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The 10 Best Pairs of Nike Boots Money Can Buy

Nike Goadome 20th Anniversary Men's Boots

Nike is a footwear brand that is widely accepted as one of the leading shoe manufacturers in the world. Did you know that they also make boots? Nike has a large selection of boots with a variety of styles and colorways. If you're looking for a high-performing pair of boots made for performance and comfort, Nike is a brand that is worth considering. Here are the 10 best pairs of Nike boots that money can buy for 2021.

10. Nike SB Generation 2 8" Tactical Boot

Nike SB Generation 2 8 Tactical Boot

Nike's SB Generation 2 Tactical boots are comfortable with lightweight construction and a design that makes them flexible and safer for traversing rough terrain. The uppers are made of durable synthetic leather and nylon canvas material. The fabric is also breathable to allow air to flow over and around the feet to prevent uncomfortable hot spots and sweating. The snugness is adjustable via the dual-zone lacing with its integrated and durable webbing system that provides a locked-in fit and enhanced stability. Metal screen vents on the side help cool feet on hot days. The rubber toe and reinforced stitching add extra durability for longer life. The sole features an aggressive pattern with a multi-surface grip for traction with an internal rock shield for the prevention of outsole punctures.

9. Nike Woodside 2 High ACG Boots

Nike Woodside 2 High ACG Boots

The Nike Woodside 2 High ACG Boots are designed for foot protection in cold weather. The upper is made of waterproof leather to help keep out the cold and wetness of winter conditions. A rubber overlay provides additional protection for the uppers. On the inside, the midsole features a lightweight soft foam material for comfortable cushioning and shock absorption. The lining is made of soft material that helps to keep feet warm in freezing outdoor conditions. Padding in the tongue and collar protects you from rubbing and irritation at friction points. The outsole is made of strong durable rubber material with a waffle pattern for secure traction when walking over rugged outdoor terrain in wet and freezing weather.

8. Nike SFB Field 2 Boot

Nike SFB Field 2 Boot

The Nike SFB Field 3 Boot offers a modern athletic design that offers protection for feet in rough terrain. The outsole of the boots features a built-in rock shield to prevent puncturing of the outsole with a traction pattern that grips most surfaces with flexible yet stable performance. The upper is made of canvas and synthetic leather for flexibility and exceptional ventilation to prevent hot spots and sweating. The collar of the boots is 8-inches in height for exceptional ankle support with padding at the collar and tongue to prevent rubbing at the pressure points. The locking lace system lets you adjust the snugness of the fit while keeping the boots locked firmly in place. The midsole is made of light Phylon material for shock absorption and protection from impacts. The outsole is made of a durable and grippy rubber to help avoid slips and falls in rugged outdoor terrain.

7. Nike Air Force 1 GTX Boot

Nike Air Force 1 GTX Boot

The Nike Air Force 1 GTX features an OG styling in a boot that is made to protect your feet from the effects of winter. The boots feature bold accents and crisp overlays that offer a bit of flash to brighten up your winter. The lining is made of Gore-Tex for comfortable and water-resistant protection. Durable stitching at the overlays gives these boots extra protection from wear. The Gore-Tex keeps moisture on the outside. Light padding at the collar protects your ankles from rubbing and pressure while the padded tongue protects the top arch of your feet. On the outsole, the lugs are large and made of grippy rubber material that adds extra traction and durability. The thick laces are easy to tie with gloved hands and they allow you to adjust the snugness of the fit. The foam midsole protects the feet, ankles, and spine from jarring impacts with shock absorption. Perforation on the toe prevents overheating and sweating.

6. Nike Air Force 1 Gore-Tex Boot in Wheat

Nike Air Force 1 Gore-Tex Boot in Wheat

These are weatherized boots that are presented in classic basketball styling. The upper is made of genuine leather material with a silicone ankle strap. The lining is made of Gore-Tex material for waterproofing. Additional traction is provided via the gum rubber sole with outdoor lugs for superior traction.

5. Nike Men's Manoa Leather Boots from Finish Line

Nike Men's Manoa Leather Boots from Finish Line

The Manoa Leather Boot is a stylish and versatile style for men with full leather uppers that are soft and flexible yet durable and supportive. The all-weather ACG sole gives exceptional traction and grip over rough surfaces and uneven terrain. These high-top boots provide good ankle support. The snugness is adjustable via the lace-up closure that locks the boots in place for achieving the perfect fit every time. The ankle collar and tongue are padded for extra comfort and the pull-tab at the heel makes it easy to pull them on and take them off.

4. Nike Lab NSW Gaiter Boot

Nike Lab NSW Gaiter Boot

These boots are fashionable and stylish in a black anthracite colorway. They were first released in late 2017 with an attractive black and orange trim. You can easily adjust the snugness of the fit via the lace-up closure for the ideal fit every time. Cushioning in the footbed, at the collar and the tongue make them comfortable for all-day wear. The outsole is made of rubber material that provides excellent grip for great traction and protection against slips and falls. The round toe gives you ample room for natural movement of the feet.

3. Nike Xarr Boot

Nike Xarr Boot

The Xarr Boot is made for taking on harsh outdoor elements with a rugged design. The uppers are made of water-resistant leather material that is strong and durable, yet flexible or natural movement of the feet. The tongue is gusseted and padded for the ultimate in comfort as well as for protection for the upper feet and additional warmth in cold weather. The outsole is made of grippy rubber with deep lug patterns for the best possible traction.

2. Nike Rhyodomo Boot

Nike Rhyodomo Boot

The Nike Rhyodomo features a rugged styling with durable and strong construction. The upper is made of strong leather material with a coating of water-repellant to keep your feet dry in wet conditions and warm in the winter. It's outfitted with premium hardware that is both stylish and functional for making these boots strong and rugged for taking on the most challenging elements. The sock liner adds comfort and protection from the cold while perforations on the sides allow for just the right amount of ventilation.

1. Nike Goadome 20th Anniversary Men's Boots

Nike Goadome 20th Anniversary Men's Boots

The Goadome 20th Anniversary boots are a special edition offered in a rugged blacked-out aesthetic. These outdoor boots are constructed of strong and durable waterproof leather material. The collar and tongue are padded to provide the ultimate comfort and protection. The laces are infused with reflective detailing that is stylish and also helps you to be seen in dark conditions. The raised mini-swoosh on the sidewall is an attractive metallic silver. These boots are practical for guys who enjoy outdoor adventures and like to look good while having fun in the wilderness.

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