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A Closer Look at the Air Jordan 1 Low "Dare to Fly"

Air Jordan 1 Low Dare to Fly

The "dare to fly" is a fitting name for these sneakers, especially if you look at the Jumpman logo. The logo depicts the retired basketballer Michael Jordan doing a slam dunk, which is a move that makes him appear to fly. The words "dare to fly" appear on the tongues and have a grey colorway that contains glitters. Elsewhere, the grey color has been reserved for the Swooshes.

Another color that features on the sneakers is white. It is the dominant color since it is on the entire upper. The glitters do not only appear on the tongues. They also appear on the outsoles. Since they are multi-colored, they appear like an oil spill on the ground. So far, we have only described these sneakers superficially. Let us now delve deeper by describing the features of the Air Jordan 1 Low "Dare to Fly" below.

These Sneakers Have Rubber Outsoles

Nearly everyone has slipped at some point. Although slipping may be seen as normal, it can result in injury. According to Adam S. Kutner, you could sustain knee injuries, soft tissue injuries, or broken bones from slip and fall accidents. To avoid such a scenario, the outsoles are made of rubber since they are slip-resistant. Since they are slip-resistant, you can even walk on slippery paths like muddy areas. The material's slip-resistant capability is due to its increasing traction.

Another advantage of rubber lies in its shock-absorbing abilities. When you walk or run, your feet strike the ground. The striking action generates shock, which, if not absorbed, can cause blisters. Therefore, rubber absorbs the shock and redistributes it throughout the body to minimize its effects on your feet. That means when you walk, you will not even feel like you are walking on a hard surface. Lastly, rubber is waterproof. If you accidentally stepped on a puddle while walking, you do not need to worry about wet feet. Since the water cannot penetrate through the rubber, it will instead stay on it.

The Uppers are Made of Leather

These sneakers provide the best fit, thanks to leather. Leather is an elastic material, which means it stretches to mold to the shape of your foot. As a result, you will not experience foot pinching since it does not tighten your feet. There are some dangers of tightness on your feet, besides feeling pain. According to Healthline, you may experience blisters or deformed toes. The material that is notorious for being inelastic is plastic.

Another merit of leather is that it is breathable. That means it provides ventilation to your feet by allowing air to pass through. Ventilation helps to keep your feet warm during a hot season. Additionally, ventilation reduces foot odor by getting rid of sweat through evaporation. Lastly, the material is generally easy to clean. All you need is a damp cloth to restore its original color. As for other non-leather fabrics, you may have to clean them with a brush, soap, and water.

The Tongues are Made of Nylon

Nylon is generally a lightweight fabric. Since the tongue sits directly on your foot, it makes sense to use a light material. If a heavier fabric were used for the tongue, it would take a lot of effort to lift your foot due to its weight pressing down on your feet. As a result, you would quickly become fatigued. Luckily, these nylon tongues will enable you to move easily without any significant struggle.

Additionally, nylon is waterproof. If water lands on the material, it will stay on top of it. Since water cannot stay for too long on a surface, it will soon evaporate due to exposure to air. As a result, your feet stay dry. Another quality to admire about nylon is its elasticity. When you walk after some time, the tongue may sometimes sit incorrectly, thus exposing your feet. This is dangerous since your feet will be susceptible to external injury, e.g., when a rock falls on them. Fortunately, you can stretch this material to cover your feet fully.

The Insoles are Made of Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate (EVA) Foam

Besides rubber, EVA plays an important role in shock absorption. According to Aideastep, it absorbs more shock than rubber. Nevertheless, the wearer enjoys safety from foot injury caused by shock. When your foot lands on the foam, it compresses. After you lift your foot, the foam immediately resumes its shape. It resumes its shape to prevent your foot from staying too long on the surface after striking it.

Also, EVA provides stability to the wearer. When you move, your feet under the shoes also move. The foam keeps the feet in a certain position when you walk. Without the foam, your feet would move anyhow, and you would soon slip. Additionally, the material is lightweight. Once more, you will be able to move rapidly without experiencing much tiredness. These sneakers would thus be ideal for someone intending to run a marathon.

The Uppers Have Perforations

Some people think of perforations as visually appealing due to the pattern they resume. However, their primary role is not for aesthetic purposes. They provide more ventilation for your feet, and we have already established its importance. Besides allowing air into the shoes, they allow excess water to flow out. Excess water may get in when you step on a water body. The perforations are designed in an interesting way. For instance, they are able to drain excess water out of the shoe yet cannot allow water into your shoe.


One aspect of comfort overlooked is the lightness of shoes. It is not uncommon for people to complain about tiredness whenever they wear certain shoes. You no longer have to experience that feeling with the Air Jordan 1 Low "Dare to Fly" shoes. The manufacturers made every effort to make the shoe light so that you can participate in your favorite game with less tiredness. Besides comfort, the shoes are also durable since they are made from rubber and leather. The two materials may be overused in sneakers, but their durability is why they remain popular among shoe manufacturers.

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