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The Five Best Pairs of Adidas Crocs Money Can Buy

Adidas Women's Adilette

Adidas is one of the most famous footwear brands in the world. They're popular for the wide range of styles they offer including tennis shoes, cross-trainers, weight lifting footwear, hikers, golf shoes, boots, and a range of summer wear including their version of crocs, marketed as Adidas brand clogs. Adidas goes the extra mile to ensure that the materials used in the construction of each shoe are strong and durable for long-wear. They take their time in making sure that the designs are highly functional as well as comfortable. If you're a croc lover, here are the five best pairs of Adidas Crocs that money can buy.

Yeezy Foam Runner

5. Yeezy Foam Runner Price: $311

Adidas' Yeezy Foam Runner is a high-quality luxury designer croc that is inspired by the insights of Kanye West's popular Yeezy collection. The Yeezy Foam Runner made its debut in 2020 with the Ararat colorway that offers a neutral sand color suitable for wear with most casual and sportswear. The Foam Runner is a slip-on style that is constructed of a single piece that is flexible and easy to put on and take off with no effort. This model features a sustainably sourced eco-friendly foam compound that is algae-based, blended with standard EVA. The shoes feature a variety of ventilation ports to prevent foot overheating and allow ample airflow so your feet can breathe. The interior is textured and helps prevent slippage on the feet for the ultimate comfort when worn all day. The soles of these crocs feature a herringbone tread design that delivers dependable traction to help prevent slips and falls. The Adidas Yeezy is among the most stylish croc-style shoes offered by the brand. It's getting harder to find this model. It is an intensely popular choice for warmer weather. Some also love wearing them throughout the year.

Adidas Starlette Clog

4. Adidas Starlette Clog Price: $32.97

The Starlette Clog is an updated version of the classic clog. This incredible light and comfortable shoe feature a round toe for the ultimate in comfort. It is made of synthetic material in a slip-on styling that makes it easy to slip on and just as simple to remove, even for people with mobility issues. What we love the most about the Starlette Clog is its detailing with a laster-cut vamp styling and the fashionable Adidas side stripe logo. The footbed is contoured to enhance comfort and prevent the feet from sliding inside the shoe. The synthetic upper lining makes it comfortable for the tops of the feet during all-day use. The sole is made of synthetic material with a unique tread pattern that gives the wearer a greater grip on most walking surfaces. This is one of the more affordable Adidas crocs, but it's also one of the most stylish and popular models. You can find the Adidas Starlette Clog on the Nordstrom Rack website.

Adidas Adilette Men's Black Silver

3. Adidas Adilette Men's Black Silver Price: $36-$80

The Adilette men's Black Silver is one of the most affordable croc style shoes in the Adidas lineup. Don't let the low price fool you. This is a well-built slip-on croc that provides extreme comfort for all-day wear. It slips on and off with little effort and is ideal for anyone with mobility issues. The upper is made of 100 percent textile synthetics that are lightweight, yet durable. The shoes feel natural on the feet thanks to a contoured footbed. This is a men's croc with a unisex design that is stylish for either men or women. The Adilette has a sporty aesthetic and a synthetic sole that offers good traction on most walking surfaces. It's ideal for wearing around the pool, the beach, or to the mall for a casual shopping trip, with casual or sporty wear. The Adidas Adilette Men's Black Silver is essential for your summer wardrobe.

Adidas Water Sandals

2. Adidas Water Sandals Price: $28-$35

Adidas Water Sandals feature the classic croc design for kids. They're also ideal for swimming or other water sports, yoga, or everyday casual wear. These croc-style shoes are ultra-comfortable with a hook and loop closure to keep them securely in place. The plush footbed and shape of the upper give them a snug feel against the feet. They're quick-drying thanks to the synthetic material for the upper. The outsole is also made of slip-resistant material that gives them extra grip on most walking surfaces. You can find Adidas Water Sandals crocs on the official Adidas website.

Adidas Women's Adilette

1. Adidas Women's Adilette Price: $41-$45

The Adidas Women's Adilette is designed for the unique shape of women's feet in a slip-on styling that makes it easy to slide in and out of the shoes. These crocs are versatile for everyday wear, or for engaging in yoga, or for other forms of exercise. They're exceptionally good for wearing around the pool, at the beach, or when engaging in water sports. The women's Adilette features a synthetic upper with a soft and comfortable feeling. The footbed is a standard EVA with contouring that enhances comfort and a snug fit that prevents slipping on the feet when walking or running. The design is based on the iconic Adidas Slide style with a closed toe. Ample ventilation holes prevent overheating and sweating of the feet for all-day comfort. The outsole is made of synthetic material that offers a firm grip on most walking surfaces. The sporty aesthetic makes them suitable for wear with a variety of sportswear and casual outfits.

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