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A Closer Look at the Air Jordan 12 University Gold

Air Jordan 12 University Gold

With summer months upon us, Nike has been releasing a plethora of new sneaker designs. The most recent announcement has been made for the new Air Jordan 12 in a University Gold colorway. News of the impending release of the gold and black sneakers are just what the doctor ordered at a time when we need more to look forward to. Here are 10 things you didn't know about the Air Jordan 12 University Gold that might brighten your day.

1. Nike is being precise about the release date

We've been put on hold for quite a few new Nike models this spring but we're seeing a more definite timeline in Nike's announcement of the Air Jordan 12 University Gold. While some have teased us with two to four-week delays, It's been made official that the 2020 Air Jordan 12s in the popular colorway is set to be released on July 18th at 7:00 AM. Way to go Nike!

2. It's wise to be among the first to purchase

Once the announcement of the release date of a popular model in the Nike lineup has been made, it doesn't take much prodding from advertisers to build a frenzy. There are plenty of Nike loyals who are chomping at the bit to get their orders in for the new University Gold version of the Air Jordan 12. They've set the manufacturer's suggested retail selling price from $60 to $190, depending on the size, but we all know that there will be those who buy them up and then offer them for sale on auctions for up to $150% of the original price. They're likely to sell out quickly in the first round so it literally pays to be fast.

3. The Air Jordan 12 University Gold stand out for the season

The most recent Michael Jordan signature model is a sneaker that is designed with summertime aesthetics in black and gold, and it is a bold looking shoe that makes it stand out in the crowd, but in a classy manner that is not overdone. The application of a tasteful and sophisticated black leather upper with accents of university gold applied at the heel, outsole, and mudguard defines the personality of the sneaker into a bold fashion statement.

4. Premium materials are featured

The Air Jordan 12 University gold features a black leather upper that screams of high-quality. This shoe is built for durability as well as attractive good looks. The tall mudguard is a hallmark of the model, designed by Tinker Hatfield, and for some sneaker enthusiasts, this offers the support and control that is not present in some other sneaker designs.

5. Arch support is to the fore

As we examined the photos of the new Air Jordan 12 released by Nike, we were impressed with the shape of this sneaker. The outer sole is shaped with a gently curved arch and reinforcements that points to excellent arch support. At a glance, this is one of the outstanding features that jump out immediately. The side panels on either side of the shoe come up from the outer sole to join the upper with tight small stitching.

6. Nike stepped up the aesthetics

Another remarkable feature is the way that Nike has distinguished this sneaker stylistically. We see the Jumpman placed in gold in the footbed of the sneaker contrasting nicely against the black color of the lining materials. We see him again boldly displayed on the front of the tongue and the letters T W O followed by a 3 run down the length of the tongue for a classy aesthetic. Well played Nike.

7. The University Gold accents are offset

Nike has used a trending design feature that offsets the use of accents. Each sneaker has a curved university gold accent on the sides, creating an oxford styling. The inner accent of gold has been offset slightly for each sneaker to create a nice contour on the side of the shoe. We can appreciate this design and it lends yet another exciting element of personality to the new Air 12 University Gold colorway.

8. It''s a full-family sneaker

The Nike Air Jordan 12 in University Gold is a sneaker that comes in sizes for every guy in the family. It's offered in smaller sizes for the little ones with a price that starts at just $60 for toddlers. It's also available in sizes for elementary school, young men and adults. The sizes that sell out the fastest are usually adults, but at the prices, these sneakers are being offered at we wouldn't be surprised if there is a run in every size category upon their release.

9. This is a retro sneaker

Although the new Air Jordan 12 in University Gold is a new edition for the 2020 year, it's really a retro shoe at its heart. It gives a nod to Gary Payton's California homecoming to the LA Lakers in the early 2000s. There isn't a glove notation associated with this sneaker but it does feature accents that are a take on the infamous "Flu Game" that Jordan played. If you're an analytical sneaker enthusiast and MJ fan, then you'll catch the reference with the secondary tone on the mudguard along with a few of the other accents.

10. It's a court shoe

This is yet another precision sneaker that is designed to give the wearer the optimum support while not interfering with foot control. The laces allow for self-adjustment of the snugness of the overall fit. Nike padded this shoe in all the right places for comfort at the stress and pressure points without taking it overboard. The rubber sole of the shoe also provides an excellent grip for quick stops, turns, and pivots on the court. They're made to help you play your best game ever and look good while you're doing it.

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