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What is the Nike Alphafly?


Nike's Alphafly is a specialty shoe that is designed specifically for runners. A prototype of the Nike Air Zoom Alphafly Next% was worn by marathon runner Eliud Kipchoge on a test run in 2017. He and Nike have partnered to produce the line of shoes after its successful test run in Vienna, Austria.

What is the Nike Alphafly?

The Nike Alphafly is the brand's premier racing shoe. It's not an everyday casual shoe, but rather, a technical sneaker that is brimming with innovations and technologies that makes it a specialty shoe that is designed specifically to address the unique requirements of runners. Kipchoge is a celebrity marathon runner from Kaptagat, Kenya who holds a marathon record. He is a powerful influencer in the sport of marathon running and he gives his stamp of approval for the shoe that is designed primarily for a marathon and other runners. This is truly a racing shoe that he is happy to claim as a part of his legacy to the profession.

Description of the Nike Alphafly sneaker

What makes the Nike Alphafly sneaker so special? It's in the construction that features two streamlined Zoom Air pods. They're placed at the forefront to provide runners with a healthy dose of energy return with every step that is taken. The technology has been improved. The latest iteration is the Alphafly Next% which contains more of the ZoomX foam that is both lightweight and highly responsive. What this means for runners is a lighter shoe that helps to reduce leg and knee fatigue, and a higher degree of responsiveness that offers a fast return of energy to put a spring in every step to help propel them toward the finish line with record speed. Other benefits of the ZoomXfoam include protection from the impacts that running has on the calves and ankles, to help protect runners from muscle and joint strains with cushiony comfort that acts as a shield as well as a shock absorber.

The Alphafly Next% also features a customized carbon fiber plate that runs the full length of the sneaker to help in delivering a snappy sensation with each tried o the runner. The plate thickness is scaled for each shoe is to be flexible in the smaller sizes with a stiffer profile for larger shoe sizes. It's a matter of physics that helps to provide all runners with the same degree of propulsion, regardless of their size. It's a matter of physics. The carbon fiber plate, combined with two Zoom Air pods, an increased amount of ZoomX foam and unique design work together to make one o the best racing shoes for runners who participate in long-distance races. It's a shoe intended for users who participate in long and fast runs. It's earned the reputation of being Nike's fastest running shoe.

Lovers and Haters for the Nike Alphafly Sneaker

According to Runners World, there is an ongoing debate about Nike Alphafly Next % model. It's the shoe that was approved under the new World Athletics rules for use during the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. The shoe is arguably one that deserves its place in the spotlight because of its obvious benefits for professional and hobby runners. The haters came out in full force to share negative opinions of Nike's premier racing shoe. Some reviewers were not happy with the aesthetics and came right out and said that the silhouette is ugly. While this is a matter of personal preference, yes, there are better-looking shoes out there, but none that quite perform at the same level of proficiency. It's a valid observation.

An expensive running shoe

Haters also point out that it's expensive. While the Nike Alphafly sneaker is one of the brand's most expensive models with an average cost of $274.95, it's an essential part of the equipment that runners depend on to enhance running performance. There simply is no substitute for a well-fitting high-performance running shoe when you're in it for the win. While most runners do not get paid, but rather pay an entrance fee for inclusion in a race, it's something that most runners do for the benefit of their health and to satisfy their craving for the adrenaline rush that comes later after a win, and their self-satisfaction for those with a competitive spirit, for a job well done. While wearing expensive running shoes further separates the haves from the have nots, a good pair of running shoes, for most runners, regardless of their financial situation are a good investment. Disadvantaged runners who don't have the finances to purchase the premier running shoes may truly find themselves at a physical disadvantage if they don't own a pair. This is the min concern of haters who do not appreciate the advantage that the Alphafly sneakers give more privileged runners.

Final thoughts

The Nike Alphafly sneaker was made as a technical shoe with the intention of it being used for long-distance running races. It's not that far from being a $300 sneaker, but the insane technology that is used in its creation does come at a price. First, it's not cheap to make such a high-quality shoe. The sneaker sells out quickly, showing that the majority of Nike fans who are runners do not mind dropping the cash it takes to own the shoe. Although there are a few haters out there, it isn't because the sneaker is a bad shoe. It's one of the best running shoes on the market today. They're worried about those who cannot afford the shoes falling behind because of the tremendous advantage that the Alphafly gives runners in gaining speed in every stride taken, with total comfort and foot protection. Some think it's ugly, but this is a matter of personal opinion as the shoe does offer a choice of attractive colorways. The bottom line is that you either love the Alphafly and can afford it or it's too expensive, and this is the part that haters really detest.

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