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The Five Best Pairs of Espadrille Sneakers Out Today

Mary Katrantzou Women's Platform Espadrille Sneakers

Espadrille shoes were created in areas of Spain and France. The shoe style was the first type worn by Basque peasants and eventually evolved into a worker's shoe. These simple shoes are known for their comfort and stylishness in the fashion world, often worn at the beaches of the French Riviera. Here are the five best pairs of Espadrille sneakers that money can buy for your consideration.

SeaVeesCardiff Men's Espadrille Sneaker

5. SeaVeesCardiff Men's Espadrille Sneaker

These stylish and traditional men's sneakers are made of vegan materials that have been responsibly sourced from all-natural sources. The sneakers are flax colored in a simple Espadrille styling. They're named for the popular beach town Cardiff-by-the-Sea. The upper is made of canvas material that is stretchy enough to provide flexibility and comfort for natural movement of the feet, yet strong enough to provide ample foo support. You can adjust the snugness of the fit through the classic cotton laces for the perfect fit every time. The jute sidewall is attractive and stylish. The footbed is made of contoured cushiony foam for all-day comfort. The heel strike is made with extra cushioning for greater comfort. The sneakers are made with perforations in the material to allow air to flow over and around the feet to prevent overheating and perspiration on hot summer days. The outer sole is made of natural rubber for additional traction and grip on most walking surfaces.

Stuart Weitzman The Daryl Espadrille Canvas Sneaker

4. Stuart Weitzman The Daryl Espadrille Canvas Sneaker

These sneakers feature the classic Espadrille styling. They're one of the most popular models in the Stuart Weitzman line. Made in the country of Spain, where the style first originated, the materials and craftsmanship are top-notch. The Daryl features the signature SW Star logo hardware and a W-shaped motif for fans of the Stuart Weitzman brand. The artisanal rope sole is hand-dyed to provide a multi-colored effect. The low-top profile is designed for all-day comfort. The uppers are made of canvas material that is lightweight for enhanced comfort. You also have a choice of ordering these ultra-comfortable shoes in leather. The insole is made of smooth and comfortable faux leather. The rubber outsole gives you exceptional grip and traction on most walking surfaces. These shoes have a slight platform to add to their stylishness.

Chapman Espadrille Sneakers

3. Chapman Espadrille Sneakers

Chapman Espadrille Sneakers feature a bohemian vibe in an updated version of the sneaker featuring Spanish craftsmanship with woven details and wide fabric laces that give these shoes a retro aesthetic that goes back to original designs. The slip-on styling makes them easy to put on and take off. The platform measures 2.25 inches. The uppers are made of the finest Spanish leathers and premium materials. The rubber sole is lugged and provides exceptional grip and traction for extra stability and safety. These signature Espadrilles are a part of the FP collection of vintage aesthetic shoes, made in the country of Spain and exported to the United States.

Asos Superga 2790 Espadrille Sneakers

2. Asos Superga 2790 Espadrille Sneakers

Asos Superga 2790 Espadrille sneakers are made for your comfort while providing a lovely modernized version of the vintage shoes worn by Basque workers in the country of Italy. Superga is a brand that has been around for over 100 years, delivering the highest in quality footwear. This model is a classic creps styling in an updated version with uppers made of understated textile materials. The fabric is versatile and comfortable. The lining is made of 00 percent textile materials that are soft and cushiony in a low-top profile for all-day foot comfort. The sole is a chunky woven type that delivers a slight platform aesthetic that is stylish. The snugness of these shoes is fully adjustable through the lace-up fastening system. The outer sole features a molded tread that provides exceptional grip and traction on most walking surfaces. The Superga branding is placed on the sie, heel, and tab for easy on and off convenience.

Mary Katrantzou Women's Platform Espadrille Sneakers

1. Mary Katrantzou Women's Platform Espadrille Sneakers

Mary Katrantzou Women's Platform Espadrille sneakers are among the most popular model produced by the brand. Most fit true to your normal size. The design is a collaborative effort between Superga and Mary Katrantzou. The uppers are made of 100 percent cotton material for the ultimate in comfort and flexibility. Your feet have ample room for natural movement throughout the day, with just enough firmness for exceptional support. The attractive floral print of the upper makes these shoes highly stylish, with a braided just detail placed at the edge of the sole. The logo is placed at both the side and the heel of these sneakers. The platform is 1.75 inches. The toe is slightly rounded to give your toes room for expansion without feeling pinched or cramped inside the sneaker. You can completely adjust the snugness of the fit of these shoes through the lace-up closure system. The lining of these sneakers is also made of quality soft cotton materials that provide your feet with all-day comfort. The sole bed is lightly cushioned to provide support for the feet and arches to help prevent leg fatigue. The rubber sole is grippy and gives you plenty of traction on most walking surfaces. These sneakers are imported from the country of Italy for sale in the USA

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