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The Five Best Pairs of Ferragamo Sneakers for Women

Salvatore Ferragamo is a brand that's known throughout the world for its fine accessories, its fine fragrances, and its even finer shoes. It grew to prominence during the golden age of Hollywood. All these years later, it's still an industry leader, revered throughout the world for its craftsmanship and exquisite attention to detail. Its products may not be cheap, but then again, quality of this kind rarely is. If you're looking to update your footwear collection, you'll struggle to find many brands that match up to Ferragamo. Each of its designs blends timeless chic with contemporary stylings to stunning effect. Its sneaker collection may not be vast, but it offers enough variety to suit every taste. Whether you want a high top, a low top, an athletic shoe, or a fashion sneaker, you're guaranteed to find something that catches your eye. If you're ready to get inspired, keep your credit card on standby as we take you through our round-up of the five best pairs of Ferragamo sneakers for women on the market.

1. Ferragamo Ballerina Sneaker

Ballerinas might be relaxed and easy to wear, but they still manage to ooze sophistication. Ultimately, they're a classic design and if there's one thing that every good footwear collection needs, it's a classic... provided it's made well. And the Ballerina Sneaker from Ferragamo is most definitely made well. Like all of the brand's shoes, the Ballerina Sneaker is timeless, well crafted, and unapologetically unique. Make no mistake, this isn't any old garden variety pair of ballerinas. They might be based on the age-old ballerina silhouette, but their overall aesthetic, style, and function is relentlessly 21st century. Described by Ferragamo as a 'hybrid', the Ballerina Sneaker is exactly what it says on the label: one-half ballerina and one-half sneaker. The sneaker element comes from their chunky style and almost futuristic appeal, while the ballerina influence can be seen in feminine touches like the small Vara bow on the tip and the low, slip-on profile. A thick, rippled rubber sole is reminiscent of the legendary Fiore heel. Interest is added by the stunning contrast of materials: expect a patent calf leather upper trimmed with technical fabric borders. As you'd expect from Ferragamo, the sneakers feel as good as they look. Even after a long day, your feet will still feel fresh and fatigue-free. Color options are limited (basically, you take the sneakers in black or you don't take them at all) but we'll let it go considering the quality. Expect to part with around $530 if you want to grab a pair.

2. Ferragamo Slip On Sneaker

The slip on design is contentious. Some people still shiver at the thought of the chunky, clunky slip ons their wore during their childhoods. Others love them for their convenience and easy wearability. Regardless of what side of the fence you fall on, you're going to love the Ferragamo Slip-On Sneaker. The color options might be limited (Ferragamo is many things, but a believer in choice it is not. If you don't like black sneakers, move on now) but otherwise, this is a sneaker that's all things to all people. Love comfort? Then you're going to relish the lightweight, flexible fit and the superb combination of padding and support. A sucker for style? Prepare to be floored by the sporty chic look, the high tech details, and gorgeous finishing flourishes like threaded logo laces and a rubber sole inspired by the iconic Ferragamo Fiore heel. Like versatility? You're in luck - these are sneakers that work as well with a formal outfit as they do with a casual one. Can't resist a bargain? That's where the good news ends. Priced at $695 a pair, the one thing these sneakers aren't is cheap.

3. Ferragamo Gancini Sneaker

Everyone needs at least one pair of high tops in the footwear collection. As MSN ( writes, high tops have become integrated into shoe culture over the last 50 years and their appeal shows no sign of abating anytime soon. If you're still clinging to your trusty Chuck Taylors, it's time to bring your feet up to date with a very modern interpretation of the classic silhouette. The Gancini Sneaker is a futuristic beauty. Sporty yet glamorous, it features a minimal-look upper with a large leather insert and the Gancini motif on the heel. A thick logoed sole is decorated with colored stripes that bring to mind the Rainbow motif. Comfort comes by way of a breathable lining and a flexible fit. Like all of Ferragamo's designs, the Gancini Sneaker comes with a significant price tag. Are they worth the $795 asking price? Absolutely.

4. Ferragamo Sustainable Leather Sneaker

As Elle writes, the appeal of white sneakers isn’t lost on anyone. They go with anything, they're easy to clean, and they suit the grungy look as well as the crisp one. Whether you pair them with a formal outfit or a casual one, they're guaranteed to blend in perfectly. If your closet is missing this essential ingredient, take action now by investing in a pair of Sustainable Leather Sneakers from Ferragamo. A soft, supple white leather upper keeps things crisp and clean, while the waved rubber sole with its woven cord edge adds a big pop of interest. Functional, casual, and relentlessly chic, they're a summer essential. Even better, they're made from sustainable materials - perfect if you want to polish up your green credentials without losing an ounce of style in the process. If you want to get your hands on a pair, expect to part with around $595.

5. Ferragamo Sock Sneaker

As The Cut writes, the sneaker craze that’s dominated the last few years is showing no sign of dying down. Why? Because of sneakers like the Ferragamo Sock Sneaker. Chic, comfortable, and imbued with the unique spirit of Ferragamo, they encapsulate everything we've grown to love about both Ferragamo and sneakers in general. A sleek sock upper is perfectly complemented by a chunky, contrasting sole. A custom tread adds both function and a big injection of individuality. Comfort is accounted for by a luxurious combination of padding and cushioning. If you like your feet to make a statement and feel gorgeously pampered at the same time, these are the sneakers for you. The sock sneaker is available in black and comes with the not insignificant price of $695.

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