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A Closer Look at the $65,000 Diamond Encrusted Reebok Question

Diamond Encrusted Reebok Question

The Reebok Allen Iverson Question is a sneaker model that was developed in a collaboration of the NBA superstar. The first editions which were released to the public sold well but after his signature shoe lines begin to lag in sales, they came up with one of the biggest novelties to attract more attention to the line in the history of the brand. The Reebok Question was developed with a diamond lacing to stir the pot and create a little excitement. It became a sensation but we're not sure how many takers there were at a sale price of $65,000 per pair. The diamonds are a nice touch and they turned a normal pair of sneakers into a sensational item, but were they really worth $65K?

Reebok extended the invitation for Allen Iverson to join the family and get in on the excitement of designing a signature sneaker line in the 1990s. The collaboration was a good fit but it did result in the development of a question and an answer. In 1996, the Reebok Question, which is a shoe model was created under the design influence of Iverson. This was followed by the Answer in 1997 with the following edition of the answer running from 1998 through 2004. The Iverson lines were a big hit with the public but when sales declined upon the approach of the first decade, Reebok decided that they needed to do something to boost sales of the Allen Iverson line. They formed a partnership with Eastbay to design a sneaker with a one of a kind build and aesthetic. The result of the collaboration was the $65,000 Reebok Question. The biggest question about the question is whether or not they are worth the asking price.

A closer look at the Reebok Question Diamond edition

There was no lack of information provided about the special edition Reebok that was priced at the equivalent of a small fortune. This was a shoe that was designed for fans who just happened to love the model and have an extra $65k lying around and we learned that it didn't make it to your average local vendors. What makes this shoe so very special is the fact that it was fully loaded with 246 diamonds against an all-black theme that really made them stand out. The full carat weight was 25.50, so it's not hard to understand how their value soared to its astronomical amount. Another special feature of the sneaker is that there were a few indications of silver which were used to embroider a few nicely contrasting accents into this magnificent special edition. They were listed as one of the most expensive shoes in the world. The shoe was created in 2004 and we learned that they were picked up by an anonymous buyer so there's really no way to find out where they ended up. We do know that Allen Iverson also got his own very special pair of diamond-encrusted Reeboks, but it wasn't the Question model because this shoe will remain one of a kind.

The sale of the Reebok Question one of a kind

In our quest to learn more about this phenomenal collectible, we learned that the sneaker was offered for sale on November 1st in 2004 and it was only listed for one single day. It drew a lot of attention and why wouldn't it? The 246 diamonds were encrusted into the shoes with special settings of pure white gold that ran down the shoelaces and they were set by Eastbay, one of the most in-demand jewelers in existence. The shoes were sold with a stainless steel suitcase to provide additional security, because they were, after all, a highly valuable collector's edition.

What became of the diamond studded Question?

The attempt to revitalize the Allen Iverson line of sneakers, Reebok tried something big with their diamond encrusted Question. There have been suspicions that the shoe was never sold, although this hasn't been confirmed one way or another. This is a matter that is sheer speculation and while there have been hints that someone actually picked them up during their one-day advertisement, nothing has been confirmed and nobody has seen the shoe surface since that day. An attempt to entice a larger following for the Iverson lines used the influence of bling and a $65K shoe did bring with it some hype and a bit of a shock factor, but sadly, for Reebok and Allen Iverson anyway, the lines didn't see a big resurgence in popularity after they had experienced their initial heyday. Good things come and go and it's much like the career of this great player who also went through his share of ups and downs. The consensus of the majority is that the very special sneaker that created a brief windstorm of hype seems to have disappeared into the ether. It's been fifteen years since we've seen the shoes or heard anything about them, so they are in all likelihood sitting in the stainless steel storage box provided by the brand, and if they were purchased, they're tucked away in the buyer's trove of special treasures, hidden from the public eye.

Final thoughts

We can see with the Reebok Question, diamond sneakers that the public can be extremely finicky and when a line has had its peaks and goes into a decline, sometimes there's just not much that you can do to bring it back. Such was the case with the Question. It was a noble attempt to draw some much-needed publicity, and it did, so far as the diamond-studded shoe was concerned. The problem is that it just didn't seem to affect a lot of renewed interest in the Allen Iverson line. It was tired and consumers had moved on to the next big thing, but it was a valiant effort.

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