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A Closer Look At The Patent Leather Air Jordan 1 “Fearless”

Patent Leather Air Jordan 1 “Fearless”

Nike's Patent Leather edition of the Air Jordan 1 sneaker in the Fearless colorway became one of its best-selling models for 2019. The now-iconic sneaker model was inspired by Les Twins, known for their producing, modeling, designing, and dance. The contributions led to an artistic interpretation of the Air Jordan 1 with bold and patriotic colors in a shiny finish. the brothers contrived the Fearless sneakers with a red white and University blue theme. It's been nearly three years since the Fearless version of the Air Jordan 1 made its debut and it's more popular than ever, albeit more scarce than ever.

Overview of the Patent Leather Air Jordan 1 Fearless

All About Anthony points out that the Fearless iteration of the Air Jordan 1 was inspired by the Michael Jordan quote addressing fearlessness. He indicated that limits like fears are illusions, hence the name of the sneaker "fearless." The Fearless colorway is set apart from other members of the collection with its shiny patent leather finish. Other unique features of the model include a customized red box, a special paper with the famous Michael Jordan quote in print, and a hangtag with the quote. It also comes with four sets of laces in red, blue, white, and black to change the look of the sneakers. The special Jordan 1 shoebox is linked to the insole graphic of the sneaker that also bears the Jordan quote.

A closer look at the Patent Leather Air Jordan 1 Fearless sneakers

The sneakers offer a visually clean yet eye-catching aesthetic, but the initial appearance can be deceiving for first-timers with patent leather. Those of us who've had experience with patent leather shoes know that some of them can be stiff and uncomfortable to wear. Patent leather tends to be hard and inflexible to maintain its wonderful shiny appearance. A lot of twisting and bending would soon dull the glossiness. As one would imagine, the stiffness of patent leather is inescapable and it translates over into these Air Jordan 1s. Before stepping into a pair, it's wise to consider the fact that copious amounts of activity could lead to the creasing and scuffing of their lovely finish. These are sneakers that require a certain level of care and maintenance to retain their like-new qualities. If you're able to maintain and wear them for show and resist the temptation to play ball or hike through the wilderness it's reasonable to expect them to hold up and look great for years.

The fit of the Air Jordan Patent Leather Fearless

These shoes are true to size but it doesn't hurt to go a size up due to the stiffness of the uppers. A little extra room affords more comfort for your feet to move around. If you love extra support and don't mind a stiff fit, these may be the right choice for you. The benefits of patent leather, aside from their over-the-top stylishness are the foot and ankle support. Some people need it more than others. Aside from the stiffer materials, the sneakers are made of genuine patent leather material with a high level of durability. They'll last for years if you take care of them. Nike's special Air Jordan technologies give you the sense of gliding when you walk. A closer look at the perforations at the toes is evidence of ample ventilation. The air flows over the tops of the feet and around them to reduce overheating and perspiration. Flight Club highlights the High styling that provides structured support for the ankles. The sneaker design is impressive with its various overlays and solid stitching that links the components tightly together with indications that it's on the high end of manufacture standards. Nike added comfortable padding to the collars and the tongue to prevent rubbing and irritation. The inside of the shoe has cushioning in addition to its iconic, comfortable footbed. These factors help temper the stiffness of the patent leather components. There isn't much give, and you'll know you're wearing them, unlike some less restrictive models.

Pricing and availability

The price of these Patent Leather Air Jordan 1 Fearless was $160 at its release in 2019. As news of availability spread, sneaker enthusiasts and collectors swooped in and wrecked vendor stocks. The sneakers sold out quickly. The popularity of this novel sneaker created a scarcity in the market, driving up the value and consequently the price. Resellers were fast to gather as many boxes of the Patent Leather Air Jordan 1 Fearless sneakers as they could. They're now sitting on a gold mine offering their limited stock of the shoes for prices far above its original MSRP. Fight Club currently advertises a range of sizes with a starting price of $599 that goes up as high as $1,880 per pair.

Final thoughts

The Patent Leather Air Jordan 1 Fearless came out in 2019. After high anticipation of its release, the shoes, as expected, sold out quickly at the MSRP of $160 per pair. Nearly three years later, the model is much harder to find. The scarcity of these stylish patent leather sneakers creates a higher value among collectors and sneaker enthusiasts. The original price point is likely to be a thing of the past. Savvy resellers spied the opportunity to obtain their stocks of various sizes of the patent leather shoes and offer them now when there is a high demand and a low supply. It also allows them to build their business and replenish their coffers with products that have up to ten times the value of their original cost. Yes, you can still find the Patent Leather Air Jordan 1 sneaker in most sizes, but we caution that they're not cheap. The lowest price point we found was a whopping $363 for a new pair in the box from a reseller. Some larger sizes are just under $1,900. You may want to shop around and compare prices, but don't wait too long because supplies are limited.

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