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The 10 Most Expensive Adidas Sneakers of All-Time

While most of us settle for a pair of sneakers that have a stylish look and great fit, we're looking for the best possible deal at the same time. Most sneaker shoppers will pay between $85 and $200 for sneakers and consider it to be an investment in comfort and good looks, but there are those who prefer the more upscale versions offered.

As a fan of Adidas brand sneakers, I wondered just how much the most expensive ones would cost, so did some research and was amazed at the results.

The highest priced lines are the NMDs. I've not had the privilege of trying a pair, but it might be nice. Here are the 10 most expensive that the brand has to offer.

10. Yellow Originals NMD Pharrell Human Race - $1,606

The retail price of the NMD Pharrell HR in Yellow is just over $1,600, but if you watch for sales, you might be able to get a pair for closer to $1,550.

These are compliments of Williams' collaborative genius with the shoe manufacturing brand and they launched a successful line that doesn't strain when it comes to flying off the shelves. It's a historical model for the company and it doesn't look like it's going away soon.

9. Human Race Trail NMD (Pharrell/BBCl) - $1,806

BBC stands for the Billionaire Boys Club and it was established by Williams and Nigo. The line was started in 2003 and became a raging success featuring street wear.

The two have lent the name to the collaborative affair to produce this top selling edition of the shoe. It has some big names in the fashion industry attached to it and at just over $1,800 a pair, it's a hot seller for the brand.

8. NYC Red Apple edition NMD -$2,074

This is an edition that is extremely hard to find. It was first introduced when the New York flagship store opened. These shoes were made available by reservation and there were only 200 total pairs made for retail sale.

If you can find a pair on auction now, you're not only going to be fortunate, but you're also likely to end up paying a lot more than the original retail selling price listed here. It's a rare find.

7. Pitch Black Friends & Family - $2,570

You may be looking at the price tag and wondering why it's so high? It could be the fact that each pair is individually numbered from 1 though 500, which is the small number that were manufactured. These are very rare, although not quite as rare as the number eight on our list.

These were part of a special Blacked out Boost and they represent the first Black Boost midsole made by the company. 400 pairs were made to distribute to friends and family of design engineers and collaborators and 100 additional pairs were given away to SnapChat contest winners.

6. Futurecraft 4D - $2,892

This sneaker was manufactured by the company and was set to be released, but there was a delay in getting them to retail outlets. Instead, the brand made it a friends and family gift giving event with 300 pairs given away for free.

Because of their rarity and the new technology used in the midsole design, they're valued at nearly $3K, and they're a good-looking shoe to boot, but quite a few of the free gifts appeared on Ebay auctions.

5. R1 Overkill Firestarter - $4,350

The Firestarter is another of Adidas' famous limited-edition lines. It is a collaborative effort between the brand and Overkill, a Berlin based street wear and sneaker store.

Only 300 pairs were manufactured, and they were designated to be given as gifts to friends and family. These are tough to find and not as many of the "friends and family" group saw fit to put them up for auction on Ebay, so they're harder to find and worth more when you can find a pair.

4. You N.E.R.D. (HU/NMD/Pharrell) - $5,180.00

This is another of Williams’ collaborations that commemorates the revival of the N.E.R.D. music group. It was made to create a hype for the band's decision to come together and perform at Complex Con, held in Long Beach.

The event marked their first performance as a group in almost 7 years of hiatus. The shoes were offered at the event and if you weren't there, you may have missed your chance to own a pair because they're hard to find.

3. R1 Primeknit Friends And Family - $5,184

The Primeknit Friends and Family is built on the same principle as thee OG NMD, except with a camo Primeknit pattern for the upper. The distribution is another friends and family event that was only made available to the members of the design team that created the NMD.

2. Friends and Family Burgundy - $8,215

As we're nearing the most expensive pair of the famous sneaker brand’s offerings of all time, we have the P. Williams Friends and Family Burgundy coming in at second place. Its retail value is just over $8K.

The line is the result of collaboration between the brand and Skateboard. Even if you were willing to pay the $8 grand for the sneakers, they're really tough to find.

1. Human Race Trail Chanel and Pharrell NMD - $11,135

We've seen quite a few of Williams’ collaborations on the top 10 most expensive list. However, number one is the HRT Chanel and Pharrell NMD. Williams teamed up with the legendary Chanel designers to take it over the top with high end fashion and value. It was a limited edition in which only 500 pairs were ever made.

They were released at a Chanel location at Colette. This would mark the end of the retailer after being in business for 20 years. The shoes were a remarkable success. They were auctioned off via raffle for a cost of $1,160 per pair at the time.

If you are fortunate enough to find a pair up for sale, you're likely to pay a little over $11K.

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