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Why is The Air Jordan 11 Jubilee So Expensive?

Jordan 11 Jubilee

Nike dominates the footwear manufacturing industry, and one of the products to remain a favorite is the Air Jordan 11 sneakers. The shoe dates back to 1995, but its popularity has not faded. Therefore to celebrate the 25 years of massive sales, Nike launched Air Jordan 11 Jubilee in 2020, and as always, it was a success. The shoe retails at $220, making it quite pricey. There are good reasons for such a high price tag as discussed below.

It’s History

In 1993, basketball fans were hit with the shocking news that Michael Jordan had decided to retire. According to Sporting News, the greatest player of all time clarified that he was not closing the door on basketballs. The athlete explained that retiring meant being free to do whatever he wanted but never ruled out returning to basketball. Therefore, he went from being a basketball player to a baseball player. He had already planned on retiring, and when his father passed, Jordan fulfilled the old man’s wish for his son to play baseball. Consequently, in 1994, Jordan joined the White Sox team, but it was not smooth sailing. Nike had enjoyed massive success through the sale of Air Jordan. Thus, it released Air Jordan 9 in 1993 for Jordan to wear in the minor league. It became the first Air Jordan that the basketball player had worn outside the NBA; thus, it did not get the hype other sneakers he had endorsed before. Nike released the Air Jordan in 1994-95 as Jordan continued with his baseball career. It did not sell as much as Nike had hoped, and the company was ready to wrap up the Air Jordan series. The executives believed that if Jordan did not wear the sneakers while on the basketball court, the shoes would never do as well as they did before.

It Helped Nike Make a Comeback

However, Tinker Hatfield believed that one day Jordan would return to basketball. Thus, the designer started designing the ideal sneakers for the GOAT to come back to, paying attention to what he knew the player liked in his shoes. It was a secret project he undertook after office hours and Hatfield named the shoe “Jordan Beyond.” True to Hatfield’s belief, Jordan announced he was back to playing basketball in March 1995. Although the Air Jordan 10 was ready for him, Jordan preferred wearing the Jordan Beyond prototype meant for the 1995-96 season. He loved them so much that he did not care going against The Bulls' black and red sneakers colorway for the season. He was the only player wearing black and white sneakers, and the violation cost him $5,000 per game. The Jordan Beyond was renamed Air Jordan 11. It not only helped Jordan make a comeback to the scene but also gave Nike the much-needed reassurance that the Air Jordan Series was there to stay. No wonder Nike holds it in such high regard that even when celebrating its 25th anniversary, the price was still high. Besides, the shoes’ make was out of the ordinary. According to Laces Out, the Air Jordan 11 Jubilee sneakers were the first basketball shoes to feature patent leather. Thus, they debuted at $125, double the price of the Jordan 1, cementing how highly Nike thought of them. The sneakers were an instant hit, thanks to the free advertisement attained when Jordan showed them off on the court. Celebrities donned them, and the price has since soared to the current $220 stamped on them when celebrating their 25 years of success in the market.

Maybe Because It is One of Michael Jordan’s Favorite

Basketball players rarely wear the same shoe twice while on the court. Therefore, it is hard to believe that Jordan wore the sneakers the entire time he trained under Tim Grover, ready to prove that he was as good as before he retired. The sneaker would become Jordan’s favorite since he was also involved in the process. According to Highsnobiety, when Hatfield wanted to create the iconic shoe, he ensured that he got Jordan’s opinion. The Jordan Beyond had to have the perfect feel and fit for the player. Ken Black praised Hatfield, saying the designer did the best work incorporating design styling and performance technology. For this reason, when Jordan saw the shoe, he liked it way too much to care about violating his team’s dress code. Hatfield gave it his all and also said it is his favorite sneaker of all time. It complements formal wear even if it is a sneaker and blends well with casual wear, making it a shoe for everyone’s preferred taste. Therefore, the sneakers won the hearts of the public so much that the shoes were constantly selling out. It has continued to be a status symbol, and according to Complex, not even the effects of the coronavirus pandemic would slow down its sales. When the Air Jordan 11 Jubilee was released in December 2020, it made over $175 million in revenue. Nike Inc.’s CEO John Donahue referred to the launch as one of the largest and most successful the company has ever experienced.

Ways to Ensure You Get Value for Your Money

It can be frustrating to learn that you spent $220 on a fake pair of sneakers. Fresh Jordans have a clean smell, so if yours has a strong smell, it could mean that you have landed on a fake pair since the glue used to make the authentic sneakers should not irritate your nose. Stitching should also be perfect, with the stitches being tight, of the same size, and having even spaces between them. In most Air Jordans, the Jumpman logo is usually the first telltale sign of fake sneakers. You should notice in the real sneakers are a metal Jumpman logo, #23 embroidery on the heel, and silver “JORDAN” branding in the eyelets. If any of these seem off either in shape, color, or design, the shoe is probably a fake.

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