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The Technology Behind On Cloudnova Sneakers

ON cloudnova sneakers

ON has been in the limelight for designing and producing running sneakers for men and women. So, when it released the Cloudnova, it was only a matter of time before ON’s enthusiasts warmed up to the new shoe release. The Cloudnova stands between urban energy and attitude and performance technology infused with the same Swiss engineering that makes sneakers so functional and comfortable. If you’re into intense workouts or outdoor adventures, you’re probably wondering; what’s the technology behind ON’s Cloudnova sneakers? Here is a product guide about one of the most talked-about sneakers of all time.

1. CloudTec technology

Ever worn sneakers that make your feet feel like they’re struggling to keep up with your weight and dragging your foot muscles in the process? It must’ve been a horrible experience. Fortunately, ON’s Cloudnova seeks to address such issues. The cushioning technology of On Cloudnova is that of CloudTec. One thing that makes these shoes stand out from the crowd is the multiple individual cushioning units that react independently to the pressure your foot makes as soon as it hits the ground then pushes off once again. Running in these shoes makes you feel like you’re walking on air. According to Highs Nobiety, these sneakers have proven that they can reduce heart rates beyond any reasonable doubt and muscle activation. If the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich can demonstrate that, who are we to dispute their findings?

2. Speedboard

Cloudnova’s Speedboard sits between the CloudTec midsole and the upper sole. A molded plate teams up with CloudTec to tap the energy exerted when you step on the ground. After that, it propels you forward. It’s almost like the shoes know your next stride and can’t wait to take your feet all the way.

3. Sock engineering

You never know the power of a properly fitting shoe until it pinches your toes. Your next move is to get a size larger to keep your feet from getting hurt during friction when you’re running. Interestingly, ON’s Cloudnova has a robust sock construction with an adequately engineered tongue and padded heel that make your foot comfortable regardless of how many hours you wear it. The shoes have a heel tongue that makes them easy to slip on when you don’t have time to lace them up. They also reduce the shoes’ weight, preventing your foot from feeling heavy-laden.

4. The upper

Your foot expands during the day, particularly if you’re into intense exercises like running. The last thing you need is to feel like the shoes feel tight, compromising your comfort during a workout. Fortunately, ON’s long-standing reputation for focusing on the upper’s shape will clear any doubts you may have about owning a pair of Cloudnova sneakers. The upper is designed for running distances more than five kilometers. It has a broader forefoot that has more space to accommodate your toes should they move or swell. Also, it has an asymmetrical star-shaped lacing system, ensuring your foot remains tightly in place the whole time.

Why is it asymmetrical?

Your ankle has two primary bones known as medial malleolus and lateral malleolus, according to On-Running. The former is found on the inner ankle. The outer side of the ankle hosts the latter. By shaping the Cloudnova heel unit asymmetrically, both sides of your ankle don’t collide, giving you the comfort you need. The sidewall extensions and wider base unit ensure you make lateral movements effortlessly even if you’re in a rush. These shoes are perfect for jogging, jumping, and running on pavements and sidewalks. Another strong selling point of Cloudnova is the second-generation Cloudstratus. It is made from 75% polyester, which is breathable. This makes it perfect for sweaty feet across long distances.

5. The mid-sole

Every ON shoe has a Cloudstratus mid-sole that relies on Speedboard technology, and On Cloudnova isn’t an exception. These sneakers have a Helion super foam material, one of the best cushioning materials available. However, they make your feet feel heavy. The best part about Helion cushioning is that they are long-lasting and undoubtedly responsible. A combination of Speedboard and Helion begets high energy from your foot upon hitting the ground, making you feel like Usain Bolt the second.

6. The sole

When buying a sneaker, you don’t just focus on the aesthetics alone. Instead, you want a shoe that won’t make you slip and fall even when walking on slimy surfaces. That’s precisely how ON programmed the Cloudnova sneakers. The outer sole is made from strategically-positioned rubber add-ons for reinforcement. They make you feel like a professional marathoner thanks to the support where you need it the most and traction on hard surfaces. There’s also a splash of contrast to the bottom unit, reducing friction.

7. Quicklace system

Time is what we don’t have when we rush to go for a morning run or head outdoors for an adventure. Wearing your sneakers seems convenient until you have to lace up. Fortunately, Cloudnova has a Quicklace system that removed the rules for the ultimate wearability. The system combines loops and straps to help you pull when tying the laces for an evenly-distributed look. It doesn’t matter whether you’re wide-footed or narrow-footed; the laces will behave.


  • Made from recycled polyester, enhancing foot breathability
  • Fully cushioned for ultimate comfort
  • Light and fast
  • Waterproof and can withstand any weather conditions, making it perfect for adventures.
  • Provides great energy return
  • Suitable for gripping the floor
  • Have comfortable uppers
  • Rubber reinforcements, providing extra traction


  • Can be uncomfortable over long-distance runs
  • The pods may clog up with stones and dirt
  • Are expensive. They are worth $149.95, according to EVO


Cloudnova shoes provide a spectacular feeling when you run in them. Thanks to the sticky rubber on the outsole, they are true to their name and feel fast and secure even under challenging conditions. The only downsides to these ON’s shoes are the channels in the outsole and price. Expect them to collect small stones that stay wedged in until removing them. Overall, it is a must-have shoe that every marathoner, sprinter, or adventure-loving person should consider in their shoe collection.

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