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What Are Nike P-6000s Good for?

Nike P-6000s

The Nike P-6000 is an impeccable silhouette that was reborn in 2019 and has enjoyed immense popularity ever since. Almost similar to Nike M2K Techno, it infuses the 2000s vibe with some modernity to produce a beautiful sneaker. As throwback concepts become even more popular, the shoe enjoys top spots on the market. But why is the Nike P-6000 so popular, and where can you wear them?


The Nike P-6000 is a low-top running shoe from Nike's classic Nike Air Pegasus collection. Meant to mark the company's long-standing heritage, these sneakers are built for the modern life and equipped with both breathability and comfort. It is not as versatile as other shoes from the brand, but the design carries an athleisure aesthetic and functionality that many people love. Nike did not release any special editions for the Nike P-6000s, and they typically sell for about $100 or less depending on where you get them on Amazon. Many reviewers have hailed them as great for gym workouts, and light runs. Overall, the show will remain light on your feet even after hours of wearing them.

Nike P-6000 History

The Swoosh brand was already making headway in the running scene when it released the Nike Air Pegasus collection in 1983. Professional athletes and casual joggers alike were fascinated with these shoes thanks to their incredible support features, comfortable design, and affordable price range. Named after Pegasus – the mythical stallion in Greek Mythology – the shoe featured the BRS 1000 rubber outsole and a molded sock liner. Like the Greek Pegasus, it was the perfect blend of elegance and speed. Several subsequent models followed it, such as the Nike Air Pegasus 2006, 92, and 89, receiving even more love from fans. The Pegasus was built for performance, but its attractive design made it commonplace in brunches, schools, and office spaces. In 2019, Nike decided to celebrate years of success with the Pegasus line by releasing a street version of the collection – the Nike P-6000. This sneaker is inspired by previous models from the line, like the 2001. It features modern support and comfort for the street and Nike's traditional running aesthetic.

Impact on Sneaker Culture

The Nike P-6000 is so well-designed that it was bound to steal the limelight from other big names in the industry. The ACW x Nike might outshine the P-6000 in some areas thanks to its impressive silhouette and connection with Samuel Ross, but the latter has its graces. Overall, the shoe is highly ranked in the industry. Its highest selling point is the fact that it blends modern and vintage culture by drawing inspiration from the Pegasus 2006 and 25. It forms the perfect middle ground for today’s sneaker wearer.


The Nike P-6000 has been described as a 'majestic winged horse' thanks to its vertical and horizontal lays that mimic the Nike Air Pegasus 25 and 2006. Many people wear them with sportswear – sorts, leggings, and joggers – thanks to their support features and sporty profile. However, the shoe silhouette is modern enough to blend into any outfit without making you stick out like a sore thumb. If you wish to look trendy but laid back, consider paring the show with a graphic T and a pair of denim jeans. You can mix it up with as many of your outfits as you want until you find what works for you.


Also referred to as the Nike P-6000 CNPT on some sites, the Nike P-6000 did not even need limited editions to be a rear piece. The shoe does not rely on extravagant color palettes or expensive marketing budgets to make its way in the sneaker world. Sneaker wearers all over the world – from professional runners to dads who love casual wear – seek out this sneaker for its performance. Generally, the Nike P-6000 is not as performance-oriented as other models from the brand. This means that it might not be the best shoe for a marathon or avid hikers and mountain climbers. However, its running-inspired design and construction make it ideal for going to the gym and on short runs. The support features, material quality, and style mean you can wear it to brunch, casual meetings, or a short hike with friends. The Nike P-6000 is both sensible and practical and will remain comfortable and lightweight even after an entire day of walking.

Notable Features

Like other shoes from the brand, the Nike P-6000 is built for performance and comfort. The midsole is covered by a specially-designed foam pad that provides lightweight but comfy cushioning. A cushioned sock liner provides an ergonomic underfoot feel and support, while the outsole and midsole are made extra thick for enhanced traction and durability. Additionally, the upper part of the Nike P-6000 is made from a mixture of textile and genuine leather with overlays of synthetic material. The combination fosters optimal comfort and breathability.

Color Options

While comfort is at the top of Nike’s mind when designing these sneakers, the brand is also concerned with style and appearance. The Nike P-6000, which will remain light on your feet after a long day, comes in a wide range of color options. Some colorways you can get today include:

  • Cargo khaki/black/oxygen purple/mystic green
  • Luminous green/desert sand/volt
  • White/platinum tint/white
  • White/metallic silver/light aqua/black

All the colorways share the same features and ergonomic design, and your choice will not cause you to miss out on any perks. Just pick the color that you like best.

Size and Fit

According to Sneaker Details, the Nike P-6000 is available in US sizes for both men and women versions. The fit is adjustable thanks to the traditional lace-up closure at the front.


The Nike P-6000 was released in honor of Nike's Swoosh running heritage and is inspired by the almighty Nike Air Pegasus collection. Essentially, the shoe is optimized for modern streetwear and performance, and many wearers love its breathability and comfort. You will also love the athleisure aesthetic that Nike has infused into this show, allowing it to be worn when working out or going on short runs. It might not be the ideal shoe for a marathon, but it packs intense jogging action.

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