A Closer Look at the Nike Men’s Air Precision High-Top Basketball Shoe

Nike Men's AIr Precision High Top

Serious athletes know the value of wearing precision basketball shoes made specifically for the demands and requirements of the sport. The Nike Men’s Air Precision High-Top Basketball Shoe is one such model that provides players with the support and responsiveness that is requisite for peak performance and improved moves on the court. This is indeed a very special model but what makes these sneakers so special? To fully understand the benefits we must take a closer look at the features of the Air Precision and the attributes that contribute to the ability to play your best possible game.

Special features

There are a few special features which sett this sneaker apart from most other models. The first is its dynamic fit webbing system which gives you the ultimate in control of the feet for stopping on a dime and precision pivots. Land from jumps with confidence thanks to the specialized rubber outsole which has been removed ot expose the shank at the midfoot for a side wrapping effect that contributes to enhanced grip and greater traction when turning. This gives you firm grp during rotation on the court as well as on other surfaces. The outsole grips are low profile and durable and the midfoot shank is internal and is complemented with phylon material for the midsole that adds comfort and support in addition to the intense control factor. The fit is customizable through the lace up system and the midfoot lockdown thanks to the webbing system. The collar and tongue are both padded and the lining of the shoes is made of soft fabric for a comfortable feeling. The heel cushions consist of the Nike Air unit for maximum ankle support and Nike added plush foam pads for maximum comfort. The shoe is styled with a round toe and features breathable mesh material for the upper to help keep your feet dry and comfortable, providing good airflow to cut down on overheating as well.

Consumer and expert reviews of the Nike Men’s Air Precision High Top Basketball Shoe

According to Runrepeat’s consumer and expert reviews, This sneaker has received impressively high marks from both basketball players and an expert who chimed in with an opinion. There were 212 users who give the sneaker a cumulative score of 4.6 out of a possible 5 stars and 1 expert gives it an 8 out of 10 for quality and performance. As with any consumer product, there are pros and cons, but the Air Precision reviews show that there are 9 positive attributes versus just 4 drawbacks cited by the reviewers. One plus is that people who need extra support through ankle braces have no issues wearing the hardware with these shoes. This shoe is also good for indoor and outdoor use, it offers a remarkably grippy outsole that lends the maximum in control on the courts, and there is an ideal balance of padding for comfort in pressure point areas of the foot. The materials used to make these shoes is lightweight, reducing ankle and calf fatigue and the placement of the padding and design/construction makes the sneakers highly supportive. The mesh fabric is highly breathable which provides excellent ventilation and air flow to the toes and feet. To the rear of the ankle collar, there is a lower than average cut on this model which some users comment upon beaus it increases their mobility without sacrificing support or control. The height of the ankle collar makes it comfortable to wear these sneakers and they are also easy to take off. The design was well thought out. We were impressed with the positive remarks that people who have actually purchased and have worn these shoes made about their excellent design, construction and performance. We now take a look at the consumer comments related to the accolades the sneakers received for their performance.

Performance of the Air Precision high-top

There are some wearers who were not pleased with the torsional rigidity of the internal midfoot shank but overall, this is a feature that serious basketball players truly appreciate because of the precision control that it affords. This shoe is made to provide total accommodation for heavy landings and fast cuts without the distraction of a sloppy fit, thanks to their firmness. The Nike air unit placed at the heel gives extra absorption of shock from the impacts of hard landings. The technologies behind this shoe implement an inner bootie that runs half-length, giving you the fit and feel of a sock. The midfoot is contained with the dynamic fit webbing system which is unique to this model. The ankle and malleolus is padded with plush foam for extra cushiony comfort, which many feels makes up for the rigid construction.

Final thoughts

The Nike Men’s Air Precision High Top Basketball shoes may not be the first choice of all basketball players, but those who prefer to have a dual function shoe that is great for everyday use along with the attributes which enhance court action with their ultra responsiveness and lightweight, give this sneaker high marks in consumer reviews. The mesh upper, fabric lining, phylon midsole and uniquely designed rubber outsole combine together to make a precision court shoe for basketball players. This is one of the most highly rated dual purpose sneakers is Nike’s high top models which were made with players in mind. Nike has put a great deal of thought into the design and construction of this sneaker. They’ve kept the pricing of these sneakers at a reasonable MSRP, which makes them one of the most popular models on Nike’s realm of the sneaker market today.

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