The Five Best Pairs of Everlast Sneakers for Women

Everlast Sport Women's Natalie Walking Shoe

Everlast is a brand of sneakers that have been in business since 1910. The company has a 111-year history as a reputable American business specializing in sports equipment and other physical fitness equipment. When it comes to footwear, they focus on athletic performance and comfort. If you’re looking for an affordable quality sneaker that is versatile, for everyday wear, stylish, but tough enough to protect your feet when you’re running, jogging, or working out, Everlast has a model that will work for you. Here are the five best pairs of Everlast sneakers for women.

5. Everlast Women’s Alaina White Sneaker

Everlast Women's Alaina White Sneaker

The Alaina model is one of the more popular in the Everlast lineup. This ladies’ sneaker is a versatile and sporty shoe that features an upper made of mesh fabric. The mesh allows air to flow through the tiny holes and ventilate your feet, keeping them cool and dry regardless of the intensity of your activity. The material is flexible, yet firm enough to provide support for your feet and ankles. The footbed is cushioned to provide soft comfort for your feet, heels, and arches. The tongue and collar are lightly padded to prevent rubbing or friction at the pressure points. You can easily adjust the snugness of these sneakers via the lace-up closure system to get the perfect fit every time. The lining and sock are made of soft knit material for added comfort. The outsole is made of phylon material in a unique tread pattern that enhances traction and grip on most walking or running surfaces. The material of the sneakers cleans easily by wiping them with a damp cloth.

4. Everlast Sport Women’s Fiona Sneaker

Everlast Sport Women's Fiona Sneaker

The Everlast Fiona is a sneaker that is made for flexibility and comfort for active women. The upper is made of durable polyurethane material that is both soft and flexible. It’s combined with mesh material that allows air to flow in and circulate around the feet to prevent overheating and sweating. Your feet will stay cool and dry even under the most intense activities. The tongue is also made of mesh material for additional ventilation. Both the tongue and collar of the shoe are lightly padded to prevent friction irritation at the pressure points. One of the most impressive features of the Fiona sneaker is the memory foam cushioning in the footbed. This ensures that the shoe will conform to the unique contours of your feet and provide you with cushiony comfort all day long. The midsole is made of molded foam that provides exceptional stability and support. The outsole is made of flexible material for enhanced support and traction on most walking or running surfaces. The Fiona is a popular choice for women who enjoy wearing sneakers that are less restrictive and provide a more natural feeling when wearing them.

3. Everlast Women’s Zari Slip-On Sneaker in Black

Everlast Women's Zari Slip-On Sneaker in Black

The Zari features a Gore styling that provides a snug and flexible fit. The material is made of lightweight cloth that is both durable and flexible. These low ankle height slip-on sneakers are easy to put on and easy to take off. There are no laces to tie. The heels are made with a wide designed to provide better balance and stability for ladies who enjoy engaging in low-impact workouts. This is a casual shoe that is suitable for casual or sporty attire. Elastic material sewn into the sneaker helps to ensure a snug fit that keeps the sneakers firmly in place. The footbed is made of memory foam that conforms to the contours of the feet for the ultimate in comfort. The midsole is made of foam rubber that provides stability for good balance and adds a spring to your step while helping to absorb shocks of any potential impacts. The outsole is made of grooved rubber that provides exceptional traction and stability. The sneakers are easy to care for with occasional spot cleaning with a soft damp cloth.

2. Everlast Women’s Wanda Walking Shoes

Everlast Women's Wanda Walking Shoes

The Everlast women’s Wanda is one of the best selling models offered by the brand. Although the price is a little higher than the average Everlast sneaker they are a specialty sneaker made to protect your feet during athletic activities. The specially designed shoe has a midsole that is designed to absorb shock to protect your feet, legs, and ankles from the stress and strain of heavy workouts. The lightweight of the materials helps to prevent leg fatigue. These modern and classic sneakers feature a reinforced mesh upper that allows ample circulation of air around the feet. This reduces the chances of your feet becoming hot and uncomfortable or sweating. The insole is cushioned for the ultimate in comfort. The outsole is made of flexible materials that provide grip and traction.

1. Everlast Sport Women’s Natalie Walking Shoe

Everlast Sport Women's Natalie Walking Shoe

The Everlast Natalie is a sneaker for ladies that are designed for walking and light running. The upper is made of a heathered cloth material combined with faux leather detailing. These two materials combine to provide the ultimate in comfort and support. The cloth material allows for ample ventilation to prevent foot sweating and overheating while the faux leather is firm and supportive. The footbed is made of cushiony memory foam that conforms to the contours of your feet. The snugness is adjustable via the lacing system for the perfect fit every time. The collar and tongue are lightly padded to help protect your feet and ankles from friction or rubbing irritation. The midsole is made of foam material that helps to absorb shock while giving you a return of energy for an enhanced spring in your step. The outsole is made of rubber material that is flexible and provides exceptional traction in a nonmarking material that helps to protect the finish of your floors.

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