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The Five Best Pair of Gucci Sneakers for Women

Gucci Ace

Women with discerning tastes in fashion tend to favor high-end designer brands over some of the more popular less expensive options. Gucci has long been a favorite with innovative new designs that stay on top of what's trending in the fashion world. The Gucci brand makes a statement of quality and stylishness in comfortable everyday footwear. We've compared the most popular models for 2020, then narrowed down our top picks to the 5 best Gucci sneakers for women per their popularity and outstanding features for your enjoyment and consideration.

Gucci Women's Rhyton Leather Sneakers

5. Gucci Women's Rhyton Leather Sneakers

Price: $890

The Rhyton Leather sneaker model is one of the most popular. Most Gucci brand sneakers fit true to your regular size. Aesthetically, this is a beautiful sneaker in an ivory color with your choice of blue accents, green, or red. You can adjust the size through the laces to get the most comfortable fit. The Gucci label is proudly displayed at the tongue. The upper and lining are made of genuine leather and the sole is made of rubber. These sneakers are made in Italy and imported for sale in the United States.

Gucci Women's Flashtrek Embellished Sneakers

4. Gucci Women's Flashtrek Embellished Sneakers

Price: $1,585

Who wouldn't love these stylish Flashtrek sneakers? The design features an oversized aesthetic for that retro chunky look. The crystal embellishments on the removable strap to give the shoes plenty of bling and eye appeal. The upper is made of fabric with trim accents of genuine calf leather and lamb leather. The sole is made of rubber for safety and a firm grip on the ground when walking. The Flashtrek Embellished sneakers are stylish enough to wear for casual dressy occasions or everyday wear.

Gucci Tennis 1977 High-Top Sneakers

3. Gucci Tennis 1977 High-Top Sneakers

Price: $690

The 1977 High-Top Sneakers in a Wild Rose color scheme is one of the most gorgeous and feminine colorways on the market today. Delivered in Gucci style, this design is one that can't be copied successfully. We love the addition of a slight color splashing through the thin green trim applied to the top of the ankle collar. Other trim accents that make this sneaker interesting include the white and red lines that are tastefully applied with sparse yet spectacular results that are pleasing to the eye. These high-quality Italian crafted ladies' sneakers are made of a textile upper that provides enough firmness to maintain its shape and provide support for the feet and ankles. It is also flexible enough for comfort during all-day wear. The 1977 high-top is the ideal choice for complementing any casual streetwear ensembles. You can achieve an ideal fit through the lacing adjustment options.

Gucci Ultrapace Metallic Leather Distressed Suede Sneakers

2. Gucci Ultrapace Metallic Leather Distressed Suede Sneakers

Price: $790

This Gucci model exists for days when you want to fit into the street scene with class and style. The Ultrapace features a combination of highly stylish metallic silver leather for the upper. Other materials include genuine calf-leather suede in accents of beige, white, and red. The tonal gray mesh helps to provide the excellent ventilation system of the sneaker to prevent your feet from overheating or sweating. These sneakers generally fit large to size. Most consumers that offered their opinions recommend that you order a half size smaller than your regular Gucci fit, according to consumer reviews. The fit may be adjusted through the lace-up front to achieve the ideal degree of snugness for maximum comfort. The sole features rubber material that measures approximately one inch in height. They are offered in a variety of different colorways to suit your tastes and preferences. These sneakers are made in Italy and imported into the United States.

Gucci Ace

1. Women's Ace Embroidered Sneaker

Price: $680

The Gucci Women's Ace Embroidered sneaker is one of the most popular models for 2020. One of the things that we love the most about this style is its femininity. This sneaker is a low top with a white upper made from carefully chosen genuine leather material. Gucci has a process for selecting the finest quality leathers without flaws. Note the embellishments of gold embroidery to create the bee that is sitting against the green ad red web. The bee is a significant code from Gucci's archives in their now retired ready-to-wear collection from the 1970s. Those who know their Gucci history will smile at this nod to the history of the brand. It's where the old meets the new with impeccable styling and delivery.

The Ace Embroidered sneaker is our top pick because of its eye-pleasing and appealing aesthetic as well as for the quality Italian leather materials used in the construction of the upper. The green and red web provide ample ventilation to prevent your feet from becoming overheated or perspiring. Note the red leather detail placed on the heel of one shoe with green detailing on the other. The novel design provides a fun and whimsical approach to high fashion. A safety feature added is the rubber sole that gives you enough grip and traction to walk safely over most ground surfaces and conditions. The sneakers are ultra-comfortable for all-day wear with casual ensembles. You should order this model in a size that is one half-smaller than your usual shoe size. These sneakers tend to run on the big side, according to consumer reviews. To keep your Ace Embroidered sneakers in new condition, protect them from direct light, rain, and excessive heat. All moisture should be wiped away immediately with a soft clean cloth. When storing them, put them in the flannel bag and box that come with the purchase. You may put tissue paper in each shoe when they are not on your feet. The tissue helps to absorb humidity and helps them maintain their shape. Gucci footwear products require special care to preserve their original beauty.

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