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A Closer Look at the Air Jordan 13 "French Blue"

Air Jordan 13 French Blue

Jordan is a shoe company that has been in operation since 1997. Air Jordan 13 is the main contributor to the increasingly popular Jordan shoes. Over the years, the brand has been working on different collections to spruce up shoe designs that Jordan lovers like. The latest edition that people have anticipated is the Air Jordan 13 "French Blue." The company has been working on this shoe since 2021, and they are set for a significant release in August 2022.

Overall Review of Air Jordan 13

Air Jordan is a shoe brand that deals with casual, athletic, and basketball shoes. Nike, an American corporation, manufactures the shoes. The first shoe was made in 1984 for Michael Jordan to wear in the hall of fame. The following year, the shoes were finally released and designed by Peter Moore, Bruce Kilgore, and Tinker Hatfield, the designers. According to Nicekicks, Air Jordan has been in operation for 37 years, and they enjoy international recognition as being one of the most purchased shoe brands. Air Jordan 13 is an original design by Tinker Hatfield, the best sneaker designer globally. He designed the shoe in 1996 when he was on assignment to make a new shoe for the best basketball player at that time. After several attempts, Tinker found it hard to create a striking design. He got a breakthrough when he watched the Chicago Bulls on Television, and he saw a different side of Michael Jordan. Jordan is six feet, and he was doing an impressive six-shooting guard. Throughout the game, he maintained his energy, and he knew to attack at the right time.

He displayed predatory behavior, which reminded Tinker of the feline family, especially the black cat. Tinker had a light bulb moment, and he sketched his vision on a paper without knowing the 'black cat' is Michael Jordan's nickname. They instantly connected and worked on the idea in Beaverton, Oregon. The following year, they made additional changes to the shoe to give it a revolutionary design. It was the same year that they released Air Jordan 13. In 2022, this brand celebrates 25 years of being in existence. To mark the milestone, Nike decided to unveil two shoe designs, the Air Jordan 13, Black Cat, and the much anticipated Air Jordan 13, "French Blue," as a tribute to a phenomenal journey that started over two decades ago. Over the years, they have managed to create 127 designs under Air Jordan 13. Tinker has made approximately 150 shoe sketches ever since he got into the shoe industry. He has also been instrumental in designing Air Jordan XIV, which Jordan wore when he was playing Utah NBA Finals. According to Jordan, the most incredible shoe invention is the 14 series which he attributes to his success in basketball. Air Jordan 13 is a unique shoe, nothing like he has ever designed. It is the only design that does not have a signature on-court moment.

Features of Air Jordan 13 "French Blue"

Several years of hard work, waiting, inspiration, and covert attraction culminate in the unveiling of the new Air Jordan 13. The shoe is designed by the famous Tinker Hatfield, a shoe guru, and in this design, he gets to showcase creativity and imaginative ideas. When put on display, the shoe is a captivating blend of four colors; white, French blue, light steel gray, and fire red hence the name Air Jordan 13 "French Blue." The upper part of the shoe is made from premium white leather and decked with great details. French Blue color is fused in the form of suede visible on the heel tabs and midsole. The shoe has red Jump man logos incorporated in the tongue tags.

According to Kicksonfire, the fiery red color perfectly contrasts the suede blue. The toe boxes are made from soft leather with a mixture of half gray and half white, which gives the shoe an alluring unique touch. The collars are made from white leather with a complementing white lace. White leather has also been used to design the eye stays and tongue tags complemented by the white laces. The tongue is made from a delightful material that makes it feel chubby. For comfortability, the front part of the shoe is perforated for smooth airflow, which will make you relaxed for long hours. The shoe's outsole is also made from similar gray tints, a rubber stamp which makes Air Jordan 13 "French Blue" a complete set. At the back of the shoe, a greenish hologram gives the shoe a great look.

Availability and price

Air Jordan 13 "French Blue" will be unveiled on Saturday, August 2o. They will be sold for $200 a pair each through Jordan's official website, Nike's e-commerce website, and a few selected retailers. You should be on the lookout and be among the first customers to clinch the shoe on 20th August before they are sold out. The company will announce the release on its official Twitter account.

Value Speculation

According to Footwearnews, Air Jordan 13 "French Blue" is expected to be sold at $200. Fans have been anticipating the release of this shoe since 2021. Air Jordan enthusiasts speculate that the price will likely hike after the set release date. The move is predictable because of all the hype around the shoe and the previous trends where past Nike designs have seen a hike in prices after they have been unveiled. It is mere speculation, and we will know the truth after 20th August 2022, when the shoe is set for a fantastic launch.


Air Jordan 13 "French Blue" is set for release in August 2022. The company expects to drop this bombshell on Saturday, August 20. The price of each pair will be $200, but there are speculations that the price will eventually increase because of the long anticipation. It will be a perfect shoe, and I give it a nine out of ten, making it worth the hype and price.

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