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A Closer Look at the $30,000 Testoni Men's Dress Shoes

Testoni Men's Dress Shoes

Most of us are familiar with the term "Fine Italian Leather shoes" and we know that this is an indication of quality and prestige, depending on the brand name. Testoni is one such company which is known for producing some of the finest shoes ever made. Testoni men's shoes are luxury accessories which come at a high price tag. In fact, they make a pair that goes for an astounding $30,000 a pair. What could make a pair of men's shoes worth so much? As we take a closer look at the brand, the materials, workmanship and the aesthetics, we discover what makes them so special and valuable.

The history of Testoni shoes

The first Testoni shoe workshop was opened in 1929 by Amedeo Testoni, the founder of the company. he began a tradition of excellence in the production of high end top quality shoes that continues today. A combination of old tried and true methods with the finest grade materials along with a complete refusal to compromise has resulted in a solid reputation for luxury, quality and value. Testoni shoes are made to be unique, stylish, and aesthetically pleasing. They are built with a process that is called Piuma Rapid construction which indicates that they are made by hand with a technique that is unique to this company. This is an old method that originated in Norway through the use of a braided chain stitch, along with the Bolognese construction method in which a special lining is made and the upper is sewn by hand from materials that assure flexibility and comfort along with just enough resistance to provide support.

Testoni Men's shoes for $30,000

When we consider that each pair of these shoes is hand made, the labor alone consists of several hours. They are made with the finest in italian craftsmanship but in addition to this, the artisans use only the finest premium materials. In the higher priced Testoni shoes you will find that they are made of materials such as soft goatskin which is light as a feather and the finished shoes are resistant to water. They are not only attractive and comfortable, these shoes are also built to hold up under use and even exposure to the elements, although we don't recommend wearing them in a rain or snow storm. There are a few different examples of Testoni men's dress shoes which go for as much as $38,000.

A closer inspection of the materials procured

The fine Italian leathers which are used in the creation of Testoni men's dress shoes can range from crocodile in some models to ostrich, calfskin or goatskin. A strict practice of Testoni is to choose only the best premium leathers from their vendors. The leather is carefully inspected to ensure that it is flawless because nothing but the best will do. After procuring the materials, they are tested for quality, flexibility, softness and perfection. Expert artisans hand sew the materials which are cut to precise measurements for each pair of shoes made, without the use of machines. Technical details including the Filettone detail, reverse hemming and other methods which leave a distinctive mark of the brand are employed. Signature details which are used to authenticate and identify a Testoni shoe over others is the Spiral which is the application of a thinly wound ribbon of leather that is sewn into the sole hem.

How much work does it take to make a pair of $30K Testoni shoes?

We were impressed and a bit surprised to learn that in order to make just one pair of these expensive luxury dress shoes, there are as many as 200 steps needed and these are all completed manually. These include cutting the leather, hemming, assembling the parts of the shoe, stitching them together, trimming the edges, hemming and finishing them. Testoni employs a variety of different finishes for their line of men's dress shoes including polishing, shading, and antiquing. Hours of work goes into the crafting of each pair and no corners are cut in their creation.

Are these shoes really worth $30,000?

In the arena of high end luxury shoes, $30,000 is certainly a lot of money to pay, but this is not the most expensive pair of men's dress shoes in the world. It's not even the most expensive Testoni brand, but for those who have dared to try a pair on can tell you that you get what you pay for, and although this isn't a model that just anyone can afford, for those who are fortunate, the shoe provides a natural feeling comfortable fit with softness, flexibility and a design that also provides uncompromising support for the feet. Each pair is hand crafted in a very particular way with patented methods. You'll not find this workmanship anywhere else and this is one of the Testoni shoe company's claims to fame, and they are well-known and established within high end circles. A product's worth amounts to what consumers are willing to pay and as for Testoni, they have a massive following that keeps them busy at work producing some of the finest shoes in the world.

What would you be willing to pay for the ultimate dress shoe?

It isn't always easy to find a men's dress shoe that offers a comfortable fit, good looks and the prestige of fine Italian leather. Premium products come at a premium price and there is no shortage of demand for Testoni shoes. Not every pair of shoes made by Testoni costs $30,000. You can actually find some amazing prices by comparison, with several models under $3,000. The quality of each pair is guaranteed by the manufacturer. A company that has been around for 90 years has got to be doing something right and Testoni is still thriving in the world of high end fine Italian leather shoes as one of the most exclusive brands.

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