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A Closer Look at the $60,000 Air Jordan Silver Shoes

Air Jordan Silver

Air Jordan shoes have always been a hit among collectors. This is not only due to the iconic status of their namesake, but the vast array of shoes and designs that have been released. Jordans have always been among the first shoes to reach collectors, due solely to demand. Many these collectors got their first pair more than two decades ago and continued to grow their collections ever since. It is amazing what a large collection of Jordans can be worth, many have sold for millions over the last decade. Though, Jordans with the closest association to Michael Jordan are the shoes that sell the best at auction. Take, for example, a recent pair of game worn shoes that “sold for $190,373." But perhaps one of the most underrated rare pair of Jordans is the Air Jordan Silver Shoes, which recently “went for a whopping $60,000 during an auction.? The most impressive thing about these shoes is that their price tag is due to their design and limited release and not to Jordan using them in a game.

There are a few reasons that the Air Jordan Silver Shoes fetch so much money. In part, this is due to the uniqueness of the shoe. There were only 10 pairs of these shoes released when they were first introduced. The sneaker also had a design that was unlike anything else on the market. While Jordans are primarily known for performance, this pair also had a design that would make people comfortable walking in them day-to-day. This is, in part, why they were differentiated from other brands of Jordan shoes which were used exclusively by athletes. One of the reasons that the Jordan brand has grown is its ability to mix popular culture with athletics. The Air Jordan Silver Shoe is a great example of both practical wear and athletic durability. But when it comes to sneaker prices that are this high, there always needs to be a story behind the shoe.

Another reason that the Air Jordan Silver Shoes were able to reach the $60,000 price tag was the history of the shoe. In fact, Jordan himself had actually received the shoes as a “gift from his wife on his 32nd birthday." This, coupled with the fact that only 10 pairs of the shoes were released, made them a collector’s dream. It is rare to have a piece of memorabilia that has such an intimate place in a superstar’s life. This intimacy is part of what drives the price tag so high. The owner of this pair of shoes owns a piece of Michael Jordan’s personal history. This is not the case with almost any other Jordan memorabilia. Anyone who watched the incredible Chicago Bulls teams of the 1990s will get a feeling of incredible nostalgia when looking at these shoes. This will likely continue to drive the value up for years and decades to come. Nostalgia is something that people are willing to pay big money for, particularly because many adults now desire to go back to their youth. As long as you own a piece of Jordan history, you own a piece of the mind of millions of fans. These are the kinds of items that only continue to go up in value.

Another aspect of the shoe that is interesting of is the material that the shoe is made out of. Air Jordan Silver Shoes have their name for a reason. This is because the original model “was plated with handcrafted sterling silver” before they were presented to Michael Jordan. These shoes marked an important part of Jordan’s career. He had already become a renowned superstar by the time of their release, but was still looking for a pair of shoes to help certify his design legacy. Though Jordan is widely regarded as the greatest basketball player of all time, he wanted to put his personal touch on his shoe designs as well. The Silver Shoes were an opportunity to give the fans authentic insight into his life. The jewelry and other acclamations could not take away from the versatility of the sneaker. The same was true for the man himself. Though he had received much status and recognition for his role as a basketball player, Jordan wanted to continue to “expand his business empire."

One of the important aspects of this shoe that drove the $60,000 price tag was that the pair was personally signed by Jordan himself. This is a part of the history of the shoe that is often overlooked. In some ways the Air Jordan Silver Shoes were the ultimate piece of Jordan history. Between the story, the design, the jewelry, and the signature, there is nothing on the market that has such a celebrated history. It is no surprise that the shoes went for $60,000. It is also probable that they would fetch more money in today's heated memorabilia market. This is an important lesson for any would-be Jordan collector: go against the market to get the best prices. The truth is that Michael Jordan captivated all of us, which is why it is important to buy Jordan memorabilia that can take the purchaser back to that time and place. There are millions of adults who were only children when Jordan was dominating the basketball arena. Now that they have incomes themselves, they are willing to pay top dollar for Jordan memorabilia. If you’re considering going into the business, then remember that you’re ultimately paying for emotions.

Overall, not many people realize how valuable a shoe can be. This is why the Air Jordan Silver Shoe is so important to Jordan collectors. Between the shoe’s dynamic personal history with Jordan and the custom signature, this is one of the best artifacts that anyone could possibly add to their collection. You might have to shell out some big bucks for a product like this, but it is worth it. To own this shoe is to own a piece of personal history from the greatest of all time. In order to afford these shoes, you might have to put in a few extra hours or wait for an economic downturn. Either way, if you are able to get your hands on a pair of these then you will be proud to know that you own a unique piece of basketball history.

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