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A Closer Look at the Jordan Granville Pro “Rattan”

Jordan Granville Pro “Rattan”

The Jordan Granville Pro “Rattan” sneaker is set to be released on 8th September via Nike at a retail price of $140. This silhouette’s upper comes in a colorway that Nike calls “Rattan.” The colorway contrasts with other neutral colors, like black on the sides and white on the midsole. The choice of neutral colorways makes this sneaker a versatile one. For casual purposes, you can wear them during a game or for taking walks along the beach. Additionally, you can pair up these sneakers with semi-formal outfits. Another reason this sneaker is versatile is due to its modest shape, which is like a cross between casual and official shoes. There is still a lot more to be said about these sneakers. Without further ado, here are other features you should know about them.

The Uppers are Made of Suede and Mesh

Some uppers of sneakers use one kind of material. However, there is a benefit of using more materials for the upper, like in this sneaker. We will begin by focusing on the merits of suede. Its significant advantage is its flexibility. The material can stretch as far as possible to mold your foot’s shape. According to Fashbes, when suede takes the shape of your foot, it helps reduce corns or irritation. Another crucial merit of suede is its breathability.

That means it provides ventilation to your feet. Ventilation aids in cooling your feet during a hot season, but its key role is eliminating sweat from your feet. By removing sweat from your feet, you will not need to worry about foot odor. Mesh is a lightweight material, hence making the entire sneaker light. By walking or running with light sneakers, you will feel less exhausted. That is because you will use minimal effort to lift the sneakers when you move. Besides reducing fatigue, the material helps to reduce pain around your feet.

Its Midsole is Equipped With Formula 23 Padding

The padding is inspired by the classic Air Jordan X model. That is evident when you see the sneaker’s engineered mesh upper and neoprene collar. This particular padding is generally lightweight, and we have established the importance of sneakers being lightweight. According to Wear Testers, its light weight can be attributed to the injection of Phylon foam, which is sometimes referred to as Twice Foam EVA.

The foam is made of EVA foam pellets that have been compressed, expanded, and then cooled into a mold. Besides making the sneakers light, the padding provides shock absorption. Whenever you run, walk or jump, your feet strike the ground. Since the feet hit the ground continually, there is a high chance you could experience injury or fatigue due to the shock generated. To minimize such problems, the foam absorbs the shock. This shock is then transferred to other body parts so that the feet do not bear the brunt of the shocks.

The Outsoles are Made of Rubber

Like the Formula 23 padding, rubber provides shock absorption. You already know the importance of absorbing shock, so we will instead focus on other benefits of rubber. First, it is non-slip, which means you can walk on slippery paths without worrying about slipping and falling. It reduces slips by providing a firm grip on the surface. Slipping may seem like a minor issue, but it can be pretty dangerous. According to Batson Nolan, some common injuries from slips and falls include broken bones, knees, and ankle injuries, chronic pain, facial injuries, etc.

Another benefit not to leave out about rubber is its ability to protect the wearer against burns. In case you accidentally step on some drops of hydrochloric acid or any other corrosive substance, the material will not melt, unlike plastic outsoles. It does not easily burn due to its extreme heat resistance. To be clear, it can withstand up to 300 degrees Celsius of heat without melting or buckling. Lastly, this material is durable, which means it will take a lot of effort to destroy it. Therefore, you can wear it for as long as you like and not need to worry about buying another pair of sneakers. Another aspect of its durability is that it is water-resistant. It can stay in the water for some time without getting damaged.

The Sneaker is Surrounded by Suede Mudguards

It is easy to distinguish suede from other materials due to its matte design. That explains why the mudguards are black. Due to the matte color, it makes it one of the best colors in terms of aesthetics. The aesthetic appeal is due to its glossy appearance. Although some people know mudguards as aesthetic tools, they serve an essential role in these sneakers. The mudguards protect the sneakers from mud or water. This usually occurs when a speeding vehicle moves past you and splashes your shoes. Without mudguards, the shoes become hard to clean since you would have to scrub them off with a brush. Since this sneaker has mudguards, you will find it easy to clean. All you would have to do is use a damp cloth to wipe off the dirt trapped by the mudguards.

The Tongue is Made of Mesh

Since the tongue sits directly on your feet, it made sense why the shoemakers used mesh since it is lightweight. Had the tongue been made from heavy material, it would press on your feet. As a result, lifting your foot while jumping or walking would be challenging. Another noteworthy feature of mesh is its elasticity. The tongue protects your foot from injury. To enjoy maximum protection, you can stretch it to cover nearly your entire foot. The beauty of the fabric is that you can stretch it without damaging it.


The release date is around the corner, so it would be best to get these sneakers as soon as possible. Perhaps, you could find its retail price expensive, but you will get value for your money. Since it is composed of durable materials, you do not need to worry about spending money to replace this sneaker. Also, it provides comfort, which means you will not feel pain or experience injury with this sneaker.

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