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A Closer Look at the Nike Dunk High "Stormtrooper 2.0"

Nike High Dunk

Any casual Star Wars fanatic knows who Stormtroopers are. If you do not know who they are, they are soldiers who work for the Galactic Empire. They are infamous for their white armor. According to Star Wars, their white armors contain temperature controls to allow them to survive in any environment. If you want to own something close to a Star Wars souvenir, you will like the Nike Dunk High "Stormtrooper 2.0" sneakers. To pay homage to the white gear worn by Stormtroopers, Nike made the entire shoe white except for the laces and Nike logo, which are black. If you look keenly at the sneakers, you will notice the shoe has two shades of white. The bright white color is on the toe boxes, overlays, and eyelets, whereas the softer off-white hue appears on the toes, heels, and mid panels. Now that we know what this sneaker looks like, it is time to explore its functionalities. Here are four crucial features of these sneakers below.


Like previous Nike sneakers, these sneakers are made from synthetic leather. Most people grew up knowing that only real leather is the best material for shoes. However, synthetic leather has several advantages over real leather. First, it requires less maintenance since it does not easily trap any stain. Even if the material had a stain, all you would need is water and a small rug to wipe it off. On the other hand, real leather easily traps stains, making the sneakers look old. In most instances, the stain dries up, which means you will need plenty of time to remove the stain. Therefore, real leather is not ideal for people who are too lazy to care for their shoes. Another benefit of synthetic leather over real leather is its durability. Real leather easily absorbs water, which eventually damages it. On the other hand, synthetic leather cannot be damaged since it is waterproof. According to Mahi Leather, synthetic leather is made using plastic, which is generally waterproof.

Pores on the Upper

Have you ever wondered why some sneakers have tiny holes on their uppers? Most people have surmised that the holes are for aesthetics. Technically, they wouldn't be wrong. The pores are usually placed to follow a particular pattern. Some manufacturers even arrange the pores to form a recognizable object, for example, a flower. However, the pores prevent water from seeping into your feet. Let's face it, walking around with water-logged feet is uncomfortable. With such a shoe, you would have to take it off to pour out the water. Fortunately, with this sneaker, you do not have to take it off to pour the water since water will seep out through the pores. Additionally, the pores provide ventilation for your feet. If you are engaged in any exercise, you are bound to sweat around your feet. Sweat contributes to foot odor since it attracts bacteria. To prevent the accumulation of sweat, the pores allow air which sweeps it away through evaporation. Therefore, these sneakers are ideal for combating foot odor.

Outsole Material

Have you watched a football game in which an athlete slipped? If you have, you may have wondered why they slipped. The athlete likely wore sneakers with an outsole made from unsuitable material, for example, leather. However, with a rubber outsole, the athlete will never slip. Rubber is slip-resistant due to its water resistance. That means you can walk on wet surfaces without worrying about slipping. Another reason it is slip-resistant is its high traction. Reduced friction on the ground causes a person to slip. Fortunately, rubber increases the friction between the shoe and the ground, thereby reducing the chances of you slipping. Besides preventing slips, rubber is also a good shock-absorbing agent. Whether you walk or run, your feet receive the impact of your actions. With an improper outsole or material, your feet will develop blisters due to the impact. Additionally, the impact also causes foot fatigue. With these sneakers' rubber outsoles, you will be able to move how you like without feeling any impact on your soles.

Arch Support

Most shoes do not offer adequate arch support. Many of them only protect you from debris. Though an important feature, the arch support should offer other benefits. Fortunately, the arch support of these sneakers supports your entire feet, which is beneficial to the wearer in many ways. First, the sneaker's arch support redistributes pressure throughout your body. When you take part in any sport, your feet tend to suffer the most impact, especially the heel and ball of the foot. If your feet continually receive pressure, you can sustain minor or major injuries. Next, the arch support provides stability and balance. Our feet have gaps between the arches, so they were not designed to walk on hard surfaces for too long. Fortunately, the sneaker's arch support fills gaps between the arches due to their large surface area. With the gaps filled, you can move without losing any balance. Lastly, its arch support provides cushioning for your feet. That means when you walk on the ground; you will not feel the hardness of the ground like you would barefoot. Besides not feeling the ground, you will also not sustain any injury if you accidentally step on a sharp object. Therefore, it provides shock-absorbing qualities like the rubber outsole.


The Nike Dunk High "Stormtrooper 2.0" sneakers are the best in terms of aesthetics and durability. In terms of aesthetics, you can appreciate Nike's creative use of white and black colorways to pay homage to Star Wars. This is not something easy to pull off since most shoes use white and black colorways. Somehow without being told, you will be able to tell what the shoes are referencing. People get tired of having spoilt shoes. It is especially worse if they spent a lot of money on them. Thankfully, you will get value for your money when you purchase these sneakers. Since it is made with synthetic leather, you do not need to worry about these sneakers getting damaged from absorbing water. As a result, they will keep looking new for a long time.

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