buscemi logo on the reverse. The two-toned leather upper showcases Buscemi’s legendary attention to detail. A rubber sole adds traction. The pink colorway keeps things fresh and youthful. If it’s too pink for your taste, there a slightly less cutesy white and pink option to try instead. If you decide you can’t resist the Basket’s charm (and why would you even try?), expect to come out of the deal $720 the poorer.

4. Buscemi 40MM Bow Weave Sneaker in White

Buscemi 40MM Bow Weave Sneaker in White

According to Preview, white sneakers are the one type of sneaker that no footwear closet can be without. They’re versatile, they can be worn with absolutely anything, there’s no upper or lower age limit for wearing them, and they can be worn wherever, whenever, without ruffling a single feather. If you needed any further reason to welcome a pair into your life, look no further than the 40MM Bow Weave White. Crafted from premium calfskin leather, these low top, slip-on beauties feature a bow detail at the front, a weave detail on the side, and a signature headwear detail at the back. Combine all the elements together, and you’re looking at a seriously cute pair of kicks that fully justify their $675 price tag. If you’re a fan of the sneaker but not the white colorway, it’s also offered in a variety of other colors.

5. Buscemi Run2 Sneaker in Red

Buscemi Run2 Sneaker in Red

If you’re in the market for a runner that manages to combine comfort with style to awesome effect, look no further than the Run2 in Red. The bold red upper is made by pairing calfskin leather trims with suede panels, the combination of which ensures a comfortable, flexible feel and plenty of design interest. A lace-up front fastening allows for an adjustable fit. The custom rubber running sole adds great traction. As per every pair of Buscemi sneakers, the Run2 showcases signature details such as iconic Buscemi gold hardware and hand-painted uppers and edges. In case you happened to forget their provenance, the brand name printed across the side of the upper should remind you. They’re chic, they’re comfy, and they’re well worth the $525 price tag.

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