Should You Be Wearing Socks with Crocs?


Starting from models to famous rappers, Crocs have grown to become a popular trend in the fashion industry. Since fashion is based on personal choice, people have different views on whether Crocs should or should not be worn with socks. Some people claim that wearing socks with Crocs makes them feel very comfortable, but there are others who oppose the wearing of socks with Crocs. They claim that it ruins the shoe’s aesthetic and makes anyone who wears them look tacky and dumb. So, who is right? In addition to the fact that wearing socks with crocs is somewhat stylish, they help protect your feet from cold temperatures. Here, we will discuss if it is advisable to wear socks with Crocs.

So, Can I wear socks with Crocs?

While it is still acceptable to wear Crocs with socks or not, everyone has their fashion tastes and preferences. For instance, some people may not prefer wearing Crocs with socks due to the non-slip ridges on the bottom of the shoe or if they naturally develop sweaty feet quickly on a day with hot temperatures. There are also other people who do not mind at all the idea of wearing Crocs with socks. That said, deciding on whether to rock your Crocs with socks or not is simply a matter of personal decision.

How to Wear Socks with Crocs

According to crocs, there are a number of reasons why some people opt to wear socks with Crocs, whether it is for stylish purposes or for added shoe comfort. Below are some quick, simple tips on how to rock your socks with Crocs:

  • If you want your socks to be easily noticed without any fuss, consider wearing long pants that expose your socks just about right without making them seem exaggerated.
  • If you plan on wearing Crocs when you are out boating, make sure to buy the waterproof socks. They are very comfortable on the feet and are available in different shapes and styles.
  • If you want to highlight your socks, consider wearing a dull-colored pair of Crocs and bright-colored socks with cool designs. This makes a perfect combination by allowing your socks to be visible through the holes on your Crocs.
  • During the winter seasons, you are advised to get yourself a thick pair of socks without worrying, as Crocs have plenty of inner room to ensure a comfortable fit.
  • If you plan to keep your ankles and feet warm, you should consider wearing standard length socks with long pants that fall over to the socks and reach your Crocs.
  • If you want to rock your Crocs with a skirt or a pair of shorts, then consider wearing them with plain white socks.

Factors to look for in Socks to Wear with Crocs?

Picking the right pair of socks to rock with your Crocs is just as vital as picking which side to choose in this lengthy debate. According to bustle, wearing any socks randomly can have an adverse effect on your overall appearance and experience. The following are some of the noteworthy features to look out for when deciding which type of socks to wear with your Crocs:

  • Color. If your fashion target is to be easily noticeable, consider buying socks that match with the color of your Crocs.
  • Waterproof. To avoid the risk of any slip accident, plan to get yourself a pair of socks with the least ability to soak in water. Examples of socks with such features are sports socks.
  • Comfort. The last thing you would wish for is to wear an uncomfortable pair of socks with Crocs, as this can ruin your entire experience. It is advisable to pair breathable ones.
  • Design. If you plan on not highlighting your socks, you can opt to buy the half socks or ones with no design to avoid getting any attention.
  • Size. To further improve your shoe comfort and experience, consider buying a pair of socks that perfectly fit your foot’s length.

Frequently asked questions

Below are some of the commonly asked questions by people opting to wear socks with Crocs:

When should you not wear socks with Crocs?

There are some scenarios where you are not advised to rock your Crocs with socks. Some of such situations include:

  • When your socks are not color-coordinated.
  • When you tend to sweat a lot on your feet.
  • When it generally looks bad

Are there Crocs built-in with socks?

Yes, there are some Crocs with socks perfectly built into its rubber fabric. This is the ideal option for people who want to free themselves from deciding what types of socks blend well with a specific Croc color. An example is Alfie’s built-in sock Crocs that are available in a white croc with socks that have a blue and red band around the calf. The main downside with such type of Crocs is that they protect your foot from the small open hole on the front of the shoe and are pretty tricky to clean.

Are Crocs comfortable without socks?

Crocs are comfortable to wear with or without socks. However, if you opt to wear them without socks, it will not take long before your feet become sweaty and make the ridges at the bottom feel irritating. Thus, it is advisable to pack a pair of socks in your bag if you think your feet are becoming sweaty.


All in all, the option of wearing Crocs with socks or not is all about individual choices and preferences. If you opt to wear Crocs with socks, you should randomly pick any pair of socks and wear them with your Crocs. It is usually advisable to choose a pair of socks that coordinate well with the color of your Crocs; this will help improve your overall appearance. According to Seniorcare2share, deciding to rock Crocs with socks is also dependent on the occasion. For instance, you should not wear socks with Crocs when going to the beach as it will make your feet sweat quickly.

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