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A Closer Look at The Converse Star Player Ox

Converse has done it again with their lineup of comfortable oxford style sneakers that present a new take on an old classic renewed for 2020. The Converse Star Player Oxford is produced with a new colorway that displays the colors of the American flag in a cool navy color with white and red accents that are measured out in just the right amounts for a touch of sophistication. If you haven't yet heard about the latest oxford here are 10 things you didn't know about the new sensation.

1. It's low and lean

The new Star Player is a low cut sneaker that is designed in the traditional low-cut sneaker style with one colorway in an attractive navy blue color. An outstanding feature of the sneaker from an aesthetic point of view is the bright white stitching around the ankle. This contrasting reinforcement serves a few different purposes. It strengthens the canvas and it adds a nice strip of white that adds an interesting aspect to the overall personality of the shoe that eliminates any sense of boredom with a ribbon of light against the dark fabric. This is repeated with the same contrasting stitching at the hell, the ball of the foot, and the toe areas.

2. The design of the navy blue promotes understated patriotism

Aside from the brand label on the tongue of the shoe and the thin red stripe at the midsole, the sneaker is navy blue and white for the main colors. Converse was brilliant for adding just a small amount of red to the shoe. The Star Player offers a hint of patriotism and a nod to the red white and blue without overdoing the theme and it's coming just in time for the Independence celebration for 2020.

3. It's available in 6 colorways

Although the coming holiday shines the spotlight on the navy blue and white with a red stripe colorway, there are many more to choose from. It is also available in a sophisticated black and white, turmeric (gold) and white, a black and white without contrasting stitching, white with black accents, burgundy and white, and boys grade school black and white versions.

4. This is Converse' edgy sneaker

The multiple color choices and slight variations in the styling give you plenty of options to choose from. The DNA of the sneaker is unmistakenly Converse, a brand that is followed by hordes of loyal, but there are just enough variations to fit anyone's sense of style. The colorways offer everything from bold and sassy with the burgundy or the fun styling with the turmeric gold. More sophisticated colorways include the black variants along with the navy and white and the white and black.

5. They're simple yet comfortable

The Converse Star Player Ox is built for comfort. It features just enough padding in all the right places, to protect pressure points from getting the rub. We love the thin padding at the ankles because the engineers didn't take it over the top so they slide on and off with ease. Perhaps the greatest feature of the Star Player Ox is that the design is simple and it offers support that doesn't inhibit your natural movement.

6. This is a lifestyle sneaker

The Converse Star Player is a lifestyle sneaker that falls into the category of streetwear. As such it is an essential and a staple to achieve this look with classic features that date back decades. This fashion trend has come and gone as a radical style throughout the years, but it never seems to become outdated.

7. Quality construction is to the fore

The Converse Star Player is crafted of a canvas upper with reinforcements that add to the strength of the canvas fabric to make it even more durable. To increase comfort, the textile lining has been added. These shoes provide the support that almost feels like you're going barefoot. We like the copious amounts of reinforcement stitching that doubles the strength at key stress points for greater longevity.

8. It's breathable

Another valuable feature that fans of Converse sneakers appreciate is the use of materials that allow the sneaker to breathe. This makes them an ideal choice for everyday streetwear even when it's hot outside. The canvas material and the unique design allows air to enter in and circulate around the feet to prevent overheating and sweating. They're not athletic shoes, but the Star Player Ox is certainly ideal for walking around the mall with friends.

9. They feature a classic lace-up design

Those of us who have been around for a few decades remember the Converse sneakers from the early 1970s and we can see a lot of the same characteristics in the modern iteration. The Star Player Ox carries on the tradition of a classic sneaker with a nostalgic nod to the 1970s era. The lace-up design is iconic and reminiscent of yesteryear. This also serves as a means of adjusting the fit and the snugness of the sneaker against your foot. It gives you more control to make minor adjustments as needed.

10. The safety features are also remarkable

The Converse Star Player Ox is made with a rubber outsole that is rugged and durable. It provides great traction even when the ground is wet and a bit slippery. The quality rubber outsole grips pavement or sidewalks to give you a confident stride in all kinds of weather. The traction it offers is yet another plus that fans of Converse can easily agree is necessary for safety. The average selling price for the Converse Star Player Ox is around is $65 regardless of the colorway you choose. This may be one of the brands' finest designs because it is a sneaker that you can wear every day. Choose from multiple colorways so you have a pair to match every outfit. With the 4th of July holiday just around the corner, we're partial to the Navy and white to enhance the celebration.

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