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A Closer Look at the Air Jordan 37

One thing you can admire about Nike is their ability to make sneakers that pay homage to their previous sneakers while still appearing fresh. An example of sneakers that borrow from past sneakers is the Air Jordan 37 sneakers. These sneakers draw inspiration from the Air Jordan 7's sharply-shaped angles and slender collar. The Air Jordan 37 retains elements from its predecessor, Air Jordan 36, such as the full-length Zoom Strobel unit and a second Zoom air unit in the forefoot. While the Air Jordan 37's cushioning setup looks identical to the Air Jordan 36's, the Air Jordan 37 uses the hard and straight line design language from Air Jordan 7 for the midsole. Although these sneakers borrow elements from previous sneakers, they stand out due to their technological designs. Below are the sneakers' technological specifications.

Carbon Fiber Shank

Carbon fiber is not a material used in sneakers only. According to PCMI, the material is used in the automotive industry due to its lightweight. As a result, they boost the speed of automobiles. The material likewise boosts the speed of an athlete wearing shoes from this material. The carbon fiber plate is curvy at the arch and rests under the ball of the foot. Its role is to store energy when the heel hits the ground. The energy is then distributed to the entire leg enabling you to jump as frequently as possible. Besides enabling you to jump effortlessly, the material also reduces the chances of heel injuries. Typically, an athlete's feet will strike the ground. To reduce the impact of your feet hitting the ground, the material will enable you to lift your foot from the ground to lessen the impact.

Leno Weave Upper

Leno weave is a weaving pattern whereby two warp yarns are woven around the weft yarns to provide a strong fabric. Due to the material's strength, it can bend without breaking or changing shape. Also, the fact that the material can bend means it is flexible. That means you can walk in any manner. Also, leno weave is a breathable material. According to Leartex, the material has a helix-like structure, which means there are some holes between them hence the reason for its breathability. Therefore, they are good at combating foot odor by getting rid of sweat through evaporation. For instance, it allows air to move into the shoes, and the air then cools the sweat, which then evaporates. Also, its breathability means that the material is light. Since the sneakers will be less heavy, the athlete can move rapidly with ease without experiencing foot fatigue.

Formula 23 Heel Foam

Formula 23 is a technology used in midsoles that provide cushioning for your heels. The reason it is ideal for cushioning is its lightweight. According to Nike News, its light weight is due to its fusion with Injected Phylon (IP). We have already established the benefit of having a lightweight component, so we will leave it at that. IP is also used to mold the midsole into the desired shape. As a result, the shape makes the sneakers attractive. Besides the pattern being attractive, it offers traction. For instance, there is a high chance of basketballers slipping in a basketball game due to how slippery basketball courts are. They are slippery because they are polished to retain the new look for longer. Fortunately, the midsole's pattern reduces the chances of injuries from slipping.

Double Stacked Forefoot Zoom

In previous Air Jordan sneakers, the Zoom technology relied on one cushioning for the forefoot. Thanks to the double stacked pads, you will get the most out of them. The purpose of the technology is to reduce the shocks from jumping or running. The cushioning absorbs shocks so that the athlete does not feel the impact of their actions on their soles. Without the cushioning, the athlete would suffer from heel injuries or experience foot fatigue. The technology still works the same way it did when it used one cushioning pad for previous models. Zoom provides cushioning by using pressurized air and tightly stretched fibers. The pressurized air launches the athlete into the air while the fibers absorb the impact. These fibers immediately snap back so that the heels do not remain on the ground for too long. As a result, they reduce incidences of heel injuries.

Nike Fit

A common problem that most clients face is ending up with sneakers that do not fit them. Usually, they will assure you that they knew their shoe number despite ending up with unfitting shoes. That is because some companies still use ancient techniques that emphasize only length and width. Thankfully, Nike ensures that all their sneakers fit by using Nike Fit. Any shoe the company makes must meet Nike Fit standards before being sold. Nike Fit is an application that scans a person's feet. The application collects 13 data points by mapping your foot morphology. Therefore, the technology analyzes every aspect of a foot's shape besides length and width. You can download this application to your phone to help you determine which shoes are right for you. Nike used this application to develop these sneakers, which can fit nearly everyone who wears them. So, you will not have to try them first to see whether they fit.


Nike always seems to know how to design the right shoes for athletes. By reading the features of the Air Jordan 37, we can see how athletes would benefit highly from these sneakers. Athletics, in general, is exhausting. It would even be worse if the athletes wore uncomfortable sneakers. The aim is to make participating in sports easier. Thanks to the perfect fit and cushioning for these sneakers, athletes can participate without feeling any fatigue or experiencing injuries. Although these sneakers are ideal for athletes, you can still wear them with your normal casual gear. The Air Jordan 37 has that retro feel and is available in red, black, white, and grey colorways. So, you can choose the appropriate color to match the color of your clothes.

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