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A Closer Look at The Nike Air Jordan 1 "Patent Bred"

Nike Air Jordan 1 Patent Bred

Nike made waves when it announced the release of its Air Jordan 1 Patent Bred sneaker. There was excitement among older fans remembering the Air Jordan 1 Bred from the 1980s and those who were ready for something new. They did a wonderful job of giving us a preview of what was to come. When delays in the projected release date occurred, it was frustrating on some level, but hype and excitement continued to build. Nike's making a habit of stirring the pot with fresh new twists on popular and historical models from yesteryear. It's nothing new to experience delays, particularly as we reach the waning phase of the pandemic. The official release happened in December 2021, but not before the hype whipped fans into a frenzy with delays. It finally dropped on December 30, 2021, missing the Christmas rush for the year, but it was still on the minds of everyone waiting for its appearance. The Air Jordan 1 patent Bred is no average sneaker. It's one of the most sophisticated and appealing models we've seen. It captured the attention of all who receive the announcement of its pending arrival. The shoes arrived in time to ring in the New Year for 2022, and fans are still searching for vendors who have a pair in their size in stock.

What is the inspiration for the Nike Air Jordan 1 Patent Bred?

Highsnobiety explains that the Air Jordan 1 Patent Bred is a throwback to the vintage Air Jordan 1 Bred, first unveiled to the public in 1985. It set the standard for high-performance yet stylish sneakers. Americans love their nostalgia, and the latest release offers all that and more. The Air Jordan 1 Bred gained attention when the NBA banned the wear of the sneaker in official competition. It became somewhat of an act of defiance or outlaw mentality to wear them. It was especially true for pro ballers. If our athletic inspiration were doing it, you could bet that a horde of followers was not far behind. This is the origin story that makes them appealing to the crowd that remembers the era, but the new Nike Air Jordan 1 Patent Bred appeals to a new generation of sneaker buffs.

A closer look at the Nike Air Jordan 1 Patent Bred

The new Patent Bred catches the eye immediately with the high gloss of the patent leather upper that gives it a high-end aesthetic. The brilliant finish is rare in sneaker form but is welcome as a stylish option. The sneaker features a combination of three colors in sophisticated divisions. The upper is black patent leather with overlays of varsity red on the toebox, Nike Swoosh, ankle strap, and heel counter. A close look shows the detailed stitching that attaches the components of the upper firmly and neatly. It's a design feature that stands out with class and elegance. Wide black laces, a blacked-out tongue, and a varsity red Nike swoosh in a smaller version on the top of the tongue add a nice splash of color. The sneakers have an adjustable fit via the wide laces and tongue positioning. The red toebox is dotted with decorative vents for ventilation to keep your feet dry and cool.

Patent leather materials would otherwise generate too much heat, making the vents essential for comfort. An examination of the collar and inner tongue reveals that Nike added just enough padding to protect the ankles and top of the foot without taking it over the top. It's cushioned but still allows for flexibility and more natural movement of the feet and ankles. The midsole is a striking white that balances out the red and black colors with a lighter more cheerful note that evens out the personality of the sneaker. The bottom of the soles is varsity red to create a sandwiching effect that is also pleasing to the eye. Nike took care of the details to build a well-thought-out visual effect. The classic wings logo on the collar completes the aesthetic nicely.

Pricing and availability

The initial release of the Nike Air Jordan 1 High OG Patent Bred was December 30, 2021. The sneakers sold for $170 according to Nike Kicks, but the first run flew off the shelves in a few hours. The reality is that it's going to be tough to find the Patent Bred version for the initial price. Resellers were savvy enough to know that they could secure several pairs to hold on to and offer when supplies were gone. Stock X reveals that the going price for the Air Jordan 1 Patent Bred ranges between $217 to $370. The selling price can go higher, depending on how much a consumer is willing to pay to win the bid at auction. We've also seen a few pairs of Patent Bred sneakers available on Flight Club for a low of $203 up to $425. Unless Nike delivers a fresh restock, it's a resellers game at the present. So far, we've had no word about whether Nike plans to release another batch of the popular sneakers.

Final thoughts

The Nike Air Jordan 1 Patent Bred is one of the most spectacular retro sneakers we've seen in a long time. Who doesn't love the fashion versatility of black, red, and white? The patent leather takes it up a few notches in style and sophistication. It's a well-constructed sneaker and it appears that the design team thought of everything, with one exception...There aren't enough of them to go around. The fortunate early birds got in line and snagged their Patent Breds early, while those who procrastinated are now forced to pay the high reseller's price or do without. Online and brick and mortar vendors sold out quickly. So far, there's no word about if and when Nike plans to restock the shelves.

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