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The Five Best Pairs of Lacoste Sneakers Money Can Buy

Lacoste Straightset

Lacoste is a brand of sneakers that have been in business since 1933. Rene Lacoste, a tennis star from France founded the company that grew to heights of international fame and recognition. Lacoste is a brand that has produced fashionable wardrobe accessories for several decades. The footwear line of Lacoste is simple in its design with high-quality materials and workmanship. Whether you're looking for sneakers for yourself or gift-giving during the holidays, here are the five best pair of Lacoste sneakers that money can buy.

Lacoste Marice

5. Lacoste Marice

The Marice is a stylish sneaker that is made with simple lines in a classic design. They are crafted in a loafer style that is versatile for wearing with either informal and more formal attire. The sneakers are comfortable enough to wear for running errands. The sole of this sneaker is fairly thick to provide a slight increase in height and additional safety from the grippy outer sole that helps to prevent slips and falls. The cushioning on the inside of the sneaker in the footbed gives your feet a cushiony soft resting place.

The uppers are made of heavy-duty canvas material that provides good support for your feet yet lightweight and flexible enough for natural movements without restriction. These are low profile sneakers that conveniently slip on and off with ease for busy people who require comfortable shoes. This model is available in a choice of 12 assorted colors.

Lacoste Carnaby EVO

4. Lacoste Carnaby EVO

The Carnaby EVO features a lace-up styling that allows you to adjust the snugness of the shoes for a perfect fit. This classic sneaker is not only stylish, it is versatile. It's a casual style that comes in a wide variety of prints and colors including perforated upper versions. The upper is made of textured leather, and pearled upper materials. It's not difficult to find a style within the Carnaby EVO to go with any outfit.

Other useful features include superior traction thanks to the grippy outsoles made of rubber material. The heel webbing makes the sneakers more comfortable and enhances the fit, which is narrow for people with this type of foot shape. The leather is genuine and high-quality and some of the variants of this sneaker are available in embossed detailing in the leather.

Lacoste Marthe

3. Lacoste Marthe

The Lacoste Marthe is our choice as the third-best model made by the exclusive brand. This shoe is an extremely low profile slip-on type sneaker that is made to be the ultimate shoe for convenience and comfort. These shoes slip on and off with great ease. The upper is cut low below the ankle with a stitched seam at the top to enhance durability.

The upper is made of quality canvas material that allows the feet to breathe thanks to enhanced ventilation and airflow. This helps to prevent overheating and perspiration of the feet. The sole of these shoes is made of vulcanized rubber to provide good grip and traction on most walking surfaces. The logo is placed in a spot that makes it appear subtly, yet obviously to let the world know that this is a Lacoste. These are among the most affordably priced Lacoste sneaker models.

Lacoste Rey

2. Lacoste Rey

The Rey is a lace-up tennis shoe that lets you make the necessary adjustments for loosening or tightening the fit. Since no two people are the same, this kind of control over the snugness of the fit ensures that you can achieve the perfect level of tightness based on your activities and personal preferences. The Rey is made of high-quality genuine leather for the upper portion of the shoe.

The leather is supple to provide softness and comfort yet it is durable enough to provide ample support for your feet. This model is also available in a hook and loop closure option for people who have mobility issues or who prefer that type of closure over the laced version. The materials are lightweight to prevent foot and ankle fatigue.

The outsole is also light but it protects the bottoms of your feet when walking over rough surfaces. This stylish sneaker has a polished finish. The toe is rounded and the footbed and other parts of this shoe feature a light cushioning that is just right for comfort, but not overdone. The Rey is our choice for the second-best Lacoste sneaker that money can buy for 2020.

Lacoste Straightset

1. Lacoste Straightset

The Lacoste Straightset is a classic sneaker that delivers high on performance, practicality, and stylishness in one package. The Straightset is made of premium materials. This chic ladies sneaker is suitable for were with denim jeans for a casual look, dress pants, or some types of suits or more formal attire with the comfort of a sneaker.

The high-quality leather makes it strong, durable, and supportive for your feet while maintaining a supple soft feel that is comfortable and flexible enough to allow natural movement of your feet and ankles without restrictions. The design of this sneaker is based on classic tennis-shoe styling. The collar of the shoe is made of a pique engineered collar.

The tonal lining is breathable and soft against the touch for all-day comfort. This lining prevents irritation from chafing against the ankle. The ventilation allows the shoe to breathe for ample airflow to prevent overheating and sweating. The capsule is made of molded rubber for enhanced durability for long wear.

The grippy rubber helps to give your feet stability when walking or running on a variety of different surfaces. The insole of the sneaker is made of patented Ortholite. The Ortholite provides cushiony padding with just enough depth for comfort and softness but not so much that it makes the sneakers heavy on your feet.

The Lacoste Straightset is one of the most highly recommended sneakers for 2020. This model tends to run narrow. It's ideal for persons from a normal to narrow foot size, but not recommended for those who have wide feet. Lacoste is the choice in footwear when you require high-quality stylishness with extreme comfort, and when only the best will suffice.

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