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Why The Nike SB Dunk Low Street Hawker is So Expensive

Nike SB Dunk Low Street Hawker

The Nike SB Dunk Low Street Hawker sneakers were designed by a Guangzhou-based artist called Jason Deng. This brand pays homage to Chinese street vendors. Unlike most shoe designers, Jason did not make his sneakers multi-colored for the sake of it. The shoe colors represent six Chinese cuisines from six different Chinese cities. For instance, the beige represents flour-based dishes while yellow represents cooking oils. It is incredible the efforts Jason made to represent a country's culture, something few designers have done. As of 2021, these sneakers were retailing at $110. For the average buyer, you must be wondering why they are so expensive. Are the colors enough to justify the high price? Perhaps, but here are other features that make them so expensive.

They are Comfortable

The sneakers' midsoles contain dense cushioning. Cushioning needs to be dense to absorb shock from running, walking, or jumping. So even if you were to stomp on a pebble accidentally, you wouldn't feel much pain. Besides the cushioning acting as shock absorbers, they relax your feet by raising them at a certain angle. Shoes need to be comfortable while you slide your feet in. That usually depends on the shoe's tongue and its upper portions. Also, these shoe parts require soft padding. It would have been difficult to slide your feet in them if they did not have any. Thankfully, the sneakers contain soft paddings.

They Can Be Paired With Many Outfits

It is disheartening when some sneakers can only be paired with certain clothes. For instance, if you had green shoes, you would likely match them with a green shirt or green trousers. What about if you had a red outfit on? You would have to abandon the green shoes and look for red shoes. Fortunately, you can wear a casual outfit of any color with these multi-colored sneakers. Some of the colors of these sneakers include: green, grey, red, brown, yellow, white and so on. So whether you want to wear a brown or red outfit, you can, since the colors are in the sneakers. Besides matching your outfits, ladies can wear these sneakers to tone down their sexiness. Let's face it; ladies sometimes get tired of stilettos because of the unwanted attention they may get from others. Additionally, they tire the feet after a while. The idea of wearing these sneakers with a robe seems laughable, yet they can work very well. Actresses like Emily Blunt and Katie Holmes have successfully done so. Once again, you can pair these sneakers with a dress of any color.

They are Durable

What do you consider terrible shoes? Shoes that allow in water? How about sneakers with worn-out outsoles? It is frustrating to buy shoes that end up with such problems. To make things worse, you may even have purchased them expensively. Despite these sneakers being expensive, you will not need to experience these problems. The sneakers have been manufactured with a combination of tough materials such as suede and leather. For instance, leather is elastic. It does not matter how huge your feet are. These shoes have good flex since they will stretch to accommodate the shape of your feet. So, you will not have to be concerned about your shoes tearing off due to their stretching. A sure sign your shoes are not durable is when they begin to discolor. That usually happens when they have been soaked in water for some time. For these sneakers to avoid losing their colors, the manufacturers tan the leather. If they did not, water would penetrate through it.

Nike Has Expenses to Cover

You will hardly believe the expenses the company has to pay for. First, the company has to purchase the leather from farmers. Then, after that, they need to take the leather to manufacturers. So, the company will have to pay the factory workers. Then, when the sneakers reach the shop, the retailers also require a share of the money when they sell. Lastly, Nike has to pay advertising fees to television or internet networks to convince people to buy the shoes. If you calculate the costs the company spends, it can amount to millions of dollars. The company has to recover this money, but with profits. So, if you are a buyer, you will be tempted to consider the company greedy. After all, you will deem it pointless to spend hundreds of dollars on sneakers. Always remember many workers worked on this brand hence need to be compensated.

The Law of Demand and Supply

Many people wear these sneakers for different occasions, for instance, at home or work. However, you will notice that a certain demographic is likely to want this brand of sneakers more than others. So naturally, that group would be the athletes. Athletes prefer these sneakers for various reasons. For instance, their midsoles contain cushioning, which are good shock absorbers. That means when they run, they will not feel the impact on their feet from running. Also, it is not uncommon for athletes to experience foot injuries while running. It typically happens when the shoes lack proper heel support. Imagine how embarrassing it is for an athlete to experience heel injuries while they are about to win a marathon. Once again, these sneakers' cushioning prevent such instances. The cushioning positions your feet in an upright way, hence minimizing any injuries. Happy with how feet-friendly this brand is, it is no wonder athletes will flock into shops for them. When Nike realizes that many athletes flock to shops for the sneakers, they will have to sell them at a higher price. Going by the high cost, athletes must buy them a lot.


Is Nike justified in selling the Nike SB Dunk Low Street Hawker expensively? Most people would still feel that they are unjustified in doing so. However, it is understandable since buyers strive to save by paying less for a certain item. Also, some companies sell their items expensively out of greed. Despite these sneakers being expensive, you will get value for your money. Not only are they comfortable, but they are also durable. Also, the company has to recover the money it spends manufacturing the sneakers.

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