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A Closer Look at the Stussy Nike Air Force 1 Mid

Stussy Nike Air Force 1 Mid

Over the years, Nike has dominated the industry by creating a bevy of well-crafted sneakers globally. This has attracted the biggest names in all sports disciplines under this brand for endorsement and dominated the athlete footwear industry releases with funky and creative designs from its headquarters in Beaverton. Among the brands that have brought much respect to Nike is the Air Force One, which has been released for many years and sold worldwide. In 2022, Nike will commemorate the 40th Anniversary since it started designing these adored shoes with quite a list of collaborative releases. One of those partnerships involves the Stussy X Nike Air Force 1 Mid, scheduled for release this spring. Let's look at this sassy pair of sneakers in detail.

When Stussy and Nike Began Collaboration

These two American sportswear firms have had successful collaboration since their formation. According to Graduate Store, a collaboration between them began in 2000 when Nike Marketing Director Fraser Cooke Stussy emblematic figure representative Michael Koppelman signed to release the famous Air Huarache. This shoe was released in limited edition quantities in Stussy's London boutique before collaborating in 2005 to release the mythical Nike SB Dunk Low. The collaboration between these two brands has been successful for over two decades to mark urban fashion with signature designers, and fans should expect the best from them.

The new collaboration for the Stussy Nike Air Force 1 Mid

The Stussy Nike Air Force 1 Mid, which is expected to hit the market, will be released in three colorways: the fossil version, the black colorway, and the white and black.

The Stussy Nike Air Force 1 Mid Fossil

The expected Stussy Nike Air Force 1 Mid that these two giant footwear companies will release has borrowed some features from the previous "Fossil Stone 2020 AF1 Low colorway. According to Sportskeeda, the unique monochromatic colorway design will appear in cream, colored hue decks on the midsoles and uppers of the shoe. The upper part of the shoes will have a rugged and sophisticated look. The designers have used hemp fabrics on that part. This fabric is high quality with natural anti-bacterial and odor-free properties, capabilities not found on other synthetic materials for making shoes. Hemp fiber is considered a durable fabric for making footwear. Another notable change is on the iconic 'Swooshes,' in which the collaborative effort of the two brand designers settled on expanding its size to give it a bolder appearance. Further, it has a lighter color of ivory embroidery. On the other hand, Stussy has integrated its branding on the heel tabs, straps, and tongues to round off the shoe design. You will also find white banners bearing the Stussy logo on the shoe tongues. When you look at the shoe's rear end, the heel tabs accentuate Stussy's badge above the embroidered panel, and the straps are uniquely styled with moniker branding. The shoe toe box features the scribing of the SS link logo, which is embroidered on it, and the heel counter is fixed with a black/silver metal badge. The shoelaces and midsoles have the same light shade of ivory. You can customize the beige color on the upper part with any color that fits your personality color taste.

The Stussy Nike Air Force 1 Mid Black

The Stussy Nike Air Force 1 Mid Black release is mainly taking a nod from the previous year's release of the Dunk High version that came out in 2001. That high-top Dunk had the same black leather on the entire upper part of the shoe, white on the midsole, and black outsole combo on this Mid-cut Air Force 1 version. However, its primarily specific similarity is the use of black snakeskin that has been adopted on the Swoosh. Additional details that designers have used include a double S graphic inscribed on the shoe toe box. On the heel tab, you will spot a stylish silver medallion on the heel jewel. A Stussy text runs on the shoe collar straps Velcro anchor. The Nike branding is done on the shoe nylon tongue tag. The black The Stussy Nike Air Force 1 Mid also comes with black cotton laces with branded tips. Black embroidery is fitted on the heel tab under the classic Stussy emblem. The rubber midsole is completed in black with an extension of the black monochromatic theme of the shoe, and it is packed in an attractive special cream and red box.

The Stussy Nike Air Force 1 Mid Black and White

A notable change in The Stussy Nike Air Force 1 Mid Fossil black and white version is the expected Swoosh which will double down as it drops on this shoe to mark the momentous celebration of Air force one 40th Anniversary. The palette of this model adheres to the simplicity of the yet-clean- yin- and -yang motif. The designer has incorporated various parts of this shoe in muted white at the toe boxes, tongues, quarters and collars. On the other hand, black paints take over the shoe's tumbled leather, Swooshes, ankle straps, and overlays. Another notable change done on the sneaker is excluding the traditional Nike branding people are accustomed to that usually drops off from the shoe straps and tongues. Stussy's has done some rework on these areas with its cities logo straps and embroidery text on the tongues. Additionally, the west coat brand's SS logo has been kept on the shoe in the perforated form at the toe boxes and on the top parts of the metal badges on the heels. Moreover, when you order the sneaker, it comes housed in a white and red attractive shoe box and covered with specially printed tissue paper.


Overall, the shoe looks attractive and is made with quality fabric. The three colorways of the Stussy Nike Air Force 1 Mid have no release date yet, but they are expected in 2022 around Spring. The shoe will be launched at Nike and a few Stussy retail shops both in-stores and online for order.

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