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A Closer Look at The Jordan Two Trey "Bred"

Jordan Two Trey Bred

The world will probably never get enough of Air Jordan Retros, and the brand is more than happy to keep updating its old models for the modern sneakerhead. The latest offering from this front is a hybrid silhouette dubbed the Jordan Two Trey. Following in the literal footprints of the 6 Rings and Spizike, this freshly-surfaced silhouette adopts design attributes from several sneakers in Michael Jordan's signature sneaker lineup. While only time will tell how fans respond to the Jordan Two Trey "Bred," its future is promising. Let's take a closer look at its features.


The Jordan Brand is famous for its tendency to fuse two or more classic Air Jordans together to come up with modern models. This practice has received both positive and negative receptions from lifestyle sneakerheads. For example, fans went crazy for releases like 6 Rings, Spizike, and Dub Zero, while the Sixty Plus, True Flight, and Mars 270 were more divisive. In its latest effort, Jordan has released a new hybrid: The Jordan Two Trey. This latest model's name is inspired by Michael Jordan's jersey number, while its design borrows from the seven sneakers he wore during his six NBA Championship wins. The initial offering was unveiled in a 'Concord' colorway that is reminiscent of the 'Bred' Air Jordan 11 but with Purple accents that resemble the blocking seen in the "Raptors" Air Jordan 7. The sneaker features patent leather mudguards and a fresh combination of mesh and leather. The tongues boast of Air Jordan 11-inspired branding, and the heel tabs give a salute to Michael Jordan's NBA wins.

Release and Reception

Jordan Brand released the Air Jordan 1 'Patent Bred' on December 30, 2021, to a positive reception. The company had so far had a great year with the release of its stacked Holiday 2021 catalog and releasing the 'Patent Bred' only capped off this success. Inspired by Michael Jordan's iconic sneaker collection, the Patent Bred is a remix of the original sneaker worn by Jordan in 1985. It stays true to the brand's color-blocking tradition but features a shiny patent finish in place of the tumbled leather. Of all of Jordan Brand's colorways, the Bred Air Jordan 1 is possibly the most coveted. The combination of red and black is a source of nostalgia for basketball and sneaker fans. Additionally, this iconic colorway is displayed across a full patent leather aesthetic with a red rubber outsole and white rubber midsole. There is nothing not to love about it, and Jordan Brand fans definitely think so.


The design of the Jordan Two Trey "Bred" is a perfect blend of classic and modern – the epitome of retro sneaker aesthetic. The upper is made of suede and comes in grey and black tones, while the tongue and side paneling are covered by a white cage. Moreover, Jordan Brand has added translucent accents to this sneaker and graced the tongue with red Jumpman branding. The look is brought together seamlessly by the cream, grey, and black midsole with an 'AIR' inscription on the lateral side and a red rubber outsole that screams 'Bred.' Although the original Air Jordan 1 Mid 'Bred' followed the red and black color scheme of the 1985 original to the letter, this new silhouette shakes things up a little. The aesthetic features a rich combination of black, red, and white shades that is more reminiscent of modern iterations like the Air Jordan 1 'Heritage' than the original. Jordan Brand has slathered every white part of the shoe's upper with text, specifically the word 'Black' written in black print. In the same spirit, every black part features the word 'Red' in red print. For those sneakerheads that think this is too bold, the brand calms the design down with ball-and-wings logos and unadorned tongues in all black. The lateral sides are also relatively simple, displaying a 'Black+Red=Bred' graphic that brings all the colors together perfectly. The sneaker is genuinely breathtaking.


The Two Trey combines design elements from the Air Jordan 14, 13, 12, 11, 8, 7, and 6 and comes in several colorways that have set the sneaker world ablaze. Currently, Jordan Brand has scheduled the sneaker for Bred and Concord colorways, as well as a version drawing inspiration from the Air Jordan 7 Raptors. The Bred colorway is likely the most iconic and anticipated of these designs. It features a patent leather upper, dark black mesh, and red and purple accents. The Bred design aside, however, the Two Trey will also be available in a Concord colorway. This option combines rich black patent leather and white mesh – a clear nod to the Air Jordan 11 'Concord.' Additionally, it features some purple details, almost like those found in the Bred colorway. Both colorways acknowledge the Air Jordan 6 in the quarter panels, and the collar is inspired by the Air Jordan 7. The tongues are a mix of the Air Jordan 8 – the circular badge – and the Air Jordan 13 in terms of shape. You can see traces of the Air Jordan 12 in the overall shape of the sneaker's toe. The lower half of these sneakers also draws inspiration from previous models. The tone and shape are derived from the Air Jordan 11 and Air Jordan 12. The outsole will remind you of the Air Jordan 7 and Air Jordan 14.

Price and Availability

The Jordan Brand will be releasing the Jordan Two Trey 'Bred' in 2022 alongside the 'Concord' colorway. The show was released through select online and in-store Jordan Brand retailers and Nike. Offered in full-family sizing, a pair of men's sneakers will sell at $155.


Michael Jordan's sneaker catalog – featuring the sneakers he wore during his six iconic NBA championship wins – contains perhaps the most historic silhouettes ever to grace the sneaker world. In 2022, Jordan Brand blended several silhouettes from this lineup to develop a worthy successor in a classic colorway, the Jordan Two Trey "Bred." The jury is still out on this one, but so far, all the indications – design, colorway, and fit – point to a winning modern sneaker.

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