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A Closer Look at The Nike Air Max Scorpion

Continuing to expand its iconic Air Max line, the leading sportswear brand, Nike, is now set to release the Nike Air Max Scorpion. Based on the leaked images of this sneaker, it features the same Air VaporMax sneaker design with one-piece Flyknit uppers displaying a wide array of textures. Other amazing details in the shoe are presented in the form of well-stitched Swooshes and functional Flywire heel tabs. One notable feature in the Nike Air Max Scorpion is sizeable full-length upgraded Air Max soles that are described as exploiting Nike's Air Max to offer tomorrow's shoe comfort today. According to Nicekicks, Nike's Air Max line is best known for designing sneakers that are uniquely futuristic and disruptive. For example, the Air Max 2090 has about 200 percent more Air than the OG Air Max 90, making the wearer feel like they are walking on Air. With the highly anticipated release of the Nike Air Max Scorpion, it will be considered one of Nike's most air-filled, chunky sneakers to be released. In this post, we will take a closer look at the Nike Air Max Scorpion.


As of 2022, Nike is gearing up to release another classic silhouette, which is centered on the legendary Air Max category—paying homage to some of the brand's best-selling shoe designs, including the Air Max 90, Air Max 95, and the Air Max Plus, the Nike Air Max Scorpion ushers in a new sleek sneaker design and comfort to the Air Max family. The most notable feature of the Nike Air Max Scorpion is the highly stacked platform-like sole unit design that perfectly covers the bottom of the sneaker in a way that has never been included in any previous Nike-designed shoe. Although Nike has not released any exact measurement of the Scorpion's sole, it is assumed to be an elevation of around two centimeters for the heel part. The main idea behind this bulbous, heavy air-bubble sole construction was to increase the wearer's comfort in the same fantastic way other Nike Air Max sneakers do. The newly-unleashed Nike Air Max Scorpion is expected to continue the Nike Air VaporMax shoe design with the inclusion of a reinforced functional Flywire, well-stitched Swooshes, and one-piece Flyknit upper, and an upgraded full-length Air Max heel tab. The Nike Air Max Scorpion is expected to go on sale in September, but no official communication of the sneaker's price has yet to be released.

Product Description

Nike has once again caught the eye of the public with the anticipated release of the Air Max Scorpion. This new sneaker model features the same VaporMax design cues, thus, making the wearer's foot sit above the highly stacked midsole unit. To ensure user stability while walking, the sneaker comes with a rubber traction outsole designed with additional treads on the heel and forefoot. The Nike Air Max Scorpion draws some similarities to the Nike Air VaporMax design thanks to the highly stacked platform-like sole unit design. The sneaker is perfectly highlighted by a Flyknit upper decorated with a well-stitched Swoosh on the toe and heel. Nike is famously known for designing iconic silhouettes, but their Air Max collection is arguably their standout category. This is mainly attributed to the release of iconic silhouettes such as Air Max 90, Air Max Plus, Air VaporMax, Air Max 95, and the upcoming Nike Air Max Scorpion. The Nike Air Max Scorpion is particularly special as it features a full-length thick Air Max sole unit, which Nike describes as bringing "Tomorrow's comfort today." Other notable features in the upcoming Nike Air Max Scorpion include a flexible Flyknit upper, reinforced functional Flywire, and a well-stitched Swoosh pushed back to the toe and heel. The sneaker will be available in a Black-Light/Phantom Cream-Lemon Wash color palette that perfectly highlights the shoe's sleek design. The Air Max Scorpion ushers in a new Nike sneaker design with its extended, platform-like sole design that gives the shoe a stacked appearance. According to Highsnobiety, there are some reports that Nike is planning to continue developing and expanding its Air Max category while still maintaining its iconic history.

Nike Air Max Scorpion Official Release Date

The Nike Air Scorpion is expected to make its first debut in September 2022, but there are reports that the official release date might be changed. Based on the leaked images of the upcoming Air Max Scorpion, it is evident that the sneaker will feature the same unique design as the Air VaporMax. This primarily includes a thick, full-length Nike Air Max sole unit that the brand claims to use enhanced Air. The Air Max Scorpion also features a Flyknit upper with a perfectly-stitched Swoosh moved back to the sneaker's rear, a yellow heel tab, and the signature Nike branding on the toes and tongue. According to Sneakernews, the Nike Air Max Scorpion will only be available for sale at and selected Nike retailers.

Bottom Line

The release of the Nike Air Max Scorpion marks the 35th anniversary of the iconic sportswear brand Nike. At first glance, the Scorpion might be confused with the VaporMax, which is popularly known for its oversized sole unit. The sneaker also features a black Swoosh logo stitched in horizontal lines that make their way into the white midsole. 2022 will usher in a new era for the Nike Air Max model with the release of the Nike Air Max Scorpion. This iconic pair comes with similar designs as the Air VaporMax, which features a thick, full-length platform-like Air Max sole unit. It is believed that this sole has been increased to about two centimeters taller than VaporMax, thus, making the sneaker's wearer seem taller. The Air Max Scorpion also comes with its unique signature designs that include; a flexible beige Flyknit upper, functional Flywire, and a stitched Swoosh on the lateral side of the shoe. Highlighting the shoe's unique features is a Phantom/Black-Light Cream-Lemon colorway. As mentioned earlier, the Air Max Scorpion is expected to be released in 2022 in mid-September.

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