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A Closer Look at the Off-White x Nike Air Force 1 “Brooklyn”

Off White x Nike

Off-White and Nike Air Force 1 have teamed up to release the Off-White x Nike Air Force 1 “Brooklyn” sneaker. These sneakers will be on shelves in September 2022. The entire sneaker is tonal green, except for the Swoosh on the sides, which is metallic. According to Sneaker News, the green colorway pays tribute to the late Virgil Abloh’s “Figures of Speech” exhibit. The exhibition is at Brooklyn Museum in New York and will run from July 1st, 2022, until January 29th, 2023. This sneaker employs the late Off-White founder’s signature styles. That is evident from its monochromatic upper, metallic Swooshes, exposed foam tongue, and zip tie. There are other important features you should know about these sneakers. Here are further details about them.

6. The Shoes Have Short Heel Tabs

These sneaker’s short heel tabs make it easy for you to wear them. That is because they lessen the distance between the shoe and your foot. To wear it, all you have to do is slide your foot in. You will not even need to loosen the laces. Additionally, short heel tabs are ideal for people prone to Achilles tendonitis. Long heel tabs cause inflammation of the Achilles tendon in such people.

5. The Outsole is Made of Rubber

Walking on a muddy path is challenging due to how slippery it is. As a result, you are likely to slip and stain your clothes. Another outcome is slipping and getting injured. According to Spinal Cord, you can sustain soft tissue injuries or head injuries from slips and falls. Thankfully, you cannot slip in these shoes since rubber is slip-resistant. Rubber increases traction by offering a firm grip on treacherous surfaces. Another advantage of rubber is its elasticity. You can stretch the material as much as you want, and it will not break. That means the material is durable. Also, its elasticity means the sneaker provides a perfect fit. That is because it will stretch to mold to your foot’s shape. As a result, you will not experience the pain that comes from wearing ill-fitting shoes.

What if you accidentally stepped on spilled acid or any other corrosive substance? The outsole would remain intact since rubber is not affected by heat. That means the outsole will not melt or buckle after heat exposure. It can withstand heat temperatures up to 300 ℃.

4. The Upper is Made of Leather

There are certain advantages leather provides to the wearer. First, it is a breathable material. That means it allows air to pass through it. As air passes through the material, it keeps your feet cool on a hot day. Additionally, ventilation minimizes foot odor. It does that by eliminating sweat by causing it to evaporate. Sweat attracts bacteria that consume it. The bacteria then excretes the chemicals, hence the foot odor.

Another merit of the material is that it is easy to clean. With other fabrics, you may have to clean them with a brush and some soap. However, with leather, all you need is a damp cloth to wipe off the dirt. Additionally, the material is more comfortable than plastic or other synthetic materials. That is because it can mold your foot’s shape due to its elasticity. By providing the perfect fit, you will have enough room for your feet to move. Also, the material becomes soft after wearing it for a while. Due to its softness, it offers some cushioning.

3. These Sneakers Use Nike Air Technology

This technology has been around for several years. According to Goat, Frank Rudy, a NASA aeronautical engineer, proposed the technology to Nike in 1977. Nike Air uses pressurized air, which is stored in a tough, flexible bag. The bag is then placed in between the midsole.

The purpose of the technology is to provide cushioning for the wearer. When you step on the ground, the bag compresses. As soon as you lift your foot, it immediately resumes its shape. That means it acts as a shock absorber since it absorbs shocks from your feet’s movements. By absorbing the shocks, the wearer will not experience any injury or pain. Moreover, the technology makes the sneaker lightweight. That means you will effortlessly move in them without experiencing fatigue or pain. Due to their lightweight, you can cover long distances with them without losing your stamina. These sneakers are, therefore, ideal for marathoners and hikers.

2. These Sneakers Have Perforations on the Upper and Some at the Sides

The perforations give these sneakers some level of visual appeal. They are arranged neatly in patterns of rows and columns. Though they make the sneakers appealing, they serve important functions. First, they provide ventilation to your feet. Although leather is breathable, the perforations are there to provide more ventilation. With much more ventilation, you can rest knowing that your feet will hardly smell.

Another role they play is draining excess water from your feet. Excess water may occur when you accidentally step on a puddle. Therefore, they allow water to seep out. Generally, perforations are designed such that they allow more water out than more into the shoe. So even if your feet get wet from stepping on a puddle, they will not be very wet.

1. These Sneakers Have Mudguards

Due to the predominant green colorway, the mudguards in these sneakers are not that noticeable. Typically, they usually have a different colorway compared to the uppers. However, upon close observation, you will notice that the mudguard is glossier than the upper. This glossy appearance is what makes mudguards appealing. Mudguards are primarily for aesthetics, but they serve another purpose.

They protect the shoes from mud and water. Mud and water typically appear on the shoes from splashes caused by speeding vehicles. The mudguards trap dirt, so the dirt will not dry up and leave a stubborn stain. To clean the dirt, a damp cloth is all you will need.

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