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A Closer Look at The Air Jordan 1 “Chicago Reimagined”

Air Jordan 1 “Chicago Reimagined”

Back in 2015, Nike teamed up with Air Jordan to create the Chicago 1, a colorful high top shoe that fully celebrated the colors of the Chicago Bulls. It was a popular shoe, to say the least. As a matter of fact, it exceeded expected sales at every turn, selling out in short order. Today, it's almost impossible to find this particular type of sneaker and if you do find it, it's probably because you're purchasing it from a collector that knows just exactly how valuable it really is. Fortunately, you might be able to get your hands on something similar, even if you've given up your hopes and dreams of getting a sneaker from the original 2015 release. That's because Nike and Air Jordan have teamed up again to create the Air Jordan Chicago 1 Reimagined, a brand new twist on the original design. It’s something that definitely has collectors and shoe lovers alike talking. What makes this particular sneaker so special? Let's take a closer look and find out.

Using Color to Create a Work of Art

There's no doubt about it, Nike and Air Jordan definitely know how to work together in order to create something that is truly special. That's precisely what you have here, especially considering the way that the two collaborated to use color in order to create a sneaker that is much more than just a shoe, but also a genuine work of art. Again, it all starts with the iconic red and white design, but the shoe is designed in such a way that it looks different from most other high tops. It has some added support that goes over the top of the foot, which in turn makes the bottom portion of the shoe look relatively small in comparison. The end result is that you end up looking like you have a foot that is smaller than it probably is in reality, something that a lot of people consider beneficial. It's interesting to note how the company also utilizes the red color as it starts at the top of the shoe where the sneaker meets the ankle, then allows the red color to flow down toward the lower portions of the shoe, all the way to the bottom of each sole. Of course, the size of the shoes are done in the same off-white color that the original 2015 collaboration used. There's also a large black Nike symbol that is prominently placed on the sides. All in all, you have a shoe that looks very much like a retro design, yet it offers all of the modern-day comfort that you would expect from something made by Nike.

Old-School Looks with Modern Construction

When you first look at these shoes, you're probably going to be transported back to some place in your mind where you're playing varsity basketball against another team in high school or perhaps even college, as that is exactly what this shoe is designed to evoke. After all, it is a basketball shoe. As such, it would only make sense that it would bring back some memories of years that have long since passed, all while offering modern-day construction that incorporates all of the latest science about the way that shoes should be built around the wearer's feet. As you’ve probably come to expect from these types of shoes, the Air Jordan symbol is prominently featured just above the Nike symbol. The shoes also incorporates color blocking on the toes and a wider stance than most sneakers would ever dream of having. That's definitely a good thing if you constantly find yourself trying to force your feet into a pair of shoes that are far too narrow, only so you can end up with painful, pinched feet all day long. These shoes offer plenty of support and they can be used for walking around town or playing a rather intense game of basketball, but they also give your feet room to breathe and move around just enough so that they're not uncomfortable. It's actually fairly rare with any type of shoe that you find that delicate balance between fully supporting your foot and not compressing it into the shoe, but that is exactly what you will find here. Aside from the fact that it is a collaboration between Nike and Air Jordan and the way that it looks, this is the main reason that people are interested in purchasing these sneakers.

Get a Pair for Yourself

If you want a pair of these sneakers for yourself, you're going to have to wait a few months in order to get them. As a matter of fact, they're not even scheduled to drop until the 29th of October, later this year. When they do, you can almost bet that people will be at the ready in order to purchase them, so it would be a good idea not to wait around if you plan on getting a pair for yourself. When they drop, you'll be able to purchase them online or at most Nike stores. The selling price for the shoes is more than reasonable, starting at $180. Considering the fact that you're likely to pay far more than that for a pair of high-quality sneakers, it's almost unfathomable that you're actually getting a pair of Nike Air Jordans for this price. That's definitely good news, but it also means that they're likely to sell out even faster than they would have otherwise.

There's no doubt about it, people are anxiously awaiting this collaboration. As a matter of fact, a lot of people have been wishing for something like this since the first collaboration dropped seven years ago. For those who are truly fans of Nike and Air Jordan as well as some collectors, this is nothing short of a dream come true and it's something that fans can't wait to see become a reality.

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