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The Five Best Nike Uptempo Sneakers on the Market Today

The Nike Air More Uptempo Sneaker line is one of the more popular families in the Nike lineup. The More Uptempo has had its share of hype an media coverage which just goes with the territory when you're dealing with such a hot commodity. The actual truth is that the More Uptempo is so beloved because of its redeeming features that go far beyond any hype (which incidentally is based upon facts). Setting aside all of this, it's a damned good shoe and people like it because of its fit, functionality, comfort, and the occasional fashionista who demands a certain aesthetic that only this shoe can offer. Here are the top five Nike Air More Uptempo models available on the market today.

Nike Air More Uptempo Girls' Grade School

This popular version of the brand is an inspired sneaker with a retro flair that travels back in time throughout the '80s and '90s era with Nike's distinctive classic styling with the DNA of Nike Air. The full-grain leather and Durabuck upper are premium features that make it a durable shoe. Multiple Air sole units give it superior cushioned comfort with a rubber outsole for excellent traction for precision multi-angle movement on the court. It's available in a variety of colorways.

Nike Air Max Uptempo 97

The Uptempo 97 is a men's court shoe offered in a variety of color combinations. These retro shoes from the 1997 line are back for a second run and there are no complaints about the modern upgrades to the classic from the nineties. They feature the original leather and mesh upper design with overlays of black and navy on the mid panel. The addition of the metallic blue teardrop completes the design and gives it a unique aesthetic that fans of the style are clamoring to own. The full-length zoom air unit makes them ideal for a comfortable fit all day long.

Nike Air More Uptempo '96

The Air More Uptempo '96 is yet another blast from even further in the past. The retro styling takes us back to the year 1996 when the original made its appearance on the scene. This Men's court shoe is offered in a classic University Red with white and lucid green, Black and metallic gold, Amarillo white with speed red and Neptune green, black and silver and black with black university red and white color combinations. This shoe has been named the most comfortable shoe in the line, but this, of course, is a matter that is arguably from one enthusiast to another. When you consider that it features more Air than any of the others, there is a strong point for argument. It'ss special because of the "Air" branding that sprawls across the upper, giving it the signature Nike look. Durable leather and nubuck uppers are offered in some of the colorways with others sporting a synthetic upper that although not a natural material, is still strong and comfortable. The speed lacing system along with its TPU eyestays is another selling point that has fans dedicated to its convenience and reliability, which are essentials for serious athletes who are looking for a shoe that will perform at peak in hardcore play. Traction and durability are key drawing points in the retro shoe that is back for yet another run.

Air More Uptempo Barely Green and White

This model is a retro sneaker designed for the multi-use on the basketball court and for everyday casual wear. It's inspired by the original that was launched in the mid-1990s and it started the revolution that would yield a variety of variants with the intent on providing a little something special for everyone. Nike's good at that. This shoe became popular because of its high-performance features upon its first release and it's only fitting that it has made a comeback with a few modernizations while retaining many of the original elements that made it a huge success. The new version offers a synthetic and durable leather upper with a lace up closure for customized fit. The heel loop makes it easy to pull on and take off and the cushioned insole gives you a comfortable feel that is suitable for all-day wear. The shoe is made breathable thanks to the perforations and the rubber outsole gives you amazing traction, keeping the intentions of the original pure and intact.

Nike Air More Uptempo Scottie Pippen Olympics

The Olympics are a retro style shoe revisited under inspiration from the 1996 original men's basketball shoe. This version of the Nike Air More Uptempo offers an even bolder aesthetic with a navy and white colorway featuring red accents. Our fifth selection in the list of the five best Nike Air More Uptempo shoes is the retro version affectionately nickname the "Olympics."

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