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A Closer Look at The Air Jordan 7 "Quai 54"

Air Jordan 7 Quai 54

Air Jordan is one of the most iconic sneaker brands worldwide, with millions of loyal fans impressed by its top-quality performance and fantastic design. These sneakers have been around since 1984 and have evolved into some of the most attractive shoes on the planet. The Jordan Brand has recently increased its level of footwear production as they move toward releasing more unique styles that cater to different tastes while continuing to maintain a strong foundation set by its first-generation models. It produces various types of sneakers ranging from classic to limited editions with special releases like the Air Jordan 11 'Concord' and the Air Jordan 13 Retro 'Black Toe.' The Air Jordan 7 "Quai 54" is set to release soon. This article takes a closer look at the Air Jordan 7 "Quai 54" retro, highlighting the footwear's unique features, quality, availability, as well as current market price.

Air Jordan 7 "Quai 54" will release in July 2022

The Air Jordan 7 "Quai 54 is set to release in July this year and is expected to be a sneaker of a special nature. Like the previous Team Jumpman's Quai 54 line iterations, the upcoming range draws inspiration from the audience, players, and setting of the popular contest. The Air Jordan 7 had the "True Red/Raptors," "Cardinal," "Bordeaux." and "Hare" as its initials colorways. This upcoming footwear line and apparel collection comprise a color palette that closely resembles France's flag. According to HypeBeast, the low-cut Air Jordan 7 "Quai 54" integrates a classic Jordan Brand color scheme with the specific details of Quai 54 to emphasize the strength of this tournament. It has navy blue, white, and red shades covering shades concealing the hoops-informed options. The sneakers range also includes West African-inspired patterns, featuring floral and star-reminiscent prints beautifying the Diamond Shorts sold by the Jumpman team.

Air Jordan 7 "Quai 54" will have a Parisian flair

The Jordan Brand has a deep history with The City of Light! Nike and Jordan are longtime partners with Quai54, the world's most popular streetball tournament. The event is held in Paris, France, annually and hosts the best teams from across the globe in a highly-competitive outdoor skills contest. Jordan's Quai 54 basketball tournament took a break due to COVID-19 but is expected to resume on 9th and 10th July 2022. This brand will be introducing special editions of its footwear silhouettes, including the Air Jordan 7 "Quai 54" and Jordan Luka 1, to coincide with these festivities. Initially released in 1992, the Air Jordan 7 is MJ's seventh trademark basketball footwear. He acquired two consecutive NBA Championships in this iconic shoe. The Air Jordan Quai 54 series is a yearly tradition for Jordan Brand to produce exclusive sneakers for their tournament in Paris. It is one of the unique releases in terms of upper design and colorway. A black textile and leather upper with the conventional Quai 54 logo embroidered on the tongues of each shoe are some of the standard features in this Jordan shoe collection. The badge pattern on the upper is an homage to the tournament's logo, making for some striking visuals.

France-themed colorway

The Air Jordan 7 "Quai 54 "is a retro model of the Air Jordan shoe featuring a French-themed colorway of neutral indigo, white, bright crimson, and light bone color combination. The upper part of the sneaker comprises a dark blue-based suede set on a white midsole and a colorful solid rubber outsole. The Air Jordan 7 Retro Quai54 has white pinstripes running down the tongue through the sneaker's inner bootie. In addition, the sneaker features bright Crimson branding on both the collar and tongue and is complemented by double-branded insoles and unique packaging.

High-quality footwear with a sense of durability

The Air Jordan 7 "Quai 54" is made with premium-quality materials, including top-grade leather and full-grain calfskin. Like other products by this brand, you can expect this footwear model to have a look and feel of a high-quality product, with a sense of durability. Ultimately, these sneakers will be available in different styles and color sets, allowing buyers to choose the best match for their preferences. Designed by Tinker Hatfield, this Air Jordan sneaker features heel stabilizers, leather uppers toe boxes, and the innovative Huarache sock liner. It has an ankle strap added to provide more stability and multi-colored nubuck hitting the eye stays, mudguards, Swooshes, and heels. Air Jordan 7 "Quai 54" is an inventive colorway of the popular sneaker brand, and it is likely to prove successful just like the other releases based on the past results. According to Sole Retriever, the Air Jordan 7 "Quai 54" will be released by Nike through the SNKRS app, and selected retailers worldwide, both online and in-store. It will come in men's sizing, selling at $225. The uniqueness of Air Jordans has made them the must-have sneakers in the last few decades. This footwear is not only limited to professional basketball players but has also become a staple amongst the casual "streetwear" crowd over the years. Even the most influential people purchase these shoes due to their style and status. Air Jordans' exclusivity and popularity relative to other footwear brands has made them enumerated as a form of currency. The Air Jordan 7 "Quai 54" offers a unique style for individuals looking to stand out.

Wrap Up

Apart from this release, the Jordan 7 will be commemorating its 30th anniversary this year and has several upcoming footwear collections, including a Jordan 1 Mid, to help strike a perfect balance between sports and fashion. Fans can expect the Jordan Brand to reveal several campaign imagery of the Quai 54 2022 offerings before the release of the Air Jordan 7 "Quai 54" and anticipate a Nike SNKRS launch through July to concur with the world-renown basketball tournament. Be sure to check out the Jordan release calendar for more details, stay tuned to the Air Jordan brand's social media pages, and download their mobile app for more details on future releases.

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