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A Closer Look at the Air Jordan 6 "Hare"

Air Jordan 6 Hare

Nike made the announcement that there were plans to make a release of the retro sneaker the Air Jordan 6 in the "Hare" colorway. The shoe features a coloring of neutral grey with white, true red and black accents. The original release date was set for April 11, 2020, then pushed to June 5, 2020, but the release date kept getting moved. After failing to make the reset date of June 12 it finally launched on June 17th. If this is the first that you're hearing about it, here are 10 things you didn't know about the Air Jordan 6 "Hare" to bring you up to speed.

1. Anticipation was high

It's assumed that the release date for the new Air Jordan 5 "Hare" colorway was moved forward because of complications in production due to the current pandemic. This was just one of those things that are nobody's fault, but it served to create a heightened sense of anticipation for the new sneaker. The hype grew to a mild frenzy and with so many people staying home, we like to have something good to look forward to. Time will tell how the timing impacts the overall sales statistics.

2. The Air Jordan 6 "Hare" has a futuristic appeal

We couldn't help but notice the radical approach that the brand takes with the treatment of the tongue of this sneaker. It features a square cut out of the material with a white see-through overlay stitched to the tongue. This gives the shoe ample breathing space for air to flow through the hole and directly to the top of the ankle for dispersal when you walk or run. This small detail gives the sneaker a kind of cool futuristic look.

3. The ventilation is exceptional

If you know much about the Air Jordan line of sneakers it only takes a glance to know that this shoe is very well ventilated. We see the numerous small air vents on both sides of each sneaker as well as at the top of the tongue. There is ample ventilation on all sides, and it was applied in a stylish manner that doesn't detract from the attractiveness of the sneaker. It's a good looking shoe that won't sweat or overheat your feet. This makes it a great choice for basketball players as well as other athletes.

4. The basketball theme is clear about the purpose

It only takes one look at the Air Jordan 6 "Hare" to realize that it's a precision sneaker made for heavy-duty use on the basketball court. There are a few giveaways. First, the high-top construction that provides the wearer with ample ankle support. Next, the icon of the basketball player that is stitched into the guard over the tongue and placed in a prominent position. The same figure appears on the lace button that is used for making adjustments. The same icon is found printed on the footbed and again on the heel of the sneaker. This sends us the message that this is a basketball sneaker with little doubt.

5. It's inspired by the OG Air Jordan 7 "Hare"

The "Hare" colorway was seen in the Air Jordan OG 7 model. This inspired the creation of the new colorway in the collection of Air Jordan 6 sneakers. Shared elements include the clean white overlays of genuine leather with the translucent tongue. The lace-lock adds a novel detail with its carrot theme and bright orange coloring.

6. The sole is even decorative

The Air Jordan 6 "Hare" is a cool sneaker no doubt. One of the details that really caught our eyes is the pattern on the outer sole when you flip the shoe over. You'll find an exciting rendition of the basketball player in a rubberized format. the bright white sole with flashes of red to the sides and green at the heel make the black coloring of the player really stand out.

7. The traction is spectacular

Another noteworthy feature of the sneaker can be seen while you're admiring the pattern of the sole. It's grooved in a pattern that really grips the court when you're hard at play. It also gives you plenty of grip when you're walking down the sidewalk. The sneaker is designed for superior traction and control which puts it in league with precision athletic shoes. This is just another plus.

8. It comes in a special box

The Air Jordan 6 "Hare" is an exciting colorway and it's everything that you would expect in the brand's line of precision basketball gear, but there's more. Although some pay little attention to the packaging, the special box that the sneakers are packaged in makes it an exciting and memorable gift for the people in your life who year to own a pair. This makes the sneaker an excellent gift idea for the basketball players in your circle who have birthdays or other special events coming up.

9. The Air Jordan 6 "Hare" is going fast

Within just a few weeks of its official release date, the Air Jordan 6 "Hare" colorway is already becoming hard to find. This is a shoe that has been delayed since early in the spring and the hype has had time to build with anticipation growing with each new delay. The holdup gave fans of the 6 time to cogitate on their strategy for ownership and a little more time to save up for the expenditure so when they became available, the sneakers sold like hotcakes. There are still "Hares" available for purchase but they're harder to find in all sizes.

10. The price is going up

The Air Jordan 6 "Hare" was released with a manufacturer's suggested retail price of $190. While we've seen some vendors offering the remainder of their inventories at this price, there are others who are advertising their stockpiles at auctions throughout the country. The lowest price that a pair went for was $233 with highs ranging around $260. The most recent sale was a whopping $325 for a size 6.5 which raised the average auction price for this model.

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