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Nike PG 1 Paul George Signature Shoe


Paul George has made remarkable achievements in his Basketball career. The star of the Indiana Pacers has recently joined the ranks of greatness along side of Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving and LeBron James with the assignment of his own signature Nike Shoe line. Nike welcomes him to the team with the release of the PG 1 model. It is a distinction that is awarded to the most celebrated athletes and he has done his part to earn this honor.

The Nike corporation has a knack for manufacturing quality footwear that mirrors the accomplishments of the athletes representing its signature lines. They are models of distinction which take the high quality in materials and construction to the upper limits. Nike really knows how to represent in all of its creations. The melding of innovation and style with superior quality materials and unique styles from their all star design teams have risen to the top of the pack for decades.

Paul George has been an avid fan and endorser of the Nike brand for many years. His choices for personal use have been the Hyperdunk and the HyperRev models. His love of the exclusive colorways worn by previous players is being rewarded with is very own signature model and fans are excited about the new release. Who wouldn't want to be like Paul George? It's a given that fans both young and old will be desirous of a pair of Paul George signature Nikes because the merging of the two names is sure to be a winning combination.

The release generated speculation

If you need proof of the excitement for this new release, all that you need to do is check through the archives of press releases, articles and posts about the pending release of this new shoe. Basketball fans were hoping for a sneak peek as soon as they heard about the development of the PG 1 by the famed Nike shoe manufacturer. The news was abuzz with speculations about what the shoe would look like, how it would perform, what it would sell for and what colors it would be available in.

We're still waiting as the release date which is believed to be March of 2017 to roll around. There were a few rumors about an earlier release date but we couldn't confirm this one way or another so to avoid disappointment, we'll stick with the one that we have until we hear otherwise.

Appearance of the PG 1

The PG 1 is a fashionable low top that features a strap placed across the midfoot as a lockdown support with Paul's logo along with the number three on the tongue. It features Flyknit across the upper part. The shoe will sport a neoprene slip on upper. There is also speculation that the first runs will include the colors of the Pacers team which include University Gold, White and Obsidian.

There is also a a rumor that this shoe will have another nickname, "Nike The Bait 1," but this has not yet been confirmed. In following the reputation that Paul George has built with his outstanding athletic performance, the shoe will no doubt be a high performer as well with amazing flexibility and comfort fit for a star athlete or anyone else who depends upon shoe quality for enhanced athletic performance in competitive events.

Is this the beginning of a new Nike line?

If the PG 1 name alone is any indication, this is the first in a series of many Paul George Nike models. The fact that they took the initiative to indicate this as a first is a strong clue that the company plans to create many more Paul George Nikes in the near future. We're expecting this model to sell like hotcakes on a cold winter's morning.

Pricing for the PG 1

The average price of the PG1 is set at $110 for the launch of this new line. Depending on which venue you make your purchase from, there may be a little wiggle room in the price. There may also be special sales here and there, but these don't usually apply for the new lines so if you plan on the average you'll be in good condition.

Quality begets quality

Just when we thought that Nike had reached the pinnacle with its signature line for athletic stars of the caliber of Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, LeBron James and Kyrie Irving, it branches out with yet another prospect for devoted fans. The combination of the strong and reliable Nike brand along with their well earned reputation for quality and the endorsement of beloved athletes gives customers a wide range of products to choose from.

It is clear that Nike has a good idea of what the public wants and what they need in terms of performance and style. Each model that the company produces has distinct differences which set them apart. They are brilliant with the use of different construction methods and using a variety of materials in the creation of each of their masterpieces. If one shoe doesn't offer the exact features, characteristics or performance that a consumer is looking for, there is most likely another in the Nike lineup that will.

Final thoughts

The new Paul George signature Nike line will be released in just a few short months. Dyed in the wool Nike fans who also appreciate the professional athleticism of this new basketball great are anxiously awaiting the release date. Pacers fans will be thrilled with the dedicated color scheme that is scheduled for the initial release run. The only drawback that we were able to find with the news about the PG1 is that it isn't being released as quickly as most of us would like.

It gives George fans something to look forward to. With just a simple word of advisement, if you want to get your pair early, keep an eye out for updates about a possible earlier debut of the PG 1 because where there is smoke there is generally fire and we've heard more than a few rumors that it may become available in the near future.

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