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The Five Best Pairs of Snakeskin Sneakers Out Today

If 2020 was the year for anything, it was comfort. Who wanted to squeeze their feet into something tight and uncomfortable when there was a global pandemic going on? With huge numbers of us barred from the workplace and forced to set up office in our homes, sneakers became the go-to choice of footwear. Fortunately for those of us who aren't prepared to sacrifice comfort for style, the craze doesn't seem to be in danger of going anywhere soon. But who says sneakers can't be as stylish as dress shoes? Comfort doesn't have to come at the cost of chic, as an ever-growing number of brands are proving. Over the past two decades, a new wave of footwear designers has swept the market. Thanks to them, we've been re-introduced to old-time favorites like the Dad sneaker and logoed kicks. We've welcomed very 21st-century additions like the sock sneaker. And we've said a big hello to snakeskin. Even if you're not usually a fan of animal prints, the new bunch of snakeskin sneakers on the market are guaranteed to convert you. Not convinced? Then check out our pick of the 5 best pairs of snakeskin sneakers available today.

1. P448 Star Ice Python Sneakers

P448 is an Italian footwear brand that pairs innovative eclecticism with meticulous attention to detail. Its collection of sneakers is the epitome of luxurious cool. By combining elements of street and pop culture with the traditional values of Italian craftsmanship, it's managed to create a line of footwear that's heaven for sneakerheads. As The Motherchic writes, its styles vary from sweet to edgy and everything in between. We've fallen hard and fast for all of P448's designs, but there's something extra special about the Star Ice Python. The High-Top Star sneaker was the very first sneaker ever designed by P448. In fact, the first prototype was made before the brand had even launched. With a history like that, you'd expect a lot. Fortunately, that's exactly what you get. The classic high-top silhouette is bought bang up to date with a minimal, clean design. A multicolor python skin pattern adorns the leather upper, providing the perfect contrast to the grey coconut tongue and toe. A side zip closure allows for easy on-off. The provenance of the sneakers can be seen via the brand key design motifs on the tongue and the embossed logo. A contrasting heel features a herringbone tread inset with the signature 'You Can Surf Later' detail. Easy wearability is guaranteed thanks to the addition of a cushioned footbed for maximum comfort. A textile lining offers excellent breathability. If you want to inject some instant cool into your footwear collection, these are the sneakers for you.

2. Superga 2790 Synthsnakew Taupe Snake Sneakers

Superga has been around for a long time - since 1911, to be exact. A favorite with off duty celebs, royalty, and anyone with an eye for quality and a hankering for comfort, it's a brand that's become synonymous with understated elegance. The Superga 2790 Synthsnakew Taupe Snake Sneaker is the perfect example of what makes Superga such a coveted brand. A 1 inch crepe textured platform sole gives a little boost to your height without sacrificing comfort. The snake-embossed faux-leather upper makes a statement while still being low key. A cushioned footbed guarantees comfort with every stride while a textile lining promises to keep your feet fresh all day long. A lace-up front closure ensures an adjustable fit.

3. Sam Edelman Ethyl Low Top Sneakers

Sam Edelman is a brand that's captured the market in big, bold shoes. If you want to stand out from the crowd, you're going to love its collection. Packed with floral prints, animal prints, velvets, metallics, and glitter, it's perfect for anyone who likes their feet to do all the talking. The Ethyl Low Top Sneaker encapsulates everything that's great about the brand. They're laid back but bold; casual yet crisp. The snakeskin uppers add drama to an otherwise simple style. The low profile silhouette is the height of versatility, pairing as easily with smart outfits as with casual ones. A lace-up front closure allows for an adjustable fit. A 1-inch sole adds a great little boost to your height. The comfort is as notable as the style. Thanks to just the right amount of cushioning and padding, you're guaranteed comfort from dawn to dusk. If you want a pair of sneakers that are both trend-forward and timeless, you're going to love them.

4. Keds for Kate Spade New York Double Decker KS Snake Leather Sneakers

As the official Kate Spade website says, the Keds x Kate Spade New York project began with one mission in mind: to create the perfect sneaker. Ambitious though the aim was, they achieved it. The Keds x Kate Spade New York collection offers everything from platform lace-up designer keds to skater-style slip-ons and kids designer sneakers. Of all its designs, the Double Decker KS Snake Leather Sneaker is possibly one of the most fabulous. Built around the classic Double Decker silhouette, the sneakers feature a future-forward snake pattern set against a sophisticated neutral colorway. The skater-style slip-on design offers incredibly easy on-off. Comfort is assured thanks to a fantastically supportive Dream Foam footbed. A rubber outsole offers excellent traction on even the slipperiest of surfaces.

5. Golden Goose Super-Star Sneakers with Snakeskin Print Inserts

As writes, Golden Goose's flagship products are Italian-made sneakers with the breaking-in done for you. Forget crisp, pristine kicks: Golden Goose sneakers have turned scruffy into a style statement. The Super-Star Sneakers with Snakeskin Print Inserts illustrate exactly why Golden Goose has become one of the most coveted brands of the last ten years, not to mention why people are happy to shell out $500 plus on a pair of its sneakers. Featuring white leather snake-effect trim uppers with a deliberately distressed finish, they're the epitome of laid back chic. A lace-up front fastening, a logo patch at the tongue, a side zip fastening, and decorative perforations complete the look. As you'd expect from Golden Goose, the quality of the materials is beyond fault: the uppers are made from a combination of cowhide leather and goatskin leather, the lining is a breathable combination of 60% cowhide leather and 40% cotton, and the sole is 100% rubber. For lovers of the vintage look, they're a must-have.

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