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A Closer Look at The Air Jordan 1 Tie Dye

Air Jordan 1 Tie Die

Jordan announced the sale of its new AJ 1 Tie Dye early in 2020. This highly anticipated sneaker is made for the ladies. It's not hard to understand why there is so much hype surrounding this sneaker. The first photos revealed an attractive high shoe that makes a classy fashion statement for those who are into the streetwear scene. At first glance, it's a beautiful accessory that gives the definite impression that it is also highly functional for the perfect blend of form and function. Here are 10 things that you didn't know about the Air Jordan 1 Tie Dye.

1. This is a high top

The Air Jordan 1 Tie Dye is a high top sneaker that is constructed to give amazing ankle support for the wearer. Ladies who like to take their action to the court will be pleased with the support and control that this sneaker provides. The construction of the upper is solid and it's sturdy where it counts to give you maximum foot control when precision movement is a necessity.

2. It's inspired by a winning game

There is a Heritage that backs the Air Jordan 1. Michael Jordan was sporting a pair when he made the winning shot at a championship game for North Carolina. He broke league rules in 1985 by sporting a set of Air Jordan 1 sneakers and it set off a crazy frenzy for the model that has endured as a favorite for decades.

3. The Air Jordan 1 Tie Dye is both fun and serious

The special dying process that was used to create the tie-dye effect on this sneaker is a brand new technique that has never been used prior to this colorway. This is a first for a leather-based Jordan and it turned out beautifully. While the aesthetic is novel and stylish, don't be misled about the fun and whimsical outward appearance. This is a serious basketball sneaker that is made to up your game skills.

4. It's an OG

The Air Jordan 1 Tie Dye is a member of the OG family of sneakers for the brand. The colorway makes a statement which is what we expect in any new OG, but it isn't loud. The Aurora and Black colors are actually quite sophisticated in their personality. It fits in well as the latest colorway within the line.

5. The Air Jordan 1 Tie Dye is made for all the girls in the family

When we visited the Nike official website to look for a pair of AJ 1 Tie Dye's we noticed that they're available in all sizes. The range includes toddlers, little kids, and adults. You can start the little ones out on the right foot with premium sneakers that offer ankle support that is good for toddlers who are just beginning to take their first steps. Mom and the girls will all look sharp in their new matching AJ 1 Tie Dyes.

6. The Air Jordan 1 Tie Dye is well-ventilated

When considering a new high top sneaker one of the most important factors, especially for a leather shoe is the ventilation. Leather tends to be non-porous and it can lead to overheating of the feet, sweating, and extreme discomfort during high activity periods. Nike solved the problem by adding plenty of vents to allow the air to circulate over the feet. They're placed at the top of the upper arch of the foot to allow plenty of airflow on and around your feet.

7. They're made for maximum traction and control

We examined the rubber outer sole of this sneaker. It's made with grippy material that will keep your feet in place and allow for precision movement. We noticed that the design of the tread includes a circular molding at the ball of the foot. This is important for allowing the shoe to turn on a dime for easy pivots. This sneaker is made for excellence in its performance during rotational movement as well as for slides. The tread of the outer part of the sole is black in color.

8. The cushioning is optimal

The AJ1 Tie-dye has just enough cushioning and padding placed at all of the right spots. It's not overdone though. A light layer is added at the top of the upper to provide comfort around the ankles without making it bulky. They've also placed light padding around the pressure points and in the footbed to ensure the maximum comfort without making the sneaker restrictive on the feet. The lacing system is nice and wide so you can achieve the perfect level of snugness by how tight you tie the shoelaces.

9. They're going fast

When we visited the Nike official website, it was a bit unsettling to discover that the Air Jordan 1 Tie Dye sneakers were sold out. This goes for all of the sizes from toddlers through adults. With the shoes flying off of retail shelves fast, the price is going up with vendors who happen to have a few left in stock. The manufacturer's suggested retail price is $170 for adults, $80 for little kids, and $60 for toddlers. If you're interested in ownership you'll have to find them through another vendor. Nike has not yet commented on when they expect to have more in stock.

10 This price is already going up

In our search for a pair of new Air Jordan 1 Tie Dye sneakers, we came across the site, which is known for offering hard to find sneaker models in an auction format. The shoes that were originally priced at $170 per pair were going for a lot more. According to the website, a size 10.5 Wide had sold for $234 for the lowest going price with the highest auction price at a whopping $345. This gives us an idea of how popular the new Tie Dye colorway is with AJ 1 fans.

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