A Closer Look at the Nike Acronym x Air Presto Mid Cool Grey

Nike Air Presto Mid Cool Grey

The Nike Acronym x Air Presto Mid was released in a magnificent Cool Grey colorway in September of 2018 and it was one of the more popular new releases to hit the market. Sneakerheads found this new design to be awe-inspiring as it embraced some of the attributes of a classic and sophisticated sneaker with the cool grey upper and the deep black accents, yet it also offered a more modern aspect with unique accents that quickly catch the eye. The Cool Grey is yet another Nike product that has received its share of hype and then lived up to the expectations by most. It’s been out for nearly a year and this shoe is still one of the more popular recent releases that are deserving of a closer look and inspection.

What makes the Cool Grey so popular?

We begin with the fact that this colorway bears the distinction of being an Air Presto. This means that it is constructed to offer all of the comforts of wearing a T-shirt for a nearly barefoot feel regardless of your level of activity. It’s a member of a class of shoe that Nike put a lot of thought and effort into creating when the original Presto’s were released back in 2000. They’ve continued adding new technologies and modern adjustments in styling and aesthetics but the brand has maintained the same basic construction and materials that make it one of the most comfortable sneakers in the world. The new colorway is sharp and attractive, and for those who are looking to make a personal statement about their own tastes in footwear fashion, it fits the bill as one of the top contenders for best-looking sneaker. The aesthetics are extremely pleasing with the grey upper that is complemented with a host of black trims and accents and the word ACRNM appearing in a brilliant white that stands out nicely, and of course, the Nike swoosh appears once at the mid part of the toe section and again on the side of the midsole in a deep and noticeable black.

Construction of the Nike Acronym Cool Grey

To fully appreciate this sneaker we must look at the elements which make it so very special and loved by the masses of fans who have made it such an enormous retail success. First of all, the materials are unique for a sneaker, and the same dynamic neoprene and mesh fabrics are used in the construction of the upper. Both are ultra stretchy and flexible, which allows the wearer to move their feet naturally and without restriction, enhancing the comfort of the shoe. The inner lining provides a sock-like fit that is also ultra-comfortable by offering just the right amount of padding, without crowding the foot with excess. The materials are also very lightweight, which helps to reduce the amount of foot, ankle and leg fatigue if you’re running, going on a long leisurely walk or participating in some other type of lengthy activity. The Acronyms are a casual sneaker suitable for running or for everyday wear and the neutral colors make them work, aesthetically with practically any activewear outfit. Although this sneaker is flexible enough to bend in half without damaging it, there are some safeguards built into the shoe to help protect the feet and provide additional support. A special guard is built into the toe section to add strength, stability and protection, and a preformed cage made of durable plastic material is fitting at the sides of the middle part of the upper. This gives you the control that you need without interfering with the comfort and versatility of the shoe, which has been one of Nike’s greatest innovations in sneaker technology.

Availability and pricing of the Nike Acronym x Air Presto Mid in Cool Grey

The Cool Grey was not the only new colorway released in the Fall of 2018, but it appears to be the most popular. Upon its initial launch, the sneaker was a big hit and the shoes flew off of the shelves of retailers quickly, depleting the stock in short order. There were some vendors who stockpiled additional pairs of the shoes for sale at a later date when the demand would exceed the current supply at local retailers. We were curious to learn about the availability as well as the current pricing of the shoe and were a bit surprised to discover that the original price which was set at $200 per pair was still the offer by some vendors at online auctions. According to stockx.com, these are one of the more popular sneaker colorways being auctioned on the site. The lowest selling price within the last year has been $70, with the highest reaching a mind-blowing $620. The average selling price within the last week was $194, which is just below the original retail asking price.

Final thoughts

The Nike Acronym x Air Presto Mid in the Cool Grey Colorway is yet another of Nike’s best efforts that have resulted in a smashing success with their loyal customers. It’s a shoe that offers the ultimate in everyday casual comfort in a color combination that is strikingly attractive. These are simply great looking shoes that can be worn with a variety of different outfits and the demand is still high for them. If you didn’t get a pair when they first came out, you might be in luck as we’ve seen quite a few of them in both new and used condition being offered at various auction sites. We did notice that the selling price for the Cool Grey sneakers seems to depend not only upon their condition but also upon the sizing. Not all sizes are available through every vendor so there is no guarantee that you’ll be able to find a pair that is in your size, but it doesn’t hurt to try. The Cool Grey is truly one of the more exceptional efforts made by Nike and with both good looks and amazing comfort, the sneaker was destined for success from the date of its conception.

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