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A Closer Look at the Air Jordan 4 "Infrared"

Air Jordan 4 Infrared

The Air Jordan 4 "Infrared" sneakers pay homage to the Air Jordan 4 "Green Glow" by mimicking the same color blocking scheme. These sneakers have a multi-dark grey upper and black colorways on the mid-panel, tongue, and inner linings. Its uppers are crafted in a charcoal finish from smooth nubuck. As for hints of the infrared color scheme, look no further than the sneakers' lace system and tongue tag. These sneakers were initially supposed to be released on 8th February 2022. Fortunately, you do not need to wait any longer for the sneakers. According to Nike Kicks, they will be released on 15th June 2022. The beauty of these sneakers is that they will be released in full family sizing. Finally, your child can wear Nike sneakers just like adults. There is still a lot to be said about these sneakers. So, here are specific features of these sneakers you should know about.

Polyurethane (PU) Midsole

What qualities do you desire in sneakers? Some might say comfort or durability. Fortunately, PU can meet the two needs. In terms of comfort, PU is lightweight, making it ideal for running. Whenever you run, you lift your feet. However, if PU were a heavy material, you would use a lot of effort to lift your feet, and you would be exhausted quickly. Another aspect of comfort lies in its shock-absorbing ability. When you walk, your feet strike the ground, and you experience some shock. If you continually receive the shocks, you may suffer from foot injury. PU absorbs the shocks to prevent injury, enabling you to walk how you want. Most shoe manufacturers use ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) to make midsoles. EVA and PU are both excellent materials for sneakers, but you may be wondering which is more durable. According to Help Shoe, PU is more durable since it does not compress, hence can retain its shape for long.

Air-Sole Cushioning in the Heels

Air-sole cushioning is a kind of technology that provides cushioning by relying on pressurized air (nitrogen). The air is filled in a tough, flexible bag and then fitted into the heels. Since this is a unique technology, you probably wonder how Nike conceived this idea. According to Nike, the idea began in 1977 when an aeronautical engineer, Frank Rudy, placed air in the shoes for cushioning and pitched the idea to the Nike founder, Phil Knight. From that time, they realized how effective air was in cushioning, and they never looked back. When you stomp the ground, you will compress the heel. However, the air in the shoe quickly expands so that the heel can quickly regain its shape. Without the air, you would feel the impact of the shock from your feet striking the ground. Additionally, the air ensures that the heel regains its shape, or else it would be quickly ruined upon any impact.

Rubber Outsole

Basketball is a risky game in terms of your chances of slipping. That is because the floors of basketball stadiums tend to be polished for them to remain shiny. If you wear shoes whose outsoles aren't made of rubber, you will likely slip and get injured. With these sneakers' rubber outsoles, you will not slip since they offer a firm grip on any slippery surface. Besides using them to participate in sports, you can also trek with them on muddy paths without worrying about slipping. Additionally, rubber is a flexible material. That means you can walk in any way without worrying about damaging it. For instance, you can bend the material, and it would not snap. As a result, it is a material that lasts long since it is not affected by any force you may apply.

Nubuck Mudguard

Mudguards tend to make the sneakers very attractive. Since these sneakers have been made from nubuck leather, it is not hard to see why the sneakers are attractive. For nubuck to remain attractive, manufacturers stain the material to remove visible imperfections. Once they are removed, the resulting material is smooth and beautiful. As attractive as the mudguard is, it serves an important use. For instance, as you walk on muddy paths, there is a chance that some mud could splash on your shoes. The splash typically emanates from a speeding vehicle. Since this sneaker has a mudguard, it keeps the sneaker clean by trapping the mud. As a result, your entire sneaker will not be stained with mud. All you would have to do is clean off the mud from the mudguard only.

Breathable Mesh

The material is on the sneakers' laces and side panels. Mesh is a lightweight material due to the materials used to make it. Since it is a lightweight material, the sneaker is ideal for running a marathon. Since marathons are generally long, going for shoes made of heavyweight materials would be counterproductive. That is because you would be fatigued from struggling to lift your heavy shoes. Eventually, the heavy shoe would slow you down, and you wouldn't win that race. Whether you are walking or running, you will sweat on your feet at some point. Sweat is what eventually contributes to foot odor. That is because it attracts bacteria that consume it and then excrete pungent chemicals, eventually giving the feet a foul odor. Since mesh is breathable, air will move into your feet and cause the sweat to evaporate. Without sweat, the bacteria will have nothing to consume to excrete the chemicals.


The Air Jordan 4 "Infrared" sneakers are attractive based on their colorways. You will undoubtedly be attracted to them because of their choice of colors. However, you will like these shoes more for what they offer in terms of comfort and durability. We saw how Nike included Air-Sole technology to make these shoes comfortable. That means you can participate in any activity without stopping to rest. For comfort, we should not think about athletics only. You can also enjoy the comfort of these shoes, even in a non-sporty setting. As for durability, these sneakers can bend without their shape becoming disfigured. Replacing sneakers is expensive, but luckily, you will not have to do that with these sneakers.

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