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The Five Best Pairs of Lanvin Sneakers for Men

Lanvin Nylon Bumpr Sneaker

The idea that sneakers are just for the gym is well and truly dead. In the last decade, sneakers have had a makeover. For every pair of basic kicks, there's now a super-luxe version that can be worn just as easily with a suit as it can with jeans and a t-shirt. Wear them to the office, for date night, or to the bar - these days, there are precious few occasions where a pair of kicks won't pass muster. Spearheading the change are the likes of Prada, Gucci, and Dior, all of whom have taken up the call for premium, sophisticated sneakers and responded with footwear that promises to be all things to all people. But for discerning gents looking to step away from their trusty Adidas's and introduce some refinement to their footwear collection, there's one name, in particular, that's become the height of desirability - Lanvin. The French fashion house has injected a huge shot of Parisian spirit into the footwear market, and the results are epic. Whether you pay homage to the 1970s with a colorful pair of chunky Bumprs, go low key and simple with a cap toe low top, or keep it street with a pair of Clay high tops, there's a pair of Lanvin sneakers to suit every taste and occasion. Although possibly not every budget... with each pair costing roughly what most of us spend per month on groceries, Lanvin sneakers aren't the most budget-friendly. But that doesn't make them any less desirable. If you're ready to get in on the action, check out our pick of the five best pairs of Lanvin sneakers for men. Credit card at the ready!

Cap-Toe Suede and Patent-Leather Sneakers

1. Cap-Toe Suede and Patent-Leather Sneakers

If there's one Lanvin sneaker above all others that's captured the heart of sneakerheads, it's the Cap-Toe Suede and Patent-Leather Sneakers. As notes, they've become the epitome of 'business casual,' as capable of being dressed up as they are down. Described by the publication as 'ideal for dipping your toe into the dress code-spanning world of sneakers,' the sneaker features soft, black suede uppers, glossy patent leather toecaps, and matte-leather trims. As per, the fat rubber soles, flat toes, low profile, big laces, metal eyelets and big tongues of the sneakers can all be traced to the very first plimsoll ever made by The Liverpool Rubber Company in the 1830s. It's the same style that's exhibited on the likes of Adidas Superstars, Converse All-Stars, and Keds. Essentially, it's a style we know, we love, and that we never seem to lose our taste for.

2. Lanvin Low-Top Sneaker with Contrast Heel

When you think Silicon Valley, you don't necessarily think of sharp styles and fashion-forward looks. This is the land of the 'start-up uniform,' a place of jeans and t-shirts, hoodies and denim. It's a place where casual reigns supreme and sneakers hold high court. But over the past couple of years, the dynamic has changed. The sneakers are still there, but these days, they're smart. And nine times out of ten, they're Lanvin. Simply put, Silicon Valley is obsessed with Lanvin sneakers. So says Business Insider and so says Silicon Valley itself. As Kevin Systrom, CEO of Instagram, told The Wall Street Journal, "I'm a sucker for Lanvin sneakers. ... It's hard to find a day where I'm not wearing them." And he's clearly not the only one. Both Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai and Google guru Larry Page have both been spotted in Lanvin's Low-Top Sneaker with Contrast Heel on numerous occasions, as have multiple other members of the community. It's little wonder, really. Ticking every box on the 'athleisure' checklist, the sneakers somehow manage to make that most maligned of concepts, 'smart casual', look good. Featuring a matte tonal cap toe, a contrast heel, lace-up front and padded tongue and ankle, these calfskin leather beauties deserve a place in every discerning gent's footwear collection.

Lanvin Leather DBB1 Sneakers

3. Lanvin Leather DBB1 Sneakers

If you want a sneaker that has it all, look no further than the Lanvin Leather DBB1 Sneakers. With just the right touch of formality for you to get away with wearing them to the office (providing your office veers towards the 'creative' side) but simple enough to be worn casually, it's hard to think of an event or an occasion where you couldn't wear them. Classic yet casual, contemporary yet timeless, they're the go-anywhere, do-anything sneaker that every closet needs. Crafted from premium grained calfskin leather and featuring tone-on-tone topstitching and laces, a durable rubber sole, and enough little innovative flourishes and stylish touches to keep just about anyone happy, they're a must-buy.

Lanvin Leather Clay High-Top Sneakers

4. Lanvin Leather Clay High-Top Sneakers

If you want to introduce some classic cool into your wardrobe, look no further than Lanvin's Leather Clay High-Top Sneakers. Built around the famous high-top silhouette but featuring enough innovative details to take the iconic style in a new direction, these are a stunning pair of kicks that promise to elevate your footwear collection to all new heights of glory. Made from a premium blend of calfskin leather and mesh, the sneakers feature a bold graphic design with a contrasting “JL” logo detail and a padded tongue with the signature Mother and Child label. Available in several different colorways (the white-on-white version is a classic, but the addition of contrasting, primary-colored stripes on some of the options is equally worthy of your attention), they're well-deserving of a place on your wish list... even if you do balk slightly at the $690.00 price tag.

Lanvin Nylon Bumpr Sneaker

5. Lanvin Nylon Bumpr Sneaker

Last but not least, we have the Nylon Bumpr Sneaker, a shoe that manages to doff its hat to the 1970s on one hand, but look bang up-to-date on the other. Sat atop a chunky rugged rubber cup sole, sporting a premium blend of polyester, suede, and calfskin leather, and featuring the iconic “JL” logo on the side, the Bumpr sneaker promises to be your next favorite obsession. The streamlined silhouette, the contrasting textures of the uppers, and the distressed midsole all combine to create a shoe that's a little bit grungy, a little bit street, and 100% iconic. If you want to dip your toes into the world of chunky sneakers, you'll find few better ways to do it....although you might want to check your savings account first. At $550 per pair, they're not exactly the most attainable kicks on the market.

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