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A Closer Look at the Adidas Yeezy Foam Runner “MX Carbon”

Adidas Yeezy Foam Runner “MX Carbon”

An Instagram account @Yeezymafia recently shared images of the Adidas Yeezy Foam Runner “MX Carbon” clogs. According to Yahoo, the account holder claimed that the sneakers would be released soon, so an official date for their release is yet to be revealed. However, we are certain that they could be released before the end of 2022. If you see the images of the clogs, you will instantly be drawn to them.

The clogs contain a predominantly black color scheme with streaks of yellow running across the forefoot. Additionally, there are other colorways like the pink and light brown streaks toward the heel counter. The choice of the multiple colors on the clogs makes them resemble a painter’s workwear or some nail art. While we eagerly await for the clogs to be released, we can further describe their features. Here are some features you should know about the Adidas Yeezy Foam Runner “MX Carbon” clogs.

The Clogs Have Been Crafted Out of Harvested Algae and Blended With EVA Material

Algae usually float on water bodies and are extremely hazardous to marine life. According to EPA, algae secrets toxins that can be harmful to fish that feed on it. Thankfully, engineers have figured out that algae make for good lightweight material in clogs. By harvesting the algae out of the water, the engineers also do their part in preserving marine life. If you want to indirectly do your part by saving the marine life, you could buy these clogs once they are made available. Algae is already a lightweight material, but it becomes even lighter when mixed with EVA.

These clogs are therefore ideal for jogging or running. When you move in these clogs, you will take less effort to move your feet up and down. Due to the less effort of your foot movements, you will end up running very fast without panting. EVA is also effective in terms of its shock absorption ability. When you stomp on the ground, the force is felt beneath the soles of your feet. Without the EVA foam, you would experience pain and blisters on the soles. Fortunately, these clogs allow you to stomp as hard as possible without affecting your soles.

The Clogs Have Perforations in the Form of Straight Vertical Lines

Since the lines sit in an organized pattern, you could argue that they give the clogs some visual appeal. However, the perforated lines serve an important purpose which is ventilation. Ventilation helps to eliminate bad odor from sweaty feet. When air gets into the sweaty feet, it gets rid of the sweat by evaporation. The bad odor occurs when bacteria consume the sweat and release pungent chemicals. With these clogs, you can confidently take them off in public without worrying about being judged for any foot odor. Besides getting rid of bad odor, ventilation also provides comfort during the summer season. As the air gets into the feet, they will be cooled. That means you will never feel as though your feet are burning up during the hot season.

They are Lace-less

There are some advantages to be enjoyed by these clogs being lace-less. First, they significantly reduce the risks of trips and falls. According to E3, loose shoe laces cause trips and falls that may result to bruises or lacerations, depending on where you fall. With the low chances of getting such accidents, you can revere these clogs for their safety. Another advantage of these lace-less clogs is that they save you some time. If you are running late for an appointment, all you need to do is simply slide into the clogs. However, with laced shoes, you must use some of your time to tie the laces before you go out.

They Have Treads at the Bottom

Have you ever tried walking on a muddy path? If you have, you realized how difficult it was to walk straight since you likely kept on slipping. Slipping in muddy areas can be very messy. Could you imagine wearing white clothes and falling into the mud? Another danger of slipping in mud is getting either hurt or injured when you fall down. Thankfully, these clogs have treads at the bottom to prevent you from slipping by increasing traction. Therefore, the clogs make a good substitute for gumboots. Although gumboots are effective in preventing slips, some people may not like their general design, so these clogs could make a good alternative.

They are Versatile

Some shoes restrict the wearer. For instance, the shoes they are wearing to go for grocery shopping may not be the same ones they can use at the beach. However, you can wear these clogs to both settings without seeming out of place. If you like to wear casual outfits, you can pair them with these clogs to give off that urban look. Additionally, you can choose whether or not to wear socks with these clogs. For people who want their feet to breathe, you can opt to wear them without socks. The reason some people may wear socks with these clogs is during the cold season. Others may wear socks to make a fashion statement. The best socks combination for these clogs would be the white ones to contrast the black colorway of the sneakers. Another combination you could try is wearing patterned socks.


The Adidas Yeezy Foam Runner “MX Carbon” clogs offer comfort and safety. On the comfort side, we have seen how these clogs enable you to walk in them without ever feeling hurt. As a result, you can use these clogs on any surface, and still, your feet would be safe. As for safety, you will not have to worry about slipping with these clogs. Although slipping may seem like a minor inconvenience, you could get seriously hurt depending on how you fall. The other reason to love these clogs is the colorway choices. Rather than use a neutral color like white or black, the makers of the clogs became experimental by using several colors. Somehow, the makers were able to use the colors in a way that didn’t make them appear excessive.

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