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A Closer Look at the $40,000 Air Jordan 11 "Jeter"

Air Jordan 11 ‘Jeter’

Derek Jeter has enjoyed a long and successful career with the New York Yankees. When the time came for him to retire he had made some fairly significant contributions to the team and he also drew a crowd of adoring fans who had grown accustomed to cheering him on and with his departure from the game, there would be something missing, but there was more reason to celebrate than to mourn. In honor of his career and to celebrate the successes his well-earned retirement, an exclusive sneaker was designed specifically for the occasion, called the Air Jordan 11 "Jeter." There was no doubt who it was meant to celebrate with the navy suede upper and his memorable player number of "2" placed upon the heels of the sneakers, it was a thoughtful gesture and one that fans of both Jeter and the Air Jordan 11 model would come to appreciate as collectors clamored for ownership of the rare pair of size 12s that retailed for $40,000.

Understanding what makes this shoe so valuable

There are several different models and special releases of Air Jordan sneakers which have become highly prized collector's items, going for up to more than $100,000 per pair such as Michael Jordan's Flu model. What makes each pair of these high priced editions in such high demand? The first element is in the rarity of the shoe. Mass production has a tendency to drive down the value while those which are crafted in a limited number of examples are the ones which often climb to the highest in value. The second is the history of the shoe or the story behind it. These truly are the main factors in creating both inherent value which is translated into reality as enthusiasts set the value by outbidding one another in heated auctions for one of a kind editions, or at least those which are nearly impossible to find. is making a call out to anyone who just happens to have a pair of Air Jordan 11s in the Derek Jeter edition to get in touch because there is a call for the shoes by a demanding public, but are they really willing to pay the high price for them? They had a pair which is offered for $40,000 and they're anxious to acquire a few more. It's the equivalent of announcing that there aren't enough available to meet the current demand, and this is an indication that the $40,000 sneakers are likely to increase in value as the available supplies dwindle yet further. These consignment type vendors stand to make a tidy profit on selling commissions but the owners may also reap the benefits, when they can bear to part with their collectibles. The greater question to be pondered is are the shoes really being purchased for $40K or is this just their asking price. We know that there has been a lot of hype surrounding these rare finds, but it's tough to get any real feedback that supports the price that's being asked so far.

How limited is the edition?

The rarity of a collectible sneaker is totally dependent on the number of examples which were made and released into circulation. In the case of the Air Joran 11 Derek Jeter Edition, there were only five pairs made. What this means for sneakerheads as well as serious collectors is that the odds of finding a pair are getting slimmer all the time. There are two pair which are known to still exist and one of them is consigned at the Stadium Goods consignment vendor for $40,000 and another is offered for the price tag of $50,000. So far, we've yet to hear if they've sold for the asking price yet and 3 of the 5 are on consignment.

A suitable replacement

For most of us, $40,000 is a high price to pay for a pair of sneakers regardless of their history or collectible status, but there is a solution for you who have fallen in love with the Derek Jeter Air Jordan 11 sneakers which are a little out of the average American's price range. The Air Jordan line offers for retail sale, the near kinsmen of the Jeter, which is similar and offered in a low top platform. This is the Grey Suede version of the Air Jordan 11 Retro. It was released in December of 2017 and offered for a manufacturer's selling retail price of $400 per pair which is a tenth of the $40K for the more rare sneakers. There is a larger production run available but if you can get them at the suggested retail selling price, you're one of the lucky ones. Sure, there are a few merchants who offer them for this price, but they've been known to go for as high as $600 to $700 per pair. Although there's nothing particularly rare about them and they're grey instead of blue, it's been suggested for under $5 you can pick up some suede dye in a navy blue color and have something that is close.

Final thoughts

Once again, there is an ultra-rare collection of Air Jordan special edition shoes that have been made in such a limited number production that it's nearly impossible to find a pair and when you do, the price is far too high to make ownership practical. Still, we must admire these highly prized collectibles. Although there are some who place a high value on them, we have yet to receive confirmation of a single pair really selling for $40,000. We do know that the retro shoes are selling for more than their original asking price by $200 to $300 per pair but it remains to be seen if the three out of five pair of the legitimately ultra-rare Air Jordan 11 Jeters will find new homes for their current asking prices. The true value of any collectible is established by the price that others are willing to pay for them.

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