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A Closer Look at The J Balvin x Air Jordan 2

J Balvin x Air Jordan 2

When you start thinking about some of the most interesting sneaker collaborations between major companies and artists, the J Balvin x Air Jordan collaboration is bound to come to mind. The first collaboration between these two is easily considered one of the most interesting partnerships that ever existed, almost like wearing a genuine piece of artwork on your feet. There's no question that this particular collaboration was probably one of the most innovative ones that's ever come along, too. In fact, others might find it difficult to find a way to outperform this team, even years into the future.

Artwork You Can Wear

It might sound a bit blase to say that these shoes look like artwork that you can wear, but that is precisely what they are. They may be high top sneakers, but they have so much personality that they definitely make you “feel all the feels” the moment you look at them. They're designed so that you're almost instantly transported away into some beautiful day with blue sky accompanied by a white wispy clouds, perhaps a day where you're lying in a meadow full of colorful flowers without a care in the world. That's thanks in large part to their design that features a blue sky design complete with those white, wispy clouds that everyone dreams of when they're thinking about going to their happy place. The shoes also feature the smiley face design, which is a trademark from the artist. When it all comes together, it genuinely makes you feel happy just to look at them. It's not really all that often that a pair of shoes can make you feel happy, unless you're really into retail therapy and you just bought a pair of brand new shoes that you've been trying to get your hands on for weeks.

That being said, this is a completely different kind of happy. It doesn't just make you feel things, it awakens your imagination. Isn't that what artwork is supposed to do, regardless of how it is presented? Any form of art is designed to elicit some type of visceral feeling from the person who witnesses it. It's only the best forms of artwork that kick-start your imagination so that you essentially transport yourself to a world of your own. To be honest, there are times when you can go to an art museum and spend an entire day looking at different pieces without feeling this type of inspiration. Taking one look at these sneakers immediately makes you feel like there is some part of you that's still a kid in all the best ways possible. In short, the artist designed the sneakers as a way of reminding people that good things do still exist and that things can always get better, that there's always something better on the horizon. It would be safe to say that the design is a success on every level.

Not Your Average Sneaker

You already know that a lot of work went into creating the art that grace's the sneakers, but if you think that's all there is to them, you haven't seen anything yet. Wait until nightfall, and allow your imagination to be awakened once again when you realized that the shoes actually feature LED lights on both the soles of the shoes and on the tongue. It's definitely not a design that you're likely to find with hardly anything else. Several years ago, there was a series of sneakers released that incorporated smaller lights that would light up and run through them whenever you created a big enough impact with them in order to activate the feature, such as when jumping. However, there hasn't been anything else created quite like it since then and it would be safe to say that there has never been anything created that is like this particular design. When you wear them at night, the design on the tongue lights up and the entirety of the outer rim of the sole lights up as well. If you're into footwear that's very different and you like having something that your friends aren't likely to have, then this is something you're probably interested in acquiring.

Unmatched Quality

If you're wondering exactly how the shoes manage to light up, you're not alone. As it turns out, they're designed to glow in the dark and they do so with LED lighting, a completely unique approach to the subject. It really shouldn't surprise you that the shoes feature this type of quality, especially when you consider the fact that they are indeed Air Jordans. After all, this is a line of footwear that has existed for a number of years and it has always been associated with exceptional quality. The company continued that level of quality here, adding a bit of artistic flair in the process. It's very rare that you find sneakers like this that actually support your feet at every level and are completely unique in their design, especially when you're talking about something as novel as glow in the dark shoes that feature LED lights. The fact that this collaboration has managed to produce something that is genuinely comfortable and also serves as a resilient, long-lasting form of artwork is very difficult to find, even under the best of circumstances. If you are fortunate enough to find something like this, it's important that you don't let them slip through your fingers. Fortunately, designs like this are often available for months or in some cases, even years after the initial design is released. Even though you'll have to go through third-party sellers that specialize in selling second-hand items and collectibles, it's good to know that these shoes are likely to be around for some time because it would be truly miraculous if anything even more unique comes along any time in the near future.

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