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A Closer Look at The Nike Dunk Low "Medium Olive"

Nike Dunk Low Medium Olive

Olive and its adjacent color palettes have recently been flooding the sneaker world. Great examples include the Air Max 97 and New Balance 991. Not one to be left behind, Nike decided to join in the trend by releasing the Nike Dunk Low' Medium Curry' not so long ago – a move that it followed a year later by designing the Nike Dunk Low 'Medium Olive'. This new olive-colored sneaker is set to hit the shelves later this year, and the sneakersphere is already abuzz with anticipation. Let's take a closer look.


The Nike Dunk Low may be rooted in the two-tone aesthetic, but it is giving the zeitgeist a run for its money. Several unique colorways and collaborations have come from this line, and so far, fans have not been disappointed. Most recently, Nike made a run back to the basics by releasing a new take on Peter Moore's iconic design – the "Medium Olive."

Nike Dunk

According to the Sole Collector, this recent release marks a renaissance moment for the Nike Dunk. The sneaker line, which is now a lifestyle staple and skateboarding mainstay, was previously a remotely remembered basketball sneaker. Most of its appeal to sneakerheads can be attributed to its balanced color-blocking aesthetic, timeless appeal, and simplistic construction. The Nike Dunk Low has simmered down a bit over the years, but every time a sneaker drops, it is hot enough to get sneaker lovers talking. The two-tone colorways appear to be the consumer favorite, although some collaborations and themed projects have rocked the market previously. The "Medium Olive" colorway is a classic Nike Dunk Low and a sure bestseller for the brand.

Medium Olive Release

Nike is keen on keeping the Dunk Low train moving and going head to head with the color spectrum. The brand followed the release of the LA Dodgers and Snakeskin pairs with a fruit-inspired lineup, which included an Avocado colorway. While olives may not be as popular as this breakfast staple, they already have their fan base, with many sneakerheads already looking forward to the release. The prevailing consensus is that the Nike Dunk Low "Medium Olive" will be released later this year, around the fall. Nike plans to maintain the beloved two-toned paneling and infuse it with a khaki-like shade of green for this silhouette's look. Over the past few years, the Nike Dunk Low has included several silhouettes featuring various shades of green. The darker colorways from this line tend to make an appearance as fall approaches, and it makes sense that Nike is planning on releasing an olive green sneaker. In fact, of all the dark color options, the olive green has been among the most popular every year. Pictures released show the silhouette will be dressed in medium olive and white. The olive green will cover the overlays while the underlays and upper maintain the white hue. Additionally, the outsole is set for olive green and the midsole for white. The hype surrounding this release has been building for months, and Nike is preparing to meet the demand. That the company has chosen the Dunk Low lineup to be the first to receive this theme should come as no surprise as it has a set and dedicated fan base – as will the "Medium Olive."


With Summer still in full swing, Nike is already hard at work preparing for the fall season. The "Medium Olive" colorway will be applied to Nike's popular Dunk Low sneaker to usher in the darker color season of the brand's repertoire. Like past releases of this classic Peter Moore design, the "Medium Olive" features a full-leather upper adorned in olive green and white. The look is complemented by olive laces, a nylon tongue, and a perforated toe box. The color scheme is entirely inclusive of white and a medium olive green shade. The construction of the upper is all-leather, as has been the case with many previous iterations of the Low Dunk, and the lining and tongues are nylon. In terms of features, you can look forward to a white leather base, white tongues, olive lining, laces, overlays, and tongue branding. Nike has embroidered the heels with branding in white and coupled it with an olive rubber outsole and white midsole. As with the "Syracuse" and "St. Johns" Low Dunks, the "Medium Olive" eschews any extraordinary design elements for a simplistic and clean design. The green majestically dresses the Swoosh, lace unit, overlays, and the tread as the white marks the tongue, midsole, and leather base. The overall effect is a cleanly designed silhouette with strong construction and a unique color palette.

Price and Availability

There is currently no official release date for the Nike Dunk Low "Medium Olive". Nonetheless, the silhouette is expected to drop in the fall season. It will be available on as well as select retailers for $100 a pair. This price applies to both the men's and women's versions of the shoe. Considering the anticipation around this silhouette and the sophisticated but laid-back design, it should be worth every penny.


Nike fans have enjoyed the recent influx of the brand's popular two-tone Nike Dunk Lows, and the new "Medium Olive" is the cherry on top of an already exciting year. The Nike Dunk Low "Medium Olive" is the brand's latest iteration of Peter Moore's iconic design, and it will not disappoint. Adopting the full-leather upper design of many previous releases, its white and olive features complement each other perfectly. You will see the olive green donning the outsole, sock liner, and overlay panels. Although Nike has not given an official release date, the official images indicate that the "Medium Olive" should soon hit the shelves. It will be available on and select Nike Sportswear retailers and is definitely something to look forward to this fall.

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